2011 CPO E350 E-Class - Previous Rental

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Hi all,
I'm thinking about buying a 2011 CPO E350. P1, Pano Roof, and AMG Sport package. It's got 29k miles and they are asking for $35k. Looking at the car fax it was a previous rental car. How much should I be worried about that. I think it's a pretty good deal, but worried that it's been driven hard as a rental. When I test drove it, it was really smooth and the car looks to be in good shape.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Are you sure it was a rental, and not a corporate fleet vehicle? The reason I ask is that it's a pretty high-end car for a rental car fleet. Sometimes they do have nicer vehicles available for rent, but it's rare.

    Best bet on any used vehicle you're considering purchasing is to have it checked out by an independent mechanic. I wouldn't buy a run-of-the-mill ex-rental vehicle because of the way people tend to drive rental cars, but since this is on the nicer end, it wasn't likely driven by the "normal" rental customer.

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  • hbtrojanhbtrojan Member Posts: 10
    Hi Kirstie,
    According to the CARFAX, it was listed as a "rental":
    http://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?vin=WDDHF5GB6BA289703&partner=- MRZ_1

    I hadn't thought of it as part of a corporate fleet - I suppose that's possible. It's also been CPO certified by MB.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,140
    So it does look like a rental after all, unless there's something I'm missing. I ran the VIN through a Google search, and it looks like they started out at closer to $42K asking price on this car. Could be a good deal.

    Tell ya what, post this info over in our real-world trade-in values discussion, including a link to the Carfax.

    See what the gang over there thinks about the deal - there are members who have a lot more experience & knowledge than I do who hang out in that discussion.

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