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can anyone advise if a 1993 nissan altima has a timing chain or timing belt?????


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    all altimas fro 93-present use timing chains, hope that helps
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    About 1 year ago, I disabled the passenger side air bag on my 95 Altima by disconnecting the connection accessed thru the top of the glove box. This caused the 'air bag' light on the dash to flash, as I expected. Now, I am preparing to sell the car. I have reconnected the connection, but the light on the dash continues to flash. I have followed the procedure to clear the codes on the ECM, this made no difference. I'm assuming the code needs to be cleared on the Air Bag control module. Any ideas???? Thanks
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    Hi, there,

    I saw an Altima'97 with pretty good price. But the vehicle's history reported by indicates that the odometer might have rolled back. The owner said this was only a reading mistake committed by the clerks at the car registration center a couple of years ago. She also said the computer of the car would not work properly if the odometer was really set back.

    I would like to know how easily can an odometer be rolled back. And if this is done to a car, can it be detected by a repair person when doing bar-checking of this vehicle?

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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