2007 Sienna XLE heating problems

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I purchased my Sienna new in 2007 with dual A/C control for driver and passenger. When I put both controls on "HI" the air on the driver's side come out hot, but the air on the passenger's side come out very cold. This happens at all times of the day. I live in Southeast Louisiana so we don't use the heater a lot. Any ideas what could be causing this?


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    To clarify, when you put the temperature setting to HOT, you get warm air from the drivers side, but cold air from the passenger's side? What happens at any other temperature setting? does the drivers side track the desired temperature, but the passengers side stays at cold no matter what?

    It sounds like the airmix door servo control accessible thru the glove box isn't working. When you change temperature, do you hear any 'clicking' sounds?
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    The driver's side temp control works fine. No clicking sounds. No matter what temp I put the passenger side on, the air comes out the same - coldest.

    Weird thing happened today when I went to check the controls - the digital reading of the temp setting on each control changed to Celsius (I think). The letters "LO" and "Hi" still come up, but when you start on LO and adjust the temp up, the numbers start at 18.5 and goes up to 29.5. Adjust it up one more setting and it says "HI" All three show these new numbers - driver, passenger and rear. However on the passenger side, no matter what the setting, the air still comes out cold.

    I looked behind the glove box, but where would I find the airmix door servo door?
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    Sorry, I didn't see your reply until recently.

    Sounds like you must have somehow changed the readout from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Probably a simple mistake.

    Sounds like the airmix door on the passengers door has possibly broken from the shaft, or the servo isn't working. I'll try to post a system drawing and any pictures I have of this from other sources. Posting here on Edmunds has become somewhat difficult lately....
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