How do I disable the VCS traction control/Stability Control

sneakybuddysneakybuddy Member Posts: 2
I drive allot in bad winter weather and im sick of the traction controll and stability control dethrottling me and straitining me out when im trying to take a corner how do I turn it off iv pulled 2 fuses that say they are but it doesnt help its a 2013


  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaMember Posts: 1,786

    You don't! Turning it off is like removing the blade and belt guards from your saw bench.

    The operation of traction and stability controls are telling you that you are pushing it too hard. Ease off and live longer.


  • sneakybuddysneakybuddy Member Posts: 2
    its not when im driving on ice to get to work and plow the roads so people can drive and im trying to go around a corner and im sliding strait and i cant turn because the scs tries to straiten me out and i cant power through it to go around the corner and not strait into the ditch
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