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keeping new tires black

iwantoneiwantone Member Posts: 52
edited April 2014 in General
How do I keep the tires on my new car looking black?


  • tronsr1tronsr1 Member Posts: 149
    Get a can of high gloss BLACK ENAMEL...Paint the tires and you will have black tires..YUK YUK..Seriously, there are many good tire shiney-up products on the market. Go to any Walmart, KMart. PepBoys, AuoZone,or whatever. Lots of good products available.STP..ARMORALL,BlackMagic, etc., etc.Most of them don't last too long, but they keep the tires, cladding, fenders, etc. looking good with very little effort.
    Shiney Clean Tire NORT
  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    Try Meguire's Endurance tire preservative. It's expensive but you get what you pay for.
  • rea98drea98d Member Posts: 982
    Yes, the laundry stuff. I know it sounds crazy, but it cleans tires and gets them very black. It also gets the whitewalls white. (I know, I know, I'm the only 20 yr old in the world who would put whitewalls on a T-Bird!) It doesn't give you a glossy finish, but I like the clean, flat black look.
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    I tried Meguiar's Endurance after seeing their Real Player commerical on their website where they raved about how it is not messy and has "breakthrough antiozonant that provides this same protection...WITHOUT turning brown!" After seeing the little movie, I decided to give it a try. I chose the 10 oz. Natural Gloss version with the applicator. The results? The gel ran off, dirtying my car when I drove, so I had to keep wiping it. Furthermore, the product lasted no more than a week.

    In my opinion, using Forever Black Tire Gel first, then covering it with Eimann Fabrik Black Opal Dressing using Eagle One Tire Swipes produces the best results.
  • armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    Of all the spray tire dressings I have tried this one I like the best. In the past could only be ordered from Stoner's directly but now available at Pep Boys I believe. Not a one laststhrough a rain storm or beyond a few days though
  • mccdon1mccdon1 Member Posts: 32
    "Black Chrome" works on tires as well as any black plastic or rubber.
  • bgabel1260bgabel1260 Member Posts: 135
    I wouldn't use any of those tire dressing products. Almost all of them contain silicones to keep the shine. Unless you are very careful, overspray from the products tend to hit your brake rotors. Once silicone gets on your rotor, it's nearly impossible to remove. You don't want a slick substance like silicone on your brakes!

    For those who have gotten these silicone products on their rotors and claim they find no brake performance issues: SLAM on your brakes very hard. You should feel a distinct lack of ultimate bite that is disconcerting. Emergency stopping distances are extended. The only real solution are new rotors.

    Spread-on tire gels might be an acceptable solution.
  • mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    Yes, you are right about silicone runining your brakes, but there are two more solutions in addition to yours: Use Eagle One Tire Swipes which applies evenly and saves you money, towelettes pretreated with protectant, or a silicone free tire dressing such as Zaino's.
  • hb396hb396 Member Posts: 15
    I read somewhere that an alcohol based tire dressing has the potential to dry out and eventuaally cause cracks in the sidewalls.
  • brorjacebrorjace Member Posts: 588
    I think the warning against silicone sprays and pumps that spray a silicone-based product are a bit much. I guess you COULD lose some braking ability if you really hosed down your tires but I think that's pushing it.

    A guy who does detailing work near me told me that a few cars that had been detailed (specifically the dash) using a dressing containing an alcohol solvent were left in the sun and caught fire. I don't know if he was full of it or not.

    I use dressings sparingly. My favorite is Black Magic Tire Wet. It's not too expensive last fairly well and smells like black cherry.

    --- Bror Jace
  • bort1bort1 Member Posts: 13
    Turtle-Wax Tire Wax has worked well for me. It is a heavy liquid that is applied with a foam sponge. Wait a few minutes and wipe off with an old t-shirt. Lasts longer than most sprays that I have tried and eliminates the brake/spray problem. It does not leave a show quality wet shine but really helps daily drivers.
  • fivespeedfivespeed Member Posts: 42
    Use the "gel". There is a "liquid gloss" and there is the "gel".

    The "gel" sometines comes in a box with it's own hand applicator. Make sure your tires have been cleaned real good. I use Westleys.

    Use one of those little disposable gloves during application. Then your hand will be clean afterwards.
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