08 Van towed today while waiting for Lemon Law Settlement Check!

annfromjerseyannfromjersey Member Posts: 38
edited December 2013 in Chrysler
How ironic, I signed the settlement agreement with Chrysler last Monday, 10/21. Chrysler agreed to pay me an agreed amount due to the excessive amount of repairs to my van breaking the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act.

On my way home from traveling, about an hour drive. I was just about to get on a major highway when smoke started to come out from under the hose.
Long story short - the rear heater coolant line is cracked. Spraying coolant over the entire engine!! Rending my van un-drivable and was towed 32 miles to the dealership!
The van is still under the extended warranty purchased so towing was coverage.
This failure happened at 58,500 miles.
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