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2013 Chrysler 300 Overall Personal Review

first300first300 Member Posts: 2
I have previously owned a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The gas mileage on the Jeep was unbearable so I traded it for a 2013 Chrysler 300 (base model). I chose the base because of the price and I figured the non-hemi engine would offer better gas mileage. I have had the car for about a month and recently took a 500 mile trip. I'm so impressed with the comfort level and the fuel economy that I cannot say enough about it. I bought the car used so I got it for about $21,000. Having only 16,000 miles on it is still basically "new" (smell and all), so I was able to save several thousand dollars.
First let me explain that I test drove a new Dodge Avenger, a new Buick Lacrosse, and a Jeep Compass. I wasn't positive that a sedan was what I wanted because I was interested in passenger and trunk space so I took my time (a few months) to compare similar options. The Avenger is a very nice car, the Buick too, the Compass was ok but lacked "get up and go" that I value on the highway. I didn't want a car that looked like it was made for "old" people, though I guess I fall into that group.
I really liked the 300 and Lacrosse from the cars I had compared (not limited to what I listed). I finally decided on the 300 because I was able to get a better trade in for the Jeep.
The interior of the 300 is very comfortable and driver/passenger friendly. The rear seats actually offer better seating than the Grand Cherokee I owned (knees had to be sideways and uncomfortably high-being an SUV you wouldn't expect that at all). The rear seats of the 300 are firm and you won't sit low at all. The floorboard is low enough that your knees won't be any higher than they should be and getting out of the car is as easy as getting out of your favorite chair at home. Plenty of space for long legs in the back seat.
The front seats are wonderful as well and adjustable for comfort. The driver seat is adjustable with electric switches which are convenient. This base model has what you will need for particular drivers. Everything in the car is easy to understand and use. The air conditioning, radio, and instruments are all very user friendly. The voice command works great and is awesome while driving. With the push of a button on the steering wheel your system will change radio stations and make telephone calls for you. While your telephone will connect to the car automatically (once your phone is entered into the system), you won't have to touch your cell phone ever again while driving. You simply say, "Call Frank", or whomever, and the call will be placed and you talk naturally. The call recipient cannot tell that you are using this system as opposed to talking directly into the phone. I keep my phone in my pocket while I am driving and the is especially convenient. Incoming calls come through the system (radio pauses during any call) and the volume is clear and adjustable via the volume button on the radio. Emergency calls (911) can be placed by pressing the same button on the steering wheel and simply saying "911". This may be especially important for accidents etc.
The system in the Chrysler 300 base model is easy to use and understand and elderly people (those older than myself) should have no trouble understanding how to use it.
The underbody of the car has added insulation that keeps road noise down to a minimum. This is an awesome feature. You will not be disappointed in how quiet the car is while driving. Overall, the car floats with no discomfort, noise or struggling.
The fuel economy of my base 300 is extremely good. On my 500 mile drive I was getting up to 32-33 mpg on the highway. Unbelievable but true considering the size of the car. I couldn't be happier with the fuel economy of the 300. I have been told that the hemi would be just as good, but I cannot say from my personal experience. The non-hemi has very good acceleration and plenty of "zip" for my everyday driving (and is less expensive). I am very happy with the car and can only suggest that you test drive one if you are in the market for a sedan.
Being a base model there will be some missing features, but believe me when I say that for the price you won't find anything as nice. This car is most definitely a luxury car that is affordable, well built, solid, and will retain a good amount of equity so that it will always have a positive trade in value (remember that I bought mine used with about 16,000 miles on it so I already have positive equity- If I decide to trade the car in a few years this will be very important).
So, if you are looking for a similar car I can only say that you should test drive a similarly priced Buick (GM cars in this class are just as nice), maybe test drive the Chrysler 200 (less expensive but maybe lacking a few nice features) and the Dodge Avenger (a bit smaller but also priced lower). I have no regrets in the 300 and can only say that it is worth test driving and suggest you at least give it a look-over.


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,135
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  • thomaslyntonthomaslynton Member Posts: 1

    nice review...a part from chrysler 300 srt8 provides more features. There feature are humidity sensor which automatically de-fogs the windscreen, The EVIC system (Electronic Vehicle Information Center) allows you to view, customise and select settings such as fuel economy, tyre pressure and temperature. The interior part of chrysler 300 srt8 is very comfort. i recentaly took a trip and i m impress the feature of this car. this provide striking 210kW of power and 340 Nm of torque. this is maintain the fuel economy.

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