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99 Town Car overheats

Yesterday morning I had had this happen..the car temp gauge starts to peg or does peg and shows the engine is has overheated.

The car begins to run badly. I turn it off, then check under the hood and see the coolant boiling out of the reservoir tank cap (it is tight like it should be) when I take the cap off until the tank keeps boiling until it is almost empty.

When it stops I fill it back up with coolant. The car temp goes back to normal and every thing seems fine, but then today it happened again exactly the same

Is this a sticking thermostat problem?


  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 170
    Take the coolant recovery tank off of the car. Blow out the small tube hole attached to the black tube that goes to the radiator. Wash the coolant recovery tank out. Remove the small black tube that goes from the coolant recovery tank to the radiator. Blow out any blockage in that tube. Check the recovery tank tube hole on the radiator and make sure that it is clear. I had this same problem with my Town Car. I installed a new radiator, water pump, thermostat, and coolant recovery tank and the boil over continued. After installing the new parts, I happened to notice that the coolant recovery tube was stopped up. Even the the small hole in the new coolant recovery tank was blocked. I cleaned out all the holes running from the colant tank to the radiator. The boil over went away. The car had 226K miles on it and never had an overheating problem before that incident.
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