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Mazda Protege5



  • Ignore the repeat post... i clicked refresh and it posted twice...

    Anyway, yeah, that's why it's called HID "look" bulbs. Those bulbs really try to confuse people by saying things like 55w/80w... (i know it's b.s.) They try to say that they give out 80w watts of light with just 55w real watts... that's why i'm not sure when they say 100w, it's the real wattage or "perceived" wattage...
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    Watch out for the one thing you CAN'T get on the TS. Cruise Control. I was very seriously thinking about a TS last year and started comparing that to an OB Sport. That's the only differnece that I could come up with. (besides suspension and the like) I don't know how much you need it but I know my friends in CO tend to drive long distances up to their favorite mountain spots regularly. CC is a big help.

    Even though I live in MN I'm going with a P5 and snow tires. I like the Sub but I'm very stuck on the handling of the P5. Tight and Clean. Plus they do a good job of clearing the roads around here.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Those are dual filament bulbs. When you see 55w/80w that's the wattage for Low beam and High beam respectively.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It's not hard to add cruise to a Subie. In fact, I did exactly that. The dealer ordered the kit and installed it for me. It was a couple hundred bucks, no big deal. The cut-out and cruise buttons are identical from my '98 Forester L to the new TS, so I know for a fact that it would fit.

    Though I would recommend an Outback Sport for the 16" wheels, fog lights, two-tone paint, and other content, were you to choose a Subie.

    Snow tires on a P5 are a good alternative, for sure. Make sure you get one with ABS. And while that requires a moonroof, I'd want a moonroof anyway, and the Subaru doesn't even offer it as an option.

  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    Your thinking exactly what I'm thinking. However with the new 2002 P5 you can get ABS without the Moonroof but that's what I would order anyway. However if you need to the extra headroom it is possible. I've seen a few on the lot that way. (right off the truck) (sigh) Now I just have to sell my car so I can get a new Silver P5!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The dealer I went to had none with moonroofs (and therefore no ABS either). I test drove one without it, just for kicks. It was a nice blue 5 speed IIRC.

    The Outback Sport I drove was a black 5 speed. No moonroof, either, but it did have ABS (all Subies have ABS standard).

  • Yeah, if it's a dual filament bulb, then it makes sense saying 55w/80w.. but i've seen single filament bulbs (H7, for example) saying 80w/100w... that's the confusing part...
  • elec3elec3 Posts: 160
    people always seem to want to race my P5. Where I'm living now, there are a ton of ricers (they were out in force last night - something was going on because I saw no less than 10) and they just cruise around town at night looking for races. Now my P5 is silver (not red, not yellow, but a mellow and humble silver) with the regular alloys, not the polished shiny ones, no tint, the normal (perhaps even smallish) exhaust, and automatic transmission for the love of god. But even stock, this thing looks the part enough that people want to race.

    So sometimes I humor them and the result is either that I find out their car has no place on the road because I can keep up easily or else that they beat the crap out of me (duh!) because they've got 60 more horsepower than I do and a 5 speed. Somebody in a red Corvette Stingray wanted to race at a light the other day. And I'm thinking - hmm, he's only got what, 3 times more horses than I do? It's still fun but it's also funny because the looks of this car almost don't go with the performance. If someone were willing to drop the cash for a J-spec engine, a turbo, intake and exhaust, you'd have a stupidly fast car that would even be a sleeper if you didn't also do all the tint, neon, chrome, and other requisites for a ricer.

    Oh yeah, and I had the hatch full of groceries while pretending to race around town last night ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That may be due to the sporty styling. Wagons are back in a big way.

  • Mjudson, when you took out your fogs, did you disconnect the wire connector? The connector was secured to the bumper with a plastic clip. After I took it out, I can't seem to secure it back in the clip... any ideas? I know it's supposed to slide and snap back on, but i've tried for 15 min and still can't get it.
  • Holy cow! $22,400 CND = $15,000 USD!!!!! Dang it! That is a GREAT deal! I don't know what the duty would be, though.
  • Had to re-post this to make a couple additions,

    If all you south of the border are looking for ABS without the sunroof maybe you should come up north to get a P5. ABS is standard on the Canadian Models the only options being, sunroof, transmission and air. I paid 22,400 Canadian for mine with air, sunroof, and 5-speed. With the exchange you would be saving a bit, (which I'm sure would be made up with the duty).

    i bought this car about two months ago when they were in hot and haevy demand. I'm sure that now you could even get a better deal, seeing as the dealer where I bought mine now has about 10 P5's on the lot.

    Just a stupid thought...
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    I don't think a US resident can buy a car in Canada and then "import" it into the US.
    Anybody know for sure?
    (Though when I moved from Canada to the US many years ago, I had no trouble
    bringing my Mazda GLC with me).

  • I know many people who have bought cars in the states and brought them back to Canada with no problems. Now that I think about it though most of them were used cars....

    There may be some different laws going from Canada to the states though. Have to look into it.
  • My two choices were the Suburu Outback Sport or the P5. I leaned toward the Outback until I test drove both. On the Interstate, the Outback whined, coming from, it sounded to me like the rear. The whine was bothersome. Also, I noted the windows on the suburu were not framed by metal and the doors felt lighter and cheaper. The interior also appeared to be "cheaper" looking. But the acceleration was better and AWD was a plus. The two models I compared meant that I would pay a couple of thousand more for the subbie to get awd. But I reasoned I would seldom need awd here on the coast, only for my trips to the mountains in winter. And the other negative things mentioned above led me to the P5. I like the outside look of the P5 much better. And driving it is way fun. Three months and 3000 miles later and still very satisfied with my choice. later
  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    Can someone confirm that we can get ABS w/o sunroof? It was mentioned in an earlier post that for 2002, this is possible. I thought all P5s are of MY 2002.
    Also what exactly is the perimeter alarm?
    Does it include starter disable or only shock sensor and intrusion detection?
  • jskho,

    It looks as though the ABS and Moon roof options are independent of each other. When I bought mine, you could get the Moon roof without ABS, but the ABS option included the Moon roof!

    The perimeter alarm is a worthless button on a key chain without any of the features you listed above. It does make noise if a door is opened though.

    When I purchased my P5, the dealer offered an add-on alarm by CodeAlarm, which works in conjunction with the perimeter alarm and gives you the glass break and shock sensors and Ignition Kill.

    I had the upgrade added on at no charge, as part of the negotiations.
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    I have actually seen some BRAND NEW P5's right off the truck that had a sunroof but no ABS. That only stands to reason that you can get the ABS with no sunroof. Those P5's literally had just rolled off the truck. They even had hte plastic on them. A salesman had also mentioned that in the later 2002 models they were going to detach those two options. I'm not too sure about the alarm through. I belive it's a shock sensor.
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    The TS,OBS,& WRX wagons all have more cargo space than the P5 by a significant amount. Total space w/the seat folded is aprox. 61.6 cu ft.

    If I didn't value the performance and safety aspects of AWD in all types of weather (and didn't own a WRX wagon) I would have seriously considered the P5 wagon. I really like the styling.

  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    I think you have always been able to get sunroof w/o ABS. But not the other way round.
  • Not sure if the add on accessory one is different from the one that comes on them, I put the accessory one on awhile back.

    It does include the starter disable, and a two stage shock sensor (the shock sensor says 'code alarm' on it). It arms with the door lock and disarms with the unlock on the keyless remote. Once it is installed you don't really notice anything different except for the flashing LED when it is armed.

    The P5 install (same unit is used for the regular proteges) on it doesn't include a connection for the rear hatch to trigger the alarm, but with a bit of custom wiring it was easy enough to add. I left off the shock sensor and am going to put on a glass breakage detector or a radar motion sensor. The regular shock sensors false alarm too often.

    I know there are fancier alarms out there but I wasn't interested in letting someone else tear into my new car and just wanted something that would make some noise if someone broke into the car, I got the alarm for about $140.00 so it wasn't bad at all. I spent a couple hours on the install.

  • If you goto and configure a car, you have to get the moonroof if you want ABS. In fact, goto any other new car pricing sites like:

    They will all tell you they same thing. But of course this may change in the future.

  • Trevor, where did you buy the alarm? At $140, it's not bad at all!

    Also, how hard is it to install the alarm? Do you have to do any wiring under the carpet?
  • elec3elec3 Posts: 160
    My Pro5 didn't come with ABS, side airbags, or a moonroof. I didn't really care about the former two but the latter was important to me (go figure). The dealer had one installed at a local shop for me for ~$800 US that IMHO is a fair bit nicer than the factory one.

    I'm still interested in this caliper painting thing - would I be absolutely dumb and asking for trouble if I attempted to use the emergency jack? I know a good hydraulic jack is only $15-20 away, but I'm cheap and don't like the buy things I may not use often.

    PS: As proof that I'm cheap, I'm hoping to put an LED and tiny circuitboard I have in my P5 dash somewhere. It's just a simple timer that makes the red LED flash. It runs off two AA batteries forever and looks convincingly like an antitheft alarm :)
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    That's what I was thinking of doing to my LX 2.0 to make it looked like I had an alarm! However, I never got around to doing it. Besides, the regular sedan Pro isn't highly sought after here. The thieves are after Civics and Toyotas. My Club is all I use.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    you can buy flashing LEDs and just wire one up with a switch to a constant + source. No timer circuit required.
  • Shrique commented "That only stands to reason that you can get the ABS with no sunroof". Unfortunately, reason doesn't factor into some of the production decisions at Mazda. It seems absurd to me, but my dealer and Mazda have made it clear that you can't get ABS without a sunroof (at least in the USA). I may be in the minority, but I just don't see the appeal of a sunroof (I can understand wanting to drive a Miata with the top down, but a hole in the roof doesn't do much for me). Requiring a moonroof to get ABS (and side airbags) just seems nonsensical to me, and besides having to spend an extra $700 to get the car I want, I'm really having a hard time with the principle of bundling these options together. I probably would have gone ahead and bought a new P5 by now if I hadn't been so annoyed by this decision by Mazda, but now I'm thinking about driving my 323 through another winter and seeing how the Toyota Matrix compares with the P5 when it's available early next year.
  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    I am wondering if P5 owners can share with us how much they have paid for their cars.
    I need an idea of how far I can bargain it down to. Thanks.
    I am thinking about auto, ABS, roof, and alarm.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I used the standard car jack when painting the calipers of my 2001 ES. It turned out drama free. It can be done, but a floor jack might be a little easier.
  • douglam your on the right track. to disconnect the power light, just squeeze the power connector. when you want to reconnect, you should be able to push it back in. i bet you have fixed it by now.
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