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Equinox Vibration

My 2010 is encountering a lot of vibration (chatter) underneath the vehicle. Feels like the front under the motor but I can't discount the rear end.

Usually occurs at 50-55 MPH. Will occur randomly using the cruise control or applying the gas pedal at steady speeds. It appears to stop as soon as you remove your foot from the gas pedal or disengage the cruise control.

Dealer has eliminated a transmission issue and provided computer updates which they thought fixed the issue. Mechanic rode with me and acknowledged the issue.

I only recognized the issue after replacing with new tires but the dealer rechecked the tires for correct balancing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    If the problem was noticed after the new tires were replaced it must be something associated with the tires / wheels. (A tire could be delaminating on the inside! They could still be in balance.) I would have the tires taken off the wheels and examined! ---- Have you had the motor / transmission mounts checked? Is this an engine surge / miss?------ Dwayne
  • The first thing I suspected was the tires but if it was the new tires, I would expect the issue to be on-going and it wouldn't stop by not providing fuel.

    Any way to determine if the tires are delaminating? There are no visual sizes. The reason I have new tires is that the olds were visually delaminating - all 4 of them.

    The car idles well but does have a ping at 1500 RPM similar to what is described in another thread.

    The motor mounts and transmission mounts need to be checked. Good idea.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    It only takes one tire to cause a vibration! ---- Where did you purchase the tires? ---- When you are applying force to the tire, --- you are twisting the tire. When your are coasting the tire is in a relaxed position! ------ Dwayne
  • I bought the tires at the dealer where we are troubleshooting the issue.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Have the dealer supply you with another new tire mounted & balanced on a similar wheel, ---- and interchange that tire with the four tires on the vehicle (one at a time.) --- Take the vehicle out on four separate road tests, and see what happens. ----- When you find the bad tire the vibration will disappear! ---- Dwayne
  • Thanks for your suggestions. I am taking it back in on Monday. It certainly should be tried.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    I am just curious about the brand of tire. ------ What tires did you have installed on your Equinox? ---- When I took delivery of my new 2010 LTZ Malibu it had Goodyear tires from the factory. ------ All four tires could not hold air within my 2,500 mile service interval. ------ I was constantly topping off all four tires with air. I had the dealer check the aluminum wheels for porosity. The wheels tested "ok," so I replaced the tires, at my expense, with Michelin Tires. Problem solved and the car in like a tank in snow! ------ I did a search on the Goodyear tires on the net and there were problems with them! ===== The Goodyear tires were worth $100.00 retail while the Michelin tires were $200.00+! Do you "think" there might have been a BIG difference in the construction of the tire? ---- All the best. Dwayne.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Here is some additional information for you to consider. ---- Goodyear tires have a "vibration issue!" ---- They also have a "bubble in the side wall" issue!

    When purchasing NEW tires consider the following:

    A tire should not sit on a shelf is some warehouse for more than two (2) years before it is put on a vehicle. ----- (Tire rot from the inside out!) ---- A SIX (6) year old tire that is on the vehicle, and in use, is NOT a safe tire. ----- You will notice very small cracks on the sidewalls of these old tires. The tire structure has been compromised! ---- It is an accident looking for a place to happen!

    You need to check all four tires for the "manufacturing date code." ----- Some manufacturers put the number on the inside of the tire wall.

    The first two digits are the week the tire was manufactured. ---- The last two digits are the year. ------ (All of your tires should have the same production date because you purchased them as a set!) ---- If you find an older tire, I would suspect that tire for your vibration problems.

    A few years back there was a "major news story" that a department store was selling NEW tires that were up to 12 years old. ----- If I was taking delivery of a new vehicle, I would check the number on all four tires. They should be less than two years old. Anything older I would stop the delivery of the vehicle! --- I would put this requirement into the purchase contract.

    All the best! -------- Dwayne
  • I replaced them with the same tires that came on it new. Michelin Latitude Tour. I have checked to see if there is a recall but there is not.

    I have emailed GM and Michelin for additional suggestions.
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