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Rattling noise under 07 m35.

arcolino11arcolino11 Member Posts: 11
I just had my left front hub assembly changed out last Saturday, but before and now I hear a rattling noise under the car, I was driving a few weeks with the hub assembly Making the car have a loud humming/roaring noise. I am thinking something might have Shaken loose but I am not sure what it could be any ideas? My mechanic is looking at It Saturday. Btw has there been any recalls or known issues with the 07 m35? Someone told
Me the hub assembly is something that goes on these cars?


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    dhellerdheller Member Posts: 28
    There are a number of panels under the M35. These provide less wind resistance and reportedly improve mileage. Some times when changing the filter or oil, they do not get back on properly.

    You may want to have that checked...
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    arcolino11arcolino11 Member Posts: 11
    hi it turned out to be the heat shield over the middle exhaust pipe and the the heat shield over the muffler peace he put a clamp over the middle no more noise.
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