19982 Regal Starting issue

jakeehnjakeehn Member Posts: 1
ok, so here's the deal. the other day, i started my car normally in the morning then again normally about an hour and a half later. Got home, shut it off and then went out to start it again about an hour later and nothing, the key would turn and nothing happened, didn't even hear the started click... so i figured i would wait a while and see if maybe there wasn't enough juice in the battery. went out about four hours later and the same thing. i kept trying to start it and eventually it started right away, not even the normal few seconds of the starter going... about an hour and half after i shut it off i went out to start it again and the same thing happened.. but this time i could not get the car out of park. so i got a ride to my in-laws and a couple hours later my father in law and i went back to the car and try fiddling with it again, eventually i got it started and into gear only to have the car die on me not 5 minutes later. a guy who was behind me pulled in front of me with the intent of towing me out of the way. he and my father in law were doing something in the engine compartment, because i couldn't get it back into gear again. the guy says he moved the positive cable to the battery but my father in law thinks that the car would have just started just then anyway...

any thoughts/suggestions?

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