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Where to get Extended Warranty - 2014 Pathfinder

jbobbyjbobby Posts: 1
I got my 4x4 Pathfinder 2014 - SL Tech with Dual DVD system yesterday. I said no but was later convinced to buy Gold Preferred (covers-it-all one) for $1605 with $100 deductible. (84 months, 100000 miles)

I now am having second thoughts. My questions are three-fold:
* Did I get a decent bargain?
* Does anyone know that can get me a "genuine" Nissan extended warranty for much less?
* If I do have to cancel, what would be the best way to cancel? I am not good at negotiations and get REALLY stressed out even at the prospect of having to go over to the dealer to have them cancel it.

If you can put down the website or any contact info for the Nissan dealer that's selling the warranty for less, that would be appreciated.


  • mlc25mlc25 Posts: 1

    I think the tough part is the deductable of $100. You have to consider, that you will be paying that each time you bring it in...not per year. I negotiated a zero deductable but had to pay $3 more a month. It's peace of mind, but I haven't had to deal with anything just yet.

    My question would be is how is your gas mileage? I can't seem to tell if I am getting the MPGs as promised.

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