Distributor Cap Analysis

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Dodge Stratus 2000 with 2.5L engine and 200K milage. Recently replaced timing belt and spark plug wires.

My daughter was driving the vehicle and it simply stopped running. The car will turn over, yet won't start. The mechanic said it was the distributor and wanted $1600 to replace. I have the car back and pulled off the distributor cap. The contacts look a bit white and the rotor seems okay. I thought I'd try turning the ignition over while the cap was off to see if it spun. However, the car won't turn over, perhaps the control module won't let it turn over with the cap.

I'm wondering if I should simply get a new cap and rotor first, to see what happens. Then perhaps the entire distributor. I haven't taken the distributor off yet, and the bottom bolt looks to be a bear to reach.

I have photos, but don't know if this site can post them. Any thoughts.


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    I had the same problem, and it turned out to be the crankshaft sensor, which tells the distributor when to fire at the proper position. It simply doesn't fire when the sensor is out. cost me about 150 more or less to fix at the dealership.
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