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Buick LeSabre Electrical Issue

This is pertaining to an electrical/ignition problem for a 95 Buick LeSabre with 94k miles. The car battery is consistently dieing. I have 7 amps drawing from the battery when the car is turned off. The battery is brand new, I have replaced a replacement just to be sure I could eliminate the battery however it is the $80 battery from auto zone so theres a slight chance it could be the quality of the battery. I have taken it to my buddy to test parts on the car that draw power when the car is off to see what might be sucking the juice from the battery. The car will not be able to start 3 days after it was last turned off. The odd thing is the car started the past three straight days, I can it to recharge the battery and when I went out today to start it, the battery was dead. This is the first time any thing like this has happened to the car.

Do you have any suggestions on why this is happening? I’d be glad to answer any questions that would provide additional insight into my dilemma.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,509
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    I am not sure if you mean it shows 7 amps all the time or just randomly. If it's all the time, you're lucky because you should be able to find it.

    The first suspect is the starter in my mind. To check current draw there will require the right meters or taking off the line there with the battery still connected to see if the small ignition wire or the big hot one gives a spark.
    If you're able to do this yourself, I'd take the battery ground off, remove both positive wires on the starter, protect ends of positive leads from touching ground by wrapping in electrical tape, and reconnect ground at the battery, and let it sit overnight. A neighbor had a Gran Prix that would be drained randomly every few days. Turned out to be the starter.

    I've read procedures for troubleshooting, but the easiest requires an meter inline with the positive connection on battery that shows the amps. Then remove each fuse and relay in the Relay Center to look for a drop from the 7 amps you're showing. Don't find it there then go to the relays and few fuses on the right passenger A-pillar under the dash.

    I assume you've checked for trunk light staying on, or glove box light on--feel the area around the bulb to see if it's warm. 7 amps is about 90 watts, that's more than the draw of a headlight bulb, however. Wherever that energy is going, there should be some warmth. I'd do some feeling around modules under the dash that control the body functions.

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