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Hyundai Santa Fe Accessories and Modifications

losthat1losthat1 Posts: 93
edited March 2014 in Hyundai
I would like to add a trip computer to my Santa Fe. mentions one, but I can't find it on their site. Any suggestions on where to look on that site or on another? Tx


  • kim532kim532 Posts: 19
    I was on the other topic(poor man's lexus) where I saw a link to a website that actually showed Santa Fe's with the wood dash added on. I tried looking for it again but I haven't been able to find it. If anyone can point me to the message # or just reput up the link I would appreciate it.

    I am considering it but I would like to look at the pictures again and I would like to show my husband.

  • dinoqdinoq Posts: 5
    kim 532, you'll be able to find it at

  • Hi Kim.

    There are several wood dash kits out there. I bought the one from but have since learned that and a few other have them as well. The kit has 13 pieces total and that has 17!

    I think both sites have a choice of woods and brushed aluminum as well as carbon fiber if that's more to youer liking. You should also check and see if it's real wood or not as dashcover I believe has both wood and simulated wood. Make that formica as it were and there's really nothing wrong with that.

    I just happen to like real wood even if it is coated in epoxy. I work with wood so I feel happier with it.

    But browse around and look before you buy. Hyundai even sells a wood dash kit but I don't know for how much or who makes it.

    Good luck.


  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Actually every Santa Fe already have the TRIP A & B to calculate the trip miles. However, If anyone need Digital Multimeter System that specially made by Hyundai and only available in Korea! Please place a call in and ask to order. They don't have it on the site because I think it is illegal in USA. You can also get the Automatic Climate control as well. I think the only reason why the USA does not allow the Digital Multimeter because this will ruin the market in the USA. Suprisely you can order but install it yourself. There is a manually come with it. I can't wait to get my hand on it 2 weeks from now.
  • Hung,

    Hey guy, when you get that digital multimeter installed can you take a picture or two and post them, or send me a copy? I am interested in how easy it is to install, and to see what features it has. If is is only available in Korea but we can get one from hdkautosport I am curious to know if it has Korean or English text on the screen! Another thing I wonder about is if it has a dimmer for the screen. If so does it work in conjunction with the dimmer switch for the dash lights or does it work separately.
  • Does anyone know of a different style brush guard for the Santa Fe other than the stainless Fusion model? Just don't care for the look of that one. Not that there is
    anyhting wrong with it but living with polishing all the time is a royal pain. Something
    a bit more ......... well.. Aussie looking if you get my drift here. Maybe in a powder
    coat black and not tubes?

  • We love our LX 4WD and want to install a trailer hitch. The factory one at $395 scares us off with a note that it is for the 4 cylinder engine. I have found two hitches on the net, a tube type construction and a traditional boxy type. Also looking for sources that have the trailer wiring kits that plug into the SF's system. Any ideas? Looking for wisdom out there. Thanks , John
  • Does anyone know where I can get the chrome front end that the Korean models have? It replaces the grey part that goes around the top of the front grill.

  • dinoqdinoq Posts: 5
    Hi richardr4,

    I am from Singapore, and a recent owner of the SF. Loving every minute of it. I am not exactly clear what you're looking for but I do think that the brush guard that I have on my SF is different from those that I've seen for the USA market. A photo of my SF is posted here:


  • Hi Dennis,

    Nice looking vehicle and not a bad brush guard. It's close to what I had in mind but not quite.
    I can see where yours makes sense however. It protects the nose yet doesn't really over power the lines of the Santa Fe.
    I'll see if I can find something from another maker that looks like what I have in mind. With my luck it wil be on a Peterbuilt!


  • Dennis,

    Your SF looks great. Where did you get the brush guard and the body trim?
  • dinoqdinoq Posts: 5
    Hi Blkstar,

    They are original Hyundai SF accessories and were fitted by the agent. Not clear if they are available for the USA market. Haven't seen any being offered on any USA-based web sites.
  • Dinog - Loved your Brush Guard and Side Bars. We can't get them in Canada. The Canadian Accessories just came out recently and they are pretty boring. There is a Cargo Net, Cargo Mat, Three types of Trailer Hitches, Bike Racks, Complete two piece wood dash kits, (one for around your instrument panel and the other for your dash), cargo mats, cross bars, nose masks and that's about it. We're going to check out the wood dash on Saturday, so we'll let you know what it looks like.

    I wish we could get the side bars and bush guards here.
  • OK so maybe I screwed up. Anyone out there installed these pieces?
    They fit the opening around the fenders fine but there is no way that I can get them up and tight enough to drill holes in the inner fender area. There is a good half inch gap in the center underneath and the center tab doesn't come close to allowing a drill to do anything more than tear the paint off. Now if I leave that one screw out it will stay fine but it's stainless steels and that is some sharp edged stuff. Washing the car would mean a trip to the ER and who needs that?
    I called and explained the problem. They told me it was not required for the bottom inside to be tight as that would only trap dirt/ sand / moisture / water / roadkill what have you. Makes sense to me but I'd love to hear from anyone else who has installed these parts and how they finally solved the problem? They said that the center screw wasn't really needed as well. If so why is it there?


  • I found this site you may be interested in.

    It does not appear that it has been updated to show Santa Fe items but you could request the info.


  • Thanks Rich I'll check that out.

    Still haven't gotten up the nerve to drill holes in a perfectly good fender yet! Something methinks is rotten in Denmark. Exotic wooddash was of no help at all. Told me to"Have the wife and kids put them on" if you can belive that.

    Picked up a Hyundai Santa Fe pamphlet this morning, talked to the service and parts manager and he didn't seem to know of any fender flairs as yet.

    Weird, but a lot of the stuff that's extra comes on the LX model already. Also all the Santa Fe's that were on the lot are gone save one. That one had a deposit on it also and they didn't seem to know when they would be getting any more in. I think we might just be on to a great deal here.

    Thanks again,

  • How does the digital multimeter look?
    how much was it and how easy was it to install.
    please keep us posted
  • Hey, just updated their site with a series of grille guards, fender trims, and rear bumper guards for the Santa Fe. It's definitely worth checking out.
  • tonyg6tonyg6 Posts: 48

    I just purchased a S4 L with trim option 2 and have a few questions regarding trim options. I hope someone can clear a few items for me.

    As you will tell from my questions these items did not come with my vehicle. Since I've read about them in the user manual and user messages I would like to know if they should have included as part of the vehicle package/trim kit combination I purchased...

    1. Is the ignition key "halo" [where you stick the ignition key in the car to start it] supposed to illuminate in the L trim?

    2. I've read about a passenger side undersea tray. Is that an option in the L?

    3. [last one] I've read about some protective shield which is supposed to be installed under the front engine as a scratch guard. Is that supposed to be standard on the L?

    If you prefer please respond to
    [email protected]

  • tonyg6tonyg6 Posts: 48

    I just purchased a SF GL with trim option 2 and have a few questions regarding trim options. I hope someone can clear a few items for me.

    As you will tell from my questions these items did not come with my vehicle. Since I've read about them in the user manual and user messages I would like to know if they should have included as part of the vehicle package/trim kit combination I purchased...

    1. Is the ignition key "halo" [where you stick the ignition key in the car to start it] supposed to illuminate in the GL trim?

    2. I've read about a passenger side underseat tray. Is that an option in the GL?

    3. [last one] I've read about some protective shield which is supposed to be installed under the front engine as a scratch guard. Is that supposed to be standard on the GL?

    If you prefer please respond to
    [email protected]

  • tonyg6tonyg6 Posts: 48
    Hi all!

    Has anyone come across an engine hood liner?

    I looked under my hood last night and noticed several small holes along the perimeter of the engine hood. That led me to believe they might have a hood liner available.

    I know it serves no functional purpose except help reduce engine noise a bit in and out. However I also noticed, for whatever reason, the liners also seem to help control engine compartment dirt a little better. Between two cars I had [both same models and running condition; one with the liner, one without it], the one with the liner was much cleaner.

    Anyway, if anyone knows where to get one or buy the material to cut one out please let ne know!

  • They call it "hood insulation pad". The part number is 81125-26000.
    14-pin pack 81126-37000A. I don't think the parts centers here stock them.
  • So where can a person get the Hood liner you mention with its respective Part #? From a Hyundai dealer or OEM from a catlog?

    My thanks in advance...
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Hello dinoq in Singapore (Post #2 of SF owner's photo gallery)!

    Hope u read my message here!

    Most of us have problem searching for the body fender, stepping bar, rear spoiler in north america. Can u let us know from which source u bought your Singapore's Santa Fe accessories from?

    Do u know u probably own the best looking SF in our club so far!


    PS. How many SF likes yours in Singapore?
  • Hey all,

    Has anyone seen a cargo-area guard that covers the floor, the sides up to the windows and the backs of the rear seats? I've got two dogs that got so much hair all over our last SUV we could never get it out (it probably affected the resale!) thanks!
  • anyone seen any of these for the truck?

  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    These both items are not really ready for the Santa Fe in the USA yet! I am still working with the Technical guy in Korea to make these items work. As soon as it ready I will post into my website at Visit back in the future for more detail. To see the sample of these item follow this link: have updated their website for the SUV-Santa Fe. Please check it out. The Santa Fe looks very good on each series.
  • viperuviperu Posts: 17
    Well I got my 2 front windows tinted and ordered my wood dash.I'm still wishing for the fender flares but that chunk of money for them is kinda hard to swallow.But while I was looking at a copy of the Hyundai 2001 Accessories Brochure on the net,I seen a hood deflector in it for the Santa Fe that looks sweet!I called my local dealership and they were totally in the fog about it and hadn't even seen a 2001 accessories brochure.So has anyone else have one or ordered one?How about the price?Can you order directly from Hyundai?Inquiring minds want to know.....

  • kcorcorankcorcoran Posts: 26
    got a link to that brochure?

  • viperuviperu Posts: 17
    Here is the website of a person who has a Santa Fe and took pics of the brochure also.Scroll toward the bottom of his page and you see the pages of it listed.Here's the address...

  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    I would like to buy the white gauge face accessory for my SF. In one of the postings (which I can not find anymore), I read about a white gauge face which is illuminated red and blue in the night and can be installed in 30 minutes - after trying for more than 3 hours ;). Could that be the one called 'F14' (price $69.99) at the website of HDK Autosports? And is it possible to order that from outside the US and have it delivered at my home address in The Netherlands? How much would that cost me in total?

  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    Yes! You have read my message! I am the one who have installed the white face gauge in my Santa Fe successfully without any problem. It was the hardest thing for me to install in my car. After experience the play around for 3-4 hours I was being able to learn all the trick to install this white face gauge. Yes! I bought the White Sport Face Gauge. I like the kind that say Sport on it. I did it without unplug the battery. But it is safer to unplug the battery first. Yes! You can purchase the White "Sport" Face Gauge from and have them ship it to your country. Shipping and handling for this item should be very fair about $15-$30.

    Here is some Trick:
    1. tilt the steering wheel all the way down.
    2. unscrew the 2 screws from the top-inside the front cover of the speedo.
    3. Bend the the cover with "strength" and pull "hard" it out.
    4. unscrew the 4 screws inside the speedo cover.
    5. Pull the inside cover with speedo out.
    6. unplug the 3-4 wires in-house on the back of the speedo out.
    7. Take the speedo outside the car and work with it.
    8. Try to remove the glass cover from the speedo with the attach button surround the glass.
    9. "Important" You don't have to unplug the needle. Just simply cut out the old face gauge and install in the new face gauge. Because the new face gauge have a bigger hole in the center to insert in the needle easily and therefore you don't have to remove the needle. If you remove the needle you have to adjust it later when warm up the car and drive around as well. It is better if you have a small plier to clip on the "stopper" part of the RPM and the KM/Mile gauge so it is easier to cut the whole piece out.
    10. "After this step you should be able to attach all the pieces together and put it back"

    Good luck and I hope this information will help you out.
  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    Thanks for your extensive reply to my questions, hung0820! I will definitely order the white face and let you know as soon as I have installed it!
  • Here is a web site that sells most of the items from the accessories 2001 brochure:

    Click on "Parts Department" towards lower left side. Really good prices. I ordered the set of front and rear mud flaps for $48 USD. Shipping was $10 :o( viperu The hood deflector is $46.75.


  • viperuviperu Posts: 17
    I ordered one of the hood deflectors too the other day from Tischer as he is 15% off brochure price.I posted this on the main page.I also found out today that ventvisor deflectors are now available made by the Auto Ventshade Company.The part # is 94413 and is suppose to be available at NAPA Autoparts stores.Found them on a website for $49.00 for the 4 piece set!

  • tulpenhamtulpenham Posts: 32
    I have ordered the F14 white face gauge yesterday. I was wondering hung0820, if it is possible to post or mail (at [email protected]) me a photo of the interior of your SF so I can see what it looks like when it is installed (in day- and nighttime).
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    I am still in a process of doing more project on my Santa Fe and therefore I did not want to post the pictures in my website yet!

    The project that I am working is the Trip Computer and the Automatic Climate Control. You can see an example of my project simply follow the link below. There is one of the picture that you can see the White Sport Face Gauge as well. Checkout my project.

    Thank you Santafeguy for posting the nice website to order Dealer Accessories. I have just purchased something already.
  • pro212pro212 Posts: 44
    I need fast help, anyone have the rear wind deflector? Does it increase wind noise or rattle? Do you have to drill into tailgate to install? Does it look good or dumb? andes11, I can't find a Hyundai parts dealer with your numbers for the hood insulation and 14 pin kit. Are your numbers correct? In what part of the world and what dealer did you find yours? Thanks!
  • tonyg6tonyg6 Posts: 48
    See my post, I believe #81, in new members board where you left the same msg.
  • pro212pro212 Posts: 44
    Thanks Tony for your comments. Unfortunately I now have conflicting reports, one that you do pick up wind noise over 40mph and your report of no problems. I decided not to order until I get some other opinions since I hate to drill holes in a $23000 vehicle unless there is absolutely no problem with the accessory. Besides, like Hung I think I would prefer a rear spoiler (when it comes out) which would be nicer than the acrylic plastic deflector. But after 6-9 months if Hyundai hasn't made progress on the spoiler, I might just put the deflector on and hope for the best. tonyg6, how do you explain the discrepancy from your report of no wind noise to several other parties (including other owners and hdkautosports) who noted and reported a wind noise problem with this accessory? Regards!
  • losthat1losthat1 Posts: 93
    I've finally found something about the SF that I'd like to change! The radio reception, especially on rainy days, seems to be less than great. I would like some suggestions on a cd/radio that will fit the SF with good long range reception. My primary need is for a radio that can pull in both Am and Fm stations from a distance. I am not concerned with the speakers, only the CD/radio unit. I would have this installed where I bought it. Have any of you found a unit that you might suggest? I'm open to checking catalogs and then buying where installation is included. I don't need anything fancy...I'd actually prefer simple and easy to use. Thanks.
  • tonyg6tonyg6 Posts: 48
    Hi pro12,

    I did post that I had the deflector dealer installed, but I don't recall claiming any wind noise. There is another fellow here who mentioned he had wind noise as well as reference to wind noise on the suppossed future rear spoiler.

    As for myself, I've driven up to 70mph [bad boy]
    and HAVE NOT had any wind noise problems with my rear deflector; either at 70mph or anywhere below.

    In fact I just reiterated this point in the general topics section today [03/16/01].

    Hope this clears things up.

    Good Luck
  • hyundaimahyundaima Posts: 197
    I would have the dealer check the connections first...there's an amplifier for the glass shouldn't have a problem with radio reception.
  • losthat1losthat1 Posts: 93
    It's not too bad but could be better. Strong stations come in fine. I'd just like to be able to pull in weak signals. That's the type of radio I would like to find. As an example, I'd like to listen to a station for a 2 hour drive taking me though very hilly terain of over 100 miles.Thanks
  • hung0820hung0820 Posts: 426
    You can not hardly hear anything outside of the Santa Fe. SF comes with a nice feature similar to the Lexus car. The sound proof. All of the windows slide all the way up into the rubber and protect from noise outside. That's why the Santa Fe consider to be a part of a luxury car.

    Have someone sit in the rear and they will hear a little noise in the rear deflector/spoiler. This is not a major thing but I will install in my SF anyway. You can not really hear the noise if you sit in front and listen to radio which everyone does. A little noise in the rear can be broken if listen to stereo. You can really hear it if you roll down the window a little bit those. We talk about in high speed only.

    It is very good to have the Rear Deflector but the Spoiler is much nicer. However the spoiler does not prevent dust and water dripping down from the rear trunk window. I prefer to have both install in my Santa Fe. I don't know if I can modify until I get the Spoiler. I have already order the rear deflector. I just have to wait until I can get the spoiler first before install both in my cars. If I can not modify then I rather install the spoiler only.
  • pro212pro212 Posts: 44
    Thanks again. Actually I knew you had no problem with wind noise but I don't know what might be causing the reports from Hung and re: wind noise over 40mph. Maybe Hung is right and it has to do with the angle of installation etc. In any case, I'd like to hear from anyone else who has experience with the rear deflector or knows why only some report the wind noise problem.
  • pvalerypvalery Posts: 19
    for my new lx 4wd w/ TC I just ordered the serie 3 accessories. I'm in Paris on vacation now I will install everething as soon as i get back in the states.I also ordered the mud guards, white fqce gage and the cros rail. I'm really hoping that the side rail will be the same as the one we saw on that picture from singapoor. I really fell in love w/ it. Once i'm done i will try to post it here for everyone to see.
    My SF is pewter bu the way
  • billtungbilltung Posts: 255
    Just visited dealer today. They mention on this coming Friday, Hyundai will have a 15% off promotion to all the Accessories on catalog. Just let anybody know if U are in Canada don't buy until Friday.
    - Front hood Plastic defector CDN$87
    - Wood Grain Kit(no arm rest pieces) CDN$207
    - Rack CDN$223.17
    These are all the items I'm interested & available in the Hyundai catalog, anybody know it is cheaper to order in HDKautosport(those are USD)?
  • yuckydogyuckydog Posts: 2
    Is this item available in the accessories catalog? Mine came with them already installed and listed on the window sticker.

  • fuller2fuller2 Posts: 6
    Hey Santa Fe fans,
    I plan to order a brushed stainless (metal) dash kit, and though I've seen a vague photo of a kit from, I'd like to know if any of you have actually bought/seen/installed one of these. Seems most folks go with the woodgrain effect which I like also, but I'd prefer the metal.
    thanks in advance! Also, anyone found a good cassette player that fits?
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