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Hatchback participants, introduce yourself here!



  • mmmargeaummmargeau Member Posts: 2
    Personally I think you can't go wrong with a Honda. Reliable, great gas milage, and good looking! I love the hatchback civic and I plan of getting a new one here in like 10 years!
  • klg3gklg3g Member Posts: 1
    My 18 yr old was involved in a terrible accident in his beloved 2001 Saab 9-3
    hatchback. This was his first car, and our first Saab. It WAS quirky, and
    frequently required repairs that quickly added up, but it was a great car for
    a teen driver. In this accident, which involved a frontal crash at 35 mph,
    and being rear-ended so hard that the back of the car was literally torn off-
    my son emerged without a scratch and no injuries; NONE. Both airbags deployed,
    the front windshield was intact, and there was no intrusion into the passenger
    cabin. The car was totalled, of course, and looked like it had been compacted,
    but, again, no injuries whatsoever. I will probably not be replacing it with another
    Saab, due to the repair costs, but if you are looking for a safe car for a teen
    driver-this is the one. Oh, and the 2 bass guitars in the trunk were safe, too.
    Now, I'm looking for another safe car that can accomodate a double-bass-any
  • fredozfredoz Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Hi All,
    I'm beginning to consider buying a hatchback and am attracted by the relative quiet of Ford. I also want a stick shift car. At the moment, I'm traveling and driving a rented 2012 Fiesta SE, which is fairly quiet. I do not like the "view through a tunnel" to the rear. With a small window and wide pillars, the rear visibility is poor.

    We also need a gentile clutch spring for my wife who has knee damage.

    I'm surprised not to find any complaints about this issue. Is the Focus any better? Any other suggestions?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Member Posts: 1,722
    If you have knee trouble, I highly recommend not getting a manual. I love manual transmission, but my knee problems are not good with the clutch on a 2010 Camry, which is light.
  • raysontvraysontv Member Posts: 1
    Hi, All

    I'm a New member, here.

    Nice to meet you...

  • zoom_zoom_zoomzoom_zoom_zoom Member Posts: 1
    Hi all... new here.

    Although I've had my Mazda Protege 5 for a few years now, I just found this place.
    Love this car!


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