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Buying a 06 LR3 with questions

vince777vince777 Member Posts: 3
Hi every1. I'm trying to buy a 06 LR3. I have researched ML 350 and X5. Don't like the look of ML 350 too female but it may be more reliable. The consumer reviews on X5 is worst than LR3 on 06 models. I heard bmw should be a lil better than LR but in this model probably not. I live in California around the SF bay area. If the previous owners are always been in CA, I think it should be fine right? The price range for the 06 LR3 usually around $12000 with over 130k miles to $16000 with 70k to 80k miles on it. I'm hoping to get one for like around $14000 with 100k miles on it. I read many reviews and it feels like a lot of complaints about being in the shop a lot fixing endless problems. I definitively need the extended warranty. Some mention about the factory ext warranty. Where to get the lowest cost factory ext warranty? But im not planning to use this car for my commutes. I will mainly just use it for like weekend get away type of trips. I have a 05 Honda CR-V, yea it has so reliable that you just won't believe. It survived a serious front impact that engine was off the engine mount when it got 90k miles on it. Now its 188k miles. I spent almost $0 to fix the car. Replaced the radiator once, oil changed, brakes and light bulbs that was it. Of course I will not expect the 06 LR3 will be the same as my Honda. But I still like the look of LR3 with plenty of characters. I heard that the ext warranty will cost $3500 for 6 years and cover most of the major stuff with about $200 deductibles. So that will make the car $14000+$3500 = $17500. Is it still a good deal. My credit is good so most likely my APR will be low like 3% to 4%. I know some credit union maybe even lower like 2%.

Well....what do you guys think? Yea if $3500 for 6 years bumper to bumper, I should not worry too much right? Ill sell my honda and get a 06 toyota prius for my commute. Ill just use the LR3 for weekend hang out with girls or some mid range cross state vacation trips.
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