Fuel Leak

anglozuluanglozulu Member Posts: 1
1999 Grand Cherokee Ltd., 4.7 V8 Recently I started to smell gas, especially first thing in the morning, but it would soon disappear. Then other people began noticing the smell, but I could not discover where it was coming from. This morning I started the car, then got out to look, and there was quite a heavy flow of fuel seemingly coming from the rear of the engine and more towards the passenger side of the vehicle. I raised the hood but could locate where the fuel was coming from. Then the flow ceased, I say ceased but it may have just slowed to the point that it was no longer dripping onto the ground. I tried to see under the vehicle but it was too dark to be able to see anything. As I had a very important appointment I drove the car, but there is a noticeable smell of gas. On my return I raised the vehicle onto ramps and started the engine.......NOTHING, but there is a definite smell of gas. I tried looking from below and from above, but nothing seemed wrong. This problem has become worse, as I can notice a drop in gas mileage.
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