Chevy S10/GMC S15-Sonoma: Problems & Solutions

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  • dstormdstorm Member Posts: 2
    I've had my S10 ext cab 4.3 V6 5 speed manual for 3 1/2 years bought used at 34,000 miles (I'm second owner) minor problems such as upper transmission seal, ABS system, and power mirrors.
    Well the other day @ 79,000 miles I heard a loud crunch from the engine, and the truck went dead. I've been informed by my shop that the crankshaft snapped, and I require a new engine(Which will cost thousands of $) GM has informed me that since its out of warranty tough luck. Seems to me that crankshafts don't snap unless their defective, Do I have any recourse? any suggestions?
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    Sorry to hear about your problems. That's a tough one, especially since the truck is way beyond the warranty period; in addition, you're are the second owner.... Do you have any knowledge of what kind of maintenance the truck had with the first owner?

    You may want to look up and see if there are any similar complaints/recalls about at the nhtsa website. If so, this would give you a little extra backing in writing a letter of complaint to Chevy/GM costumer service. Of course even then..., this whole situation may fall on deaf ears; some makes are better about responding to these type of situations thanks others.

    Good luck and keep us posted. ;-)

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  • magillamagilla Member Posts: 75
    My advice to you is that Chevy won't do anything for you and their product is weak (that's obvious to you, though). If you like the truck (without the motor), I'd buy a little V-8 or V-6 and do a quick conversion. Look on the board to find out what you can do. Otherwise, sell it as is and move on. It's not worth the negative karma.

    CHEVY STINKS!!! Take it from a very dissatisfied customer. I could tell you stories of my 21K mile '96 S-10, but the moderator had to remove them all (along with all the other folks with S-10 problems). Hmmm. Good luck.
  • corky123corky123 Member Posts: 1
    I have a '90 S-10 V-6 with 113,000 miles. My only complaint about the truck is, I have to change the fan belt every 10-15,000 miles. It has the serpentine type belt. Over time it shears off one side of the belt. Normally I change it after it is about half of the original width. As it narrows I can see that the belt runs on one side of some pullies and the other side of others. I know something must be out of alignment. But I can't find it. Has anyone else seen a similar problem? [email protected]
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    I just had the 4.3 engine replaced in my 1996 s-10 4x4 and there was a change in the crankshaft. The new engine I have is basically a year 2000 model with roller rockers and all the new mods. The new engine even required a different flex plate in order to bolt up the tranny. This was a dealer install and it was extremely expensive ($4500). Try Jasper engine rebuilders for a better price on a rebuild. As for recourse, try talking to the Chevrolet zone representative they might pay a part of the repair. Sometimes they cave on those kinds of things. BTW my engine only had 116,000 miles when it decided to quit.
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    I purchased a 2000 4 cyl, 4 speed automatic.I have not done better than 15 mi per gal.I was aware of trading power for milage but now I find I have neither. Dealer says nothing wrong- anyadivce for a rookie?
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Member Posts: 314
    Something has to be wrong. I get at least 20 from my V6 ('99). Do you do alot of city driving or idling? I looked at a 4 cyl S10 when I bought mine and I think it was rated 23/29. Maybe you need to break it in? Maybe other 4 cyl owners can tell you their experiences.
  • the5carthe5car Member Posts: 26
    I have a '97 2.2 4cyl, but with the 5 speed
    stick...I do almost all of my driving on the
    highway, so naturally my fuel mileage is toward
    the high side of the EPA estimate...usually
    between 27 and 29 consistently got
    30 mpg when I first got it, but after 127,000
    miles I guess I can't sure was
    nice though when I could pull 540 miles out
    of a tank of gas...

    With today's spiraling gas prices, I feel for
    you...I couldn't afford to go to work if I
    was getting the fuel mileage you are...(I have
    a 60 mile commute each way, everyday !!!!)
  • superjim2000superjim2000 Member Posts: 314
    Another ouch 120 miles round trip. I have a friend who goes 80 miles round trip. Bring your CD's!
  • 18fan18fan Member Posts: 129
    I have a 98 S10 4CYL 2WD reg. cab & am having problems with the drivers door not always latching completely when closed. Sometimes it really acts up & other times it is OK. Every once in a while, the door will jump from completely latched to the "outer latch" while driving (fortunately has not happened at high speeds). I spoke with a friend who owns a 99 S10 with similar door problems. Any ideas what causes this or how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. After reading some reviews of other trucks, I am really disappointed with Chevy's (lack of) build quality.
  • lhidalgolhidalgo Member Posts: 2
    I have a 92 S10 Blazer (Tahoe) 4.3 liter engine that developed a bad oil leak. It's leaking from the "area" where the oil filter usually screws into the block next to the oil pan. I say usually because my oil filter is up near the radiator and is connected by two hoses to an "adapter" that is down below next to the oil pan.

    Does anyone know what this adapter is or how I can find out more info on this, such as how to replace or repair?

    thanks much,
  • rgl5764rgl5764 Member Posts: 2
    I was considering purchasing a 1994 Chev S10 with a 2.2L 4cyl engine and an automatic transmission. Since 1994 was the very first model year for the new style S10 I was wondering if this vechicle is a reliability risk. I would appreciate any opinions.
  • erkkilaerkkila Member Posts: 22
    As the previous owner of a rolling junkyard 1995 GMC Sonoma with the 2.2L motor and five speed transmission, my advice to you is to stay as far away as you possibly can from that S-10. Why may you ask? 1- even with the five speed transmission, my Sonoma was an absolute dog. Keeping up with traffic meant constantly mashing the gas pedal into the floormat, and I am quite sure that an automatic transmission would completely kill what little power the 2.2L motor has.2- the 2.2L motor has a real bad habit of wanting to blow head gaskets-it happened to me and was big bucks to fix. 3- these trucks suffer from multiple and sometimes really weird and dangerous electrical problems.The worst one I experienced was the time all of the truck's brake and tail lights went out, nearly resulting in me being rear ended at a traffic light by a Jimmy going 35 MPH. 4- squeaks and rattles like you wouldn't beleive!!!5- The paint job on these trucks is absolute sh*t-if the paint hasn't started to flake of the bottom edges of the box and cab,don't worry,it will.6-The valve clatter at idle and the racket this motor makes when accelerating will drive you completely nuts!
  • aircroaircro Member Posts: 1
    I have a '95 S-10 4cyl. 2wd manual. I had a new cluch put in and know it chirps but when u jest thuch the cluch it stups chirping. No one will help me. The second problem is that it berns oil and i only have 62k miles. I bearns about 1q/1K Miles.
  • caspencercaspencer Member Posts: 1
    I have had my S-10 (1997) for a couple years now. It was sold / inhereted from family, but I have not had hardly any problems with it at least major ones anyway. I have had the gas pedal stick a bit but it just needed a bit of cleaning in the pedal controller under the hood. (I'm not sure of the real name) And @ 84,000 miles I had to have the serpentine belt changed. I haven't heard any vital rattling noises. Ohh I did have to have a new thermostat put in, but that could just be the price of winter. Overall, I haven't had to invest any major $$$ into my truck. Just keeping the oil changed and filters clean. If y'all need a serious complaint how about that it sits too low and makes ya feel tiny when these big trucks pass by.

    That's the extent to my complaints.

    C. Spencer
  • screwed1screwed1 Member Posts: 1
  • tamonitamoni Member Posts: 1
    I am the orignal owner on a chevy s-10 95 5 speed 2.2 liter. All I can say this truck is a big headache. I replaced the clutch at about 8,000
    miles,then again at 30,000 then wiper controller. Started burning oil at about 50,000 miles. alot of oil. replaced top end of the motor at 120,000, now its knocking again. have put on a set of front brakes every year. Many other small things have gone wrong with this truck. I change the oil every three to five thousand miles. do all suggested maintance. I would never buy another. I dont ever want another samll chevy.
  • ninjabcninjabc Member Posts: 1
    I'm the second owner of a 93 Blazer that doesn't want to idle. It's spitting and sputtering unless I'm accelerating. I had it in the shop, they replaced the fuel pump to the tune of $260.00. No help. I've tuned it up and checked everything I can think of, any suggestions or similar problems????
  • qcpassedqcpassed Member Posts: 1
    I have a 93 s10 2.8 6 cylinder. This baby has 178,000 miles and NO major problems.
    The clutch was replaced and I too have a problem with the chirp that occurs unless pressure is being applied to the clutch. I was told it could be a result of the bearings being slightly offset or maybe the wrong size. Also the door occasionally does not grasp the latch and has become loose while I've been driving. I have never actually fallen out but its still kinda scary.
    I'm also not too pleased with the paint job(RED) that was put on this truck it has greatly faded and seems to rub off when it is washed or waxed.
    It has only this year started to rust so I can't complain much about that. Near the bottom of the doors and behind the cab.
    I would like to know if anyone experienced rusting on the oil pan of these trucks, seems like bad metal.
    I like chevy vehicles and will buy another.
  • topcat6topcat6 Member Posts: 1
    My 99 S10 with 10,800 miles has a weird noise when cold. During the first 5 minutes of driving it has a whine that goes up in volume and then stops but starts again almost immediately. Dealer has changed differential fluid and seal (says that is recommended at 3000 mi. intervals?). Noise still there. Guess I will mark Chevy off my to buy list.
  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    Check out the EGR valve,maybe bad.
  • smowrysmowry Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2WD '93 S10 w/ a 4.3L engine and just had to replace the oil cooler lines & oil filter adapter to fix a major oil leak. This may be similar to the problem described by lhidalgo in post #12. But, with 154,000 miles that is one of the very few problems that I have had with this truck.

    The most frustrating problem that I have experienced is my digital speedometer has become temperature sensitive and does not work in the winter months. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  • schiferschifer Member Posts: 15
    I had the digital dash go out on my S10 Blazer and I was able to fix it. I removed the dash, not bad once you get the heater controls loose, and started re-flowing the solder joints. I would do a bunch and then test it. I believe it was the connections to the power supply card on the rear, so try those first. It hangs off the back side, you can't miss it.

    Note, if you are not handy with a soldering iron, best let someone who is do this. Also, wear a ground strap like is used to service computers to avoid static damage to the IC's.

    Good Luck
  • shumateshumate Member Posts: 1
    to #12 lhidalgo. I had the same problem . It was a dry rotted o-ring on the adapter plate.replaced and no problems.
  • beandersbeanders Member Posts: 1
    I have a 96 s-10, vortec engine. Currently has 112,000 miles on it and has been nothing but trouble. It was the first "new" vehicle I have ever bought and will never buy another again. It used a qt. of oil the first two weeks I had it (dealer said that was normal). It continued using oil for about six months when there was a recall due to misposition valve seals. Then the brakes went out. Then went out again. Then again. Just not often enough to qualify for the lemon law. After one of the brake repairs, the brakes went out again the next day (the dealer service dept. had put the pad on backwards.)

    The engine caught fire at 64,000 miles. I had purchased a 65,000 mile extended warranty. The dealer tried their best to get out of repairing the truck at all. Then after a long fight, they said they would fix it. They called me when it was ready but when I picked it up it had no power at all. They worked on it some more and I picked it up again the power was a little better but when I drove 20 miles and the thermostat still read very cold I took it to another dealer. They checked the engine and it only had compression in four of the six cylinders. I didn't tell them the truck was under warranty until after they diagnosed the problem and told me it needed a new engine. The fire was caused by the truck having the wrong type of antifreeze in it. I had never touched the antifreeze because it was supposed to be the dexron 100,000 mile antifreeze. Using the standard "green" antifreeze will keep the thermostat from working properly and cause the engine to overheat and catch fire. After this dealer replaced the engine I checked the radiator before leaving the parking lot-----it was empty!!! When I told them it was empty, the first thing the mechanic does is start to pour green antifreeze into the truck. Then when I tell him that's wrong he proceeds to pour the orange dexron antifreeze in with the other he's already poured. I told them they would have to drain all the antifreeze and refill it. When I came back to get the truck, I checked the radiator again---they had added the antifreeze but didn't add any water. I just added that myself.

    Then my driveshaft broke. A small piece of plywood had fallen between the bed and cab of the truck and cut it in half. The driveshaft was made out of aluminum. The cost of a new driveshaft from the dealer was $600. I finally found a used one at S&J auto parts (they're on the web) for under $200 and that included shipping.

    The brakes have continued to go out occasionally. I've had about 5 master cylinders replaced. I just replaced the proportional valve for the brakes and I'm hoping that will fix the problem for good.

    All the parts for this model truck are expensive. The driveshaft: $600; The transmission fluid: $12 per qt.;Spark plugs and wires cost nearly $100 (some new type of plug in thing on them). These prices are rediculous.

    Oh, yeah. The lower A-arm just broke all of sudden at around 37,000 miles. Luckily I was travelling at a low speed. The metal it was made of had to be defective although the dealer claimed it must have been something I did.

    This has been the absolute worst vehicle I have ever had. I will never buy a new chevy again. I can understand an occassional lemon being produced but the hassle I went through trying to get it repaired made the warranty almost useless. If Chevy had shown some sympathy to the problems I had and atleast acted like they wanted to correct the situation I would probably still be a loyal customer.

    It seems Chevy can only make vehicles in two categories: Excellent and Awful. Other people have the exact same model s-10 that I do and have had no problems at all. I previosly owned an '89 Beretta - got 176,000 miles on it and the only repair I had to make was the audonator. Currently have a '98 Lumina with 83,000 problem free miles.

    I'm thinking of swithing to dodge/plymouth products. I hear they make excellent vehicles but their transmissions are awful. I have a '94 Plymouth Acclaim and it has 186,000 miles on it. I had to have the transmission rebuilt at 136,000 miles (got a lifetime warranty on it at Cottman transmissions) and haven't had a problem with it since.
  • blacksilverblacksilver Member Posts: 69
    beanders wrote in msg #26

    > and the only repair I had to make was the audonator....

    Doncha just hate it when your audonator goes out? I can't find a replacement audonator anywhere!

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    FYI, you know you've been online too long when you can read and understand typos!...

    The absolute worst is having your disgronificator out of adjustment!


    Ya need at least one chuckle every day!

    PF Flyer
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  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    The industry now calls them generaters has something to do with international standardization.
  • jstephjsteph Member Posts: 1
    My brother has a '92 S-10 2.8 6 cyl with 170k miles on it, he has had no major problems at all. I am borrowing it now, since my '94 S-10 with a Vortec 4.3 was totaled, some guy try driving through my door and it caused me to cart wheel it. Did not get hurt, but was planning on getting me a newer model of it. My '94 had 70k miles on it, and the only thing I ever did to it was change the oil, put tires and one battery in it. Now my vehicle did make that noise when it was cold, I opened my hood and found out it had to do with the plastic cover over the fan area. If I pressed down on it, the noise went away. I also changed the oil every 3 months, and used the synthetic Mobil 1. Don't know if that helped or not. I am surprised at the number of problems I have seen here. I mean my bro's 92 has 170k miles on it, which I think it what all vehicles should at least get.

    Anyway, as far as the 4cyl goes, I would imagine they would have no power, my Brother's 2.8 is slow as can be, especially after the Vortec 4.3.
  • fraxinus33fraxinus33 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 92 s-10. This thing has upwards to 100000 miles and is a tough little truck. The problem that people have with the chirping noise i also have. When i took it to a mechanic he told me it was the throw-out bearings that need greasing. Apparently there is a special trans case with a grease nipple just like your other fittings that you can purchase and put in. The cost is pretty steep though, and if you can put up with the annoyance, its not worth it. The chirp is nothing serious.
  • hdaivhdaiv Member Posts: 3
    I also have a 92 S-10. As someone else has already said, the previously red truck is now very faded. However, everything else has gone well. The alternator went out at 75,000 mi, and it was easy to replace myself. With 115,000 mi on it now, I'm just waiting for the clutch to go out. As far as the throw-out bearing goes, mine has been chirping since I bought it. I've found that if I let the clutch out (in neutral) at stop lights, instead of holding it in ready to go, then the problem goes away after a while. Annoying, but cheap. I hadn't heard about the grease nipple equipped transmission case. Great idea.
  • magillamagilla Member Posts: 75
    ('96 LS 2.2, 5-sp) If any of you have followed my messages, I'm here to add one more. At 22K miles (yes, that's all), now my front shocks are shot and leaking all over the danged place. I drive 1.5 miles each way to work on city streets. This thing has never seen dirt and I drive very sensibly. This is Pathetic! At least my gas mileage has improved to 21 avg (small miracle).

    I get in this piece of crap everyday and wonder what will break next and shoot me into the middle of a horrible accident. I've owned a load of cars and trucks in my life, but this one is by far and away the absolute WORST. Too bad the lemon laws in AZ require the same problem 5 times in 2 years. I've had close to 30 problems (all different) in 5 years. Who structured that law anyway? If you own an S-10, good luck to ya. All I've got to say is keep going to church - you never know with these fine pieces of technology. ;-|
  • 18fan18fan Member Posts: 129
    I found the cause of the door problems which I posted about earlier. The bushing in the top hinge of the driver's door disintegrated and is causing the door not to open or close properly. The truck only has 29K on the clock! I am taking it to the dealership tomorrow to have it repaired (still under warranty). The body shop manager at the dealership told me this is a fairly common problem in the S10 trucks & if I keep it for any length of time, I can expect to have to replace the bushings again!?!?
  • lholmlholm Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had a problem with water leaking in during a rain storm. I have a '96 S-10 extended cab with a sliding rear window. The water seems to be leaking down and soaking the carpet from the padding to the top. The first place that I have noticed this in under the floor mats. A real pain--the trim has to be removed and the carpeting lifted up so air can get under and dry out. I am at a loss as to where the water is coming from. Any suggestions??
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    My dad has a 92 with 95000 miles + (give or take a thousand)

    Truck has been great. Only minor things needed to be fixed (O2 sensor, alternator, brakes) all done by him. The truck is starting to rust a little bit mainly because it is a work truck and it is driven to the steel mills. Other than that its a great truck. Oh yea in our family my mom has a 2000 blazer and i have a 2000 silverado. All have been very good.

  • hdaivhdaiv Member Posts: 3
    My 92 S-10 also forms a nice pond on the driver's side after a rain storm. I don't have an extended cab, but have the sliding rear window. Since I have a camper top, and this occurs with or without it, I believe it isn't the rear window. Have you noticed if the door-open light switch has rusted out? Mine has, and no longer works. The water may be coming in from here.
  • siebecwsiebecw Member Posts: 3
    Personally this is affordable little truck that is typical of most General Motors Products. If you want a truck with better reliability you should consider something else. However, I can play "devil advocate" all day long using the argument that it was affordable the day I purchased it but what about 4 years later??? Well I own a 96 so here I go...

    First problem was a rip in the passenger seat which tore near the stitching...note I have only had a few passengers in this vehicle and my "little wife" rides with me now and then. Dealer sent it to a seamstress and its been good for the last 60,000.

    Second problem is in the winter the drivers side door won't open...apparently cause the seal came out...but wait this is totalllllllly typical of a GM car as everyone I have ever riden in has this problem including my brothers '89 S-10. I know its a problem on my moms lumina as well, and the trunk of my wifes cavalier. Note I had an old Ford once it was just fine after 140,000.

    Third problem was a battery issue...whoever assembly crossed the wrong wires by not using the wire harness seen in other S-10's... and 2 years later it corroded to [non-permissible content removed] was a real mess that I didn't catch until it was too late.

    Fourth for the guy with the leak...well my does that too...however I don't have a rear sliding window...matter of fact I just pulled the carpenting out this weekend to dry...this was probably the cheapest thing to fix after the dealer soaked me for for 32 dollars only to tell me my "drain" wasn't plugged. Better add another 26 dollars for the blower I rented at Amercian Rental.

    Tailgates....If you own and S-10 and are in a winter climate I would highly suggest removing this in the winter months...mines already starting to rust...this is just a poor design as I believe they do a good job coating the undersurface.

    Fifth...I have had to put premium gas in the thing for the last 3 years, as otherwise I get the sizing or precombustion noise. I had it timed two times a two different dealers. No deal! Just kinda sucks now that gas is so high ~ $1.59 right now.

    Sixth...EGR valves are not a success story of the GM corporation...end of subject...especially when you hit 80,000.

    Seventh...Serpentine Tensionor went out at 80 on this truck. Ya I was really getting sick of the hissing/squealing noise for the first 10 minutes in the winter. Oh, ya my brother had to replace his at 100,000.

    Eigth...O.K. this ones picky but the piece of rubber at the base of the shifter was ripped since day 2. Of course GM saved 0.02 on this "least cost source supplier".

    Ninth...There is a cheap little piece of metal or plastic that broke, so its a pain to return the passenger seat to its normal position after exposing the extended cab area.

    tenth...again this is picky but on bumpy roads the seats in the rear and some other [non-permissible content removed] rattle real bad. Done it since day one.

    Well gotta go that's all i can thing of right now.

    Well I am not normally this negative but hopefully this maybe helpful to someone ready to purchase a truck.
  • siebecwsiebecw Member Posts: 3
    I got so busy with my other problems I forgot to tell everyone about my current pedicament.

    Recently my radiator started leaking, and I mean leaking (remember 80,000 miles). The radiator had never been flushed but the lower metal coupling is bad. I looked at the red textron fluid and its "super merky" and the resovoir is full of rust. I heard a horror story that some 1996 S-10's have some serious problems with corrosion of something????

    I asked this car former car mechanic at work today about it and he said that he's heard something about that...

    Anyway...any scoop on this one?
  • giffgiff Member Posts: 10
    Well, I have not written on this site in about a year. I have always had good things to say about my S-10. I think possibly good things are in the past. I took my truck if for an inspection in Jan. of this year (2001) to Monroe muffler and brake. I had no doubt there would be no problems with the truck its a 99 with 26k on it. After a thorough inspection the service man asked me to come out and take a look at the bottom side of the truck. I had 2 oil cooler line leaks at both of the flex hoses that go down behind the engine. Not a big deal and I knew it would be covered under my 3 year 36k mile warranty. The disturbing part is that the tech. also pointed out that there was an oil leak that was coming from either the head gasket or valve cover gasket. I took the truck in and had it checked out by the dealer. Sure enough the oil lines needed to be replaced but they were not positive of where the leak was from on the engine. They put some dye in the engine to determine where the leak was coming from. They got the parts in and I took the truck back for service. Sure enough it was from the head gasket but they did not replace it because they said it would be an overnight job. They said the problem was not major and that I had some time to get it fixed and it did not need to be done right away. I finally got the truck back to them last Thursday March 29. They have had the truck one week tomorrow. Turns out they did not have the part and then when they got it the head of the engine was actually warped. I was shocked to hear that!! I baby this truck and maintain it to a "T". Of course this is out of the norm, the service manager said he has never seen this problem with the 4.3L engine. I am loosing my patience with this guy and I am not sure what my truck is going to be like when I get it back. Has anyone else had a problem like this and will my engine be the same if the head has been milled down some??

    Thanks in advance Giff.
  • 18fan18fan Member Posts: 129
    Well, I can't complain about the service I got at the dealership. They were prompt and had the door fixed in about 2 hours. They replaced the pins and bushings in the drivers door (covered under warranty) and now it operates as it should. The body shop manager told me that I should spray the bushings in both doors with white lithium grease to keep them lubricated. I asked how often, and he said about every time I change the oil. I have never had to do this with any of my previous vehicles. Anyone have any experience with this, either good or bad?
  • macneil82macneil82 Member Posts: 1
    My father-in-law has a 96 S-10 6cyl. The ABS light won't go out. He replaced brakes himself. Is there a reset? Any suggestions on a solution? Thanks! The son-in-law.
  • tasha50tasha50 Member Posts: 1
    I must be the luckiest guy on earth after reading all the problems I have seen on here, I have a 95 S-10 4x4 with the 4.3 and auto trans, after 147557 miles all I have done to this truck is just normal maint. oil changes, replace brake pads,normal stuff you would do with any car or truck, this is the 4th S-10 I have had and never ,I mean never a problem with any of them, my wife has a 99 S-10 Blazer with the 4.3/auto trans. and she wasn't had a bit of problems, except for the loose nut behind the wheel, but that's the case with most women drivers , isn't it??
  • mdecampsmdecamps Member Posts: 115
    You have to remember, the only people taking time to write something here fall into one of two categories:

    1. Have a passion for their vehicle and love it.

    2. Have a lemon and hate it.

    Those of us in the middle rarely take time to write anything, just read.

  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Member Posts: 42
    I have a 96 Sonoma extended cab v6 5spd rwd with posi. I figure the sonoma and s10 are really the same, so I decided to read the s10 comments. My sonoma has 67k on it and the only real maintenance that I did was a tune up at 55K as it was slow to start in damp weather. Only did the front brakes once. My dealer gave me a handful of the cheap plastic handles that tilt the front drivers seat as a precaution. The only major problem was the dealer screwed up the brake clamp recall and gave me the truck back with no brakes. I got to abuse his Park avenue for a day. I have a Sonoma because I preferred this dealer over the local chevy dealer otherwise I might have has an s10. I've always driven GM except the Sable wagon from hell that my wife had to have. I was surprised to see list of problems some folks are having. The GM dealers I've worked with have been heads and shoulders over the Mercury dealer that sold me the Sable.
  • s10ers10er Member Posts: 2
    read here about water leaks in s10's.
    My 91 S10 has always had this problem since I bought used @ 79k. (I'm third owner).
    My model is the "plain" truck, not fancy LS or Tahoe etc. No sliding rear window... But the big puddle that forms on the drivers side floor is a pain in the rain! I also, have found the door/light switch contact to be very corroded and rusted, and intermittant. I suspect water from outside is comming thru the front qrtr. panel to hood seam and trickeling into the interior. On the good side, I dont have carpet, just rubber flooring, so a sponge is in order on rainy days:-(
  • milanjmilanj Member Posts: 9
    97 S10 Transmission - I have a 97 S10 LS 4x4, auto trans, w/ 54,000 miles on it. About 2 weeks ago after driving it about 50 miles, the transmission would shift very hard between first and second gear. It felt as if, for example, you are driving a stick and let the clutch fly out. Also, can hear the drive shaft make a loud noise when the shift occurs. This problem goes away after the truck sits a while. It runs perfect otherwise. When this shifting problem starts, it does it at EVERY pull out. The dealer is going to have me drive it with a diagnostic computer attached to monitor it when it acts up. I only drive about 3 miles a day for work, so the only time I see a problem is on weekends. Anyone else have a similar problem.

  • guru101guru101 Member Posts: 15

    Your tranny is going. I've had two friends that had the exact same thing happen to them with their automatic transmissions. The first was a 94 S-10 with 80k miles. The other was a 97 with just less that 60k. They both exhibited the same behavior of hard shifting, and eventually they began losing 1st & 2nd gear altogether.
  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    Your transmission is going in to default mode,full pump pressure.When was it serviced last.
  • milanjmilanj Member Posts: 9
    I had the truck in the dealer today and they found a fault code for the O2 sensor. I don't buy that this is the problem, but we'll see. As far as servicing, I had the trans serviced at 40K
  • joe3891joe3891 Member Posts: 759
    Please let us know the fix,i have a 99 Sonoma with the 4L60E trans.
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