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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Just don't compare the 350Z to the RSX-S with the $4800 factory "performance" package...
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I was thinking of doing exactly that - comparing the RSX-S with performance package to Nissan's lauded base model Z - that makes them exactly the same price, and it is not unfair to Nissan, since it claims that all the "excitement" is there even on the base model.

    And kevin111: first of all, if Z is 500 lbs heavier, I would expect the RSX to handle a lot better, not the other way around as you stated. And I could go and compile all the numbers for myself - I was kind of hoping to hear from someone who has done a "seat of the pants" comparison between the two. I would do it myself, if it were not so darn hard to get near a Z right now .

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    I was being a bit facetious. Given the performance edge of the 350Z Base over the RSX-S + FPP for roughly the same $$, the comparison would hardly be fair.
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    The skid pad difference probably has a little to do with the much beefier wheels of the 350Z

    BTW, in terms of weight. Excess weight can be a detriment to performance, but is not an absolute indicator to handling. Just compare the RSX Type-S to the M5. There you have over 1000 lbs. differential. I do not think there are many people that will say the Type-S is a better handler than the M5.
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    There are NO major or minor differences between the 2002 and 2002 RSXs, except the following:
    1.) MSRP is different (e.g. 2003 RSX-S is $100 more than 2002 model).
    2.) Firepepper Red has been replaced by Redondo Red Pearl.
    3.) The 2003 RSX can purchased w/ the "Factory Performance" package [rip off!].

    Check Edmunds' 2003 Acura RSX review for confirmation.

    There is no official word for when the RSX Type-R will be introduced to North America, if ever.
  • acbeacbe Posts: 16
    Thanks for the info!!! Let me know if you hear anything else. ;)
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    You're welcome. I don't think there'll be any other news about the '03 RSX, but if I hear anything else, I'll post it here.
  • hey, what new changes will be on the 03 rsx? Will it be better than the 02?
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    You didn't read my post #1459, did you?!
  • what kind of car do you drive. Im 17 and my mom said she is going to get me a new car. I'm going to get a 03accord coupe EX v6 auto or rsx leather auto. I like the rsx cuz it small and look nice. I like the accord cause it come with navigation system and I more room. Got any suggestions?
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    I did not think it was out yet.

    Kevin - Are you looking for a sporty type car or a comfortable cruiser? Do you mainly drive on the highway, or on side streets? Do you usually drive short distances (10 miles or less)?

    The Accord is faster 0-60, is quieter, and probably has a nicer interior.

    The RSX is sportier, better handling (probably even if you do get the supposed sports package that is comming out for the Accord coupe) and is generally more fun to drive.

    The Accord will be much quieter and have a much better ride, especially on the highway. Does that help?

    Oh, finally, an RSX is MUCH cheaper (~+$5K)
  • The rsx and accord have good resale value that why I want either of them. I would get an acura type S but it stick and i'm not allowed 2 get stick. The acura rsx with leather auto is only 160 horse and i don't think that is enough power. The new midsize accord is big and expensive 30k+. My sister just got the new altima 3.5SE and I want a coupe now cause my sister has a sedan. My sister and me can always swtich cars. I wanted a 325ci but it cost alot for a new one. My mom won't let me buy used cars cause she said there lemons. What other car do you think are good and have good resale value that you recommend?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Not all used cars are lemon. I suggest you look at cars no older than 3 years and with less than 35,000 miles on them. There's a good chance that these cars were leased (*coughBMW3Seriescough*) and the owner took very good care of them. But of course, if your mom insists on getting you a new car, don't fight it!
  • I heard the base has a nicer ride on the freeway. Is this true? Also, what's the big deal between the two if there really is no noticeable difference until what, 5600 rpm? I rarely rev that high and not sure I really want to unless I cant pass the sucker next to me. I go out of state every week driving 520miles and I really want something both sporty and with a decent ride. I found the 02 civic sedan has a better ride than the RSX or is it just me?
  • I actually had to drive home in a base, since the guy who issued inspection stickers had gone home for the day and my car was fresh off the truck (1 mile on the ODO!).

    While the base is a fine car, it's not nearly as responsive and rev-happy as the S. You'd be surprised how easy it is to rev the S past 5 and even 6 thou. By comparison, the base starts to grumble a little when you spin it up near redline.

    No knock on the base (or the SI, for that matter, which I think represents and awesome value and can look really good with the right wheels) but you do get substantial value for the extra $$ that you drop on an S. I suspect most Type S owners spool their engines up into the fun zone at least once a day, and it feels well worth it.

    I also found the six-speed in the S to be a bit more buttery and short than the base five speed. And while a stiffer demeanor may not be a plus to everyone, the S also feels more bolted down than the base.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    anyone had their RSX for a little while yet? my old 96 Integra GS-R, within a year, had some interior issues. The plastic piece (door panel) started to "bubble" and get kind of "loose" feeling when closing the doors. It started rattling and getting buzzy too. Nothing compared to the 5 speed that car had in it though....

    Does the new RSX feel more "substantial"? Does it feel like quality? Anyone beat theirs up and it can take it with no problems?

    Thanks. Also, does anyone know, the Integra had major insurance issues - everyone stole the wheels. Do the RSX's have the problem? I would guess that a base RSX feels more powerful than the old GS-R, right?
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    A base RSX might "feel" more powerful than your GS-R (due to the intake cam phasing), but it ain't.

    I found the RSX to have the same thin feeling as my GS-R, which is nice if you want to chase corners, but not so great for freeway cruising. The RSX is still pretty loud, with a nervous ride on rough pavement, and has an interior that shows some penny-pinching on the part of Acura. Remember, it's still an entry-level car with major portions of Civic DNA.

    You'll see higher-than-average insurance rates for the RSX (just like the GS-R) due to the simple fact that it's a speedy coupe. As for thieves, it won't be long before the K20 engine in the Type-S becomes the holy grail for guys looking to juice their new Civics on the sly.
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    That was a major problem with integras. That you could easily swap in an integra motor into a Civic chassy. I thought Honda changed that with the RSX where the engines are incompatible with the Civics without major modifications. At least that is what I thought I read in the L.A. times when they were reporting the theft rates of Integras.

    Agree with your analysis of the RSX, even though for the price, it is tough to beat the package of luxury and performance you get!
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    The RSX and civic engines turn in the opposite directions. You no longer can swap them.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    I misspoke: The RSX-S engine won't work in the current Civic sedan or coupe, but it will bolt directly into a Civic Si.

    Then again, Honda isn't selling too many of those, so there's little need for concern on that point.

    However, look for the next Civic to share the K-series motor with all the other models on the Global Small Car Platform.
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    rascallove, I have the 2002 Acura RSX Type-S. I've had it for over 5 months now and really love it. The Type-R spoiler I bought and installed gives it that extra sporty look. And the 200 HP is plenty sporty enough.

    preludexl, I think it's just you. If you think the Civic has a better ride than the RSX, then I think you might want to get a GM car, since its suspension is even softer. Nothing wrong w/ that, I guess. The RSX (either trim) is w/o a doubt a "sportier" (and hence stiffer) ride than any Civic.

    Also, since you (preludexl) don't like to rev the engine, you're better off w/ a 6-cyl engine. Again, I might recommend a Grand Am GT since that's the type of ride I think you'd like (very soft suspension and large engine).

    silverrsxs1, I agree about having a hard time to resist the temptation to wind up the engine to the 7,900 RPM red line. And w/ the Type-S, there's a noticeable boost one feels right around 6 krpm. :)
  • Was just reading thru all the posts ... saw this
    from Muffin_Man:

    If I were going to compare the Probe/MX-6 to any current car, it would have to be the

    The car wasn't mentioned ... I am assuming it was the RSX. I currently drive an MX-6 that I have enjoyed for the past 10 1/2 years. It is time for something new. Like what I have read about the RSX. Any comments???? any other suggestions?
  • Whats the best price for a base or type S RSX nowadays. Can you get one at invoice?
  • acbeacbe Posts: 16
    Hey, I couldn't have said it better myself. I love the stiffer suspension!! The Type S seems to "hug the road" MUCH better than the base RSX. I've had my Type S for exactly 7 months now and you're right, I do rev it up at least once a day...I just can't help it!! ;)
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    If you put your ear to the hood of your RSX, you can hear it calling very softly..."cold air intake...20 horsepower...I'm choking on all this hot me, beowulf..."

    If 200hp is plenty, 220 sounds good and plenty to me!
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    LOL. I'm tempted to get the CAI, but I want to stick to my budget that I allocated for mods. Unfortunately, CAI, cat-back exhaust/muffler, and header didn't make the list for this year. :(

    BTW, does the CAI really add 20 HP? I'm pretty sure others have said (especially on it only adds about 6, maybe 7 HP, according to various dynonometer tests.
  • rk922rk922 Posts: 22
    Just wondering whether the 'manual'-mode of the Sportshift can be used all the time, or would it be bad for the tranny?
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Depending on your driving habits, using the SportShift to engine brake all the time could potentially cause damaging heat build-up in the tranny.

    Besides, if you wanted to shift the auto transmission like a manual 24/7, a manual would have been the obvious choice from the get-go.
  • rk922rk922 Posts: 22
    Thanks, but I thought that the Sportshift is quite idiot-proof, and just wondering if it could be used day-in/day-out like a manual tranny. If engine braking is done properly, would it, in fact, damage the engine? If that's the case (will damage), what is the difference of engine braking in a manual tranny car?

    The RSX only comes with Sportshift tranny in Hong Kong.
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