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2014 Impala Sun Shade Problems

vakmere1vakmere1 Posts: 13
edited August 2018 in Chevrolet
What's the deal with these sun shades on the LTZ's? In the last 2 months I've seen 3 Impalas at the dealer with torn sun shades. Looks like they bound up while retracting and spooled up in the headliner. The shade dangling over the back seat. Looked real bad. These cars sat there unrepaired for quite some time. 2 had PA tags the most recent has NJ tags. If the owners of these cars are waiting on a repair they are waiting a long time. Of course some of you are not having an issue however there really should be no issue in the first place. Now I really am cautious about a purchase. Anyone else having any 2014 Impala issues besides this one? Not all 2014 Impala owners are on this forum however if they were it would be interesting to find out what else is going wrong.


  • AGalsoAGalso CaliforniaPosts: 1
    Although I've had the Impala LTZ2 since new I've only used the Sun Roof a dozen times, I recently opened it to a loud clattering sound. Now the sun shade portion is hanging down and the Dealer wants ~$2000 to fix. I recommend if you have a sun roof in warranty make sure you exercise it enough to verify it's going to last. There is also a Bulletin on this Sun Roof problem.
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