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To Be Or Not To Be...

stevejkenstevejken Member Posts: 1
I have a 2001 metallic blue Eurovan weekender that I almost - absolutely love. I purchased it 2 years ago with the intent to see the world and nature. I have had to spend $5000 on it to fix alternator, cam timers, air conditioning and what not's. It is now back in the shop with a couple codes indicating out of sync cam shaft. Probably due to poor maintenance before I purchased it. I love everything about it, but the engine. I would like to keep it until I die, but I can't keep on paying the mechanic. I am pretty handy and used to fix my Audi 4000s all the time. Is it worth it to keep it and DIY? I so much wish that VW built the Eurovan with a little more thought into the engine, and what I hear, transmission. If they did, this would be the best thing ever, apart from it being electric.


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    euroman1euroman1 Member Posts: 2
    I have been working with my super 1999 v6 Eurovan 180k for the last 5 years in Nyc known as 'Boy with a Bus' in the Man with Van world. We have seen a lot and of course have seen the tow truck and the guys at eurotech a bit more. I recently retired her from the van biz and 2 weeks ago i go in for an oil change and the guys tell me Im gonna need front and rear brakes, rotors,front tie rods, etc, basically a $1000 of work. A week later im stalling out and getting towed. New air Mass and clean throttle body, there goes $500. The following day after i pick her up it thanksgiving and me and my young ones drive 2hrs to Mays landing NJ to visit my family. A mile or so before the exit i get the flashing check engine and when we get off shes running rough and sounding rough. A shop down there says its the 5th fuel injector and the rough sound is actually the water pump going! Another $1000. $180k and the thought of dumping $2000 has lead me here for YOUR honest advice? Whats Next?

    Do i leave her in Jerz and say goodbye?
    Do I get her fixed and would someone buy?
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