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Lexus IS300

nikhilpatel05nikhilpatel05 Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Lexus
i was told that on my is300 it is beneficial to change the oil every 5,000 miles. i just bought the car, and have always been adapted to the normal 3,000 miles. Any advice on whether this is ok. Dealership recommends 5,000 miles. Plus are there any other care tips for this car anyone might have...




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    tkd300tkd300 Member Posts: 1
    New car in these days does not require to change the oil as often as 3000 miles. However, I would adopt 3000 miles oil change once the car reaches 20,000 miles.

    I would follow their recommendation and should be just fine.
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    turbotcturbotc Member Posts: 163
    .......for longer drain intervals. Not only that it is a much better lubrication at cold and hot temperatures. With a $30k car, its a no-brainer. IMHO.
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    pita2000pita2000 Member Posts: 12
    I have about 1900 miles on the IS and wondering when should I used synthetic? I don't like the idea that the oil change is at every 5000 miles, because at the same time I'm leasing an ML and they decided to use synthetic since there are complaints of start up engine noises. By the way my service rep for MBZ, said ML stands for Must Leased!

    Another question, has anyone started their IS while the door is open and there are no noise except the car? It seems that I hear a ping noise or something similar to metal to metal contact, but it seems to go on and off? Has anyone experienced that?

    Another question, is your transmission still shifting funny after 3000 miles? I spoke with dealer and a Lexus tech., they say the transmission is trying to learn between 1200 to 3000 miles and I hate it when it is in bumper to bumper traffic!

    I love this car and it is fun car to drive on the open highway when there are no cops. Has anyone experienced there tail end of the car seems to be doing their own thing like moving side to side. May be I'm going above 80 mph, but I'm not sure if wind is involved because I don't hear anything except for tire noise. By the way talking about tires, is everyone having even tire wear. It seems I'm driving pretty hard around corners on coldwater cyn and sunset blvd.
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    brorjacebrorjace Member Posts: 588
    Yes, some brand new cars are filled at the factory with some form of Mobil 1 5W30 but they might have other friction modifiers added as well.

    To be extra, extra safe, use dead-dino (conventional oils) for the first 10,000 miles.

    Be sure to follow your owner's manual regarding any special break-in oil that may be in your car directly from the factory. You'll want to leave this in for the specified amount of time.

    --- Bror Jace
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    loudspeakerloudspeaker Member Posts: 1
    any body know what the offset is on the 17 inch wheels that the IS 300 comes with? and the bolt pattern as well? I know that it has five lugs, but don't know if they go on 4.5 mm bolts or 4.75 mm bolts. Anybody that owns one will probably have the info in their owners manual under "wheels" ...any info is greatly appreciated
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    seattlesheilaseattlesheila Member Posts: 68
    www.IS300.net can help. Run a search in the forums for the topic. I remember seeing a thread on synthetic oil. I plan to change the oil every 3K, since I do mostly city driving.
    Also, there are some issues to be aware of regarding the plastic undercarriage cover dropping off the vehicle, CD changer jams, and an upcoming ECU fix for transmission troubles. All of these have been discussed there.
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    dogofthegodsdogofthegods Member Posts: 2
    anyone experience any problems with their CD player? my player has eaten 2 CDROM's, and will not give them back.
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    mike_542mike_542 Member Posts: 128
    The quick–lube oil industry would have us all believe that changing your car’s oil every 3,000 miles is both necessary and beneficial to your car. This is not true. In fact, no car sold in the U.S. since the mid to late 1960’s required oil changes at a frequency less than ever 4,000 miles. Most car manufactures specify oil changes every 6,000 to 10,000 miles, and my 328i had it at 18,000 miles which is normal according to BMW. The reason for the extended oil service is cleaner burning fuels, electronic fuel injection systems, improved engine materials and design, and better oils. Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval. If you change your oil regularly on the recommended schedule, no damage or excessive wear and tear will occur.
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