electrical mystery not battery related 07 Taurus

bobbyparagonbobbyparagon Member Posts: 1
Few weeks ago, the charging light started acting up. Seemed to come on spontaneously then go off with a braking movement. Then one morning it behaved as if the battery was dead. Starting solenoid clicking, etc. . Recharged it at an auto shop and an hour later a load test showed it was at 63%. Appeared to not hold a charge so I replaced the battery that was 24 into 60mo warranty. Seemed to work fine for a day. The next day ... I used the car and towards the end of the day the battery appeared to to be low again. Funny clicking sounds for the instrument cluster, lights were dim, crazy warning signals come on and off; check breaks, air bag, etc. turn signals weak, heating/cooling sys wouldn't come on. Then the engine died.

Haven't checked any fuses or the charging system. Could the battery be draining through a short? That quickly.

What should be checked next?
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