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2003 Hyundai Tiburon ( GT V6 and Base Styles)



  • "Mr. BS Salesman yesterday told me that the insurance on the V6 was going to be very high because the GT was going to be classified as a "Type 1 sportscar." Know anything about that?"

    I don't think so. If anything, I would expect that the Tiburon would have insurance rates similar to that of a Cougar V6 (another V6 sport coupe)... I can't imagine the rates being that of a V8 car like a Camaro or Mustang.

    On another note, does anyone know what the freight/PDI is in Canada on this car?
  • ckiggins: had a little fun with a sales weasel @ the local dealer last evening. I had some time to kill before picking my wife up from her volunteer job @ Hospice thrift store and drove over to the Hyundai store. Most of the dealers close early on Sunday, about 5pm or so, and I expected them to be gone. New hours, open 'till midnight!! What does that tell you, eh. Anyway, I spotted a 2003 Tib GT, black & beautiful, 17" wheels and AT. I got ambushed before my feet hit the ground and could not escape the "land shark sales rep".

    He came off withe usual man, these are HOT and IF you want one you'd better jump on this one tonight because I don't know when we'll EVER get another one, blah,blah,blah ! Ok,Ok let's take it for a spin and while we are gone get your appraiser to see what my 2000 Sonoma is worth on trade. I had already noticed the MSRP on the TIB was packed to $4000 over by the way.

    I was impressed with the TIB and my better judgement was beginning to ebb (come on old boy get a grip here)so I said lets get something on paper. man,that sales rep almost began to slobber with anticipation LOL. Well, the sop trip to the "manager" was made and he came back with some figures on a slip of paper. They were offering just about "book trade" on the Sonoma in trade but did not budge on the bottomline Tib price. I shook my head and said "sorry you are $4000 too low on the trade". The guy looked shocked ! If you are adding $4000 ADP then so am I! He turned all red in the face and I guess he really didn't know what to say. The sales rep began to stutter as well. The manger just wheeled around, went back into his office and slammed the door LOL.

    I told the sales rep that was MY final offer, but if he REALLY wanted to sell me a car to think it over and give me a call in the morning (today) I checked my messages a little while ago but no word yet. The day is still young tho. A little taste of their own medicine did not go down well. LOL

    hudrahead :)
  • I'm sure you won't get a call can almost bet on that!
    The dealer I went to on Saturday (Mr. No 4-cylinder) had 18 '03 Tibs. He was swimming in them. Lots of people looking, but no one buying. I'd be curious to see what they're actually selling for and if people are paying the ADP. Edmunds has the TMV at below sticker, but I bet that it doesn't include actual transaction prices as of yet...
  • ckiggins: Well, the lower level sales weasel did not call me BUT his boss did. Actually I had a message on my pager but did not check it until about noon.

    This is too funny ! He said he'd "meet me half way" and only charge $2000 over MSRP but he also wanted me to come down $2000 on my price for the Sonoma LOL! So actually we were really still @ square one. They only have the one car in stock at the moment, and it's a no-no black (a black car in Florida, I don't think so)plus I noticed it has a dent in the rear bumper too.

    hudrahead :)
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I just saw a new tiburon racing around the track in the US grand-am series. Could it be that hyundai is looking to up its street cred with a bigger investment in the field of motorsports? I certainly think that it is a great idea and nothing but good could come from it.
  • What a guy...$2000 over MSRP. It's a wonder these guys can feed their families charging prices like that. How *do* they make any money? NOT.

    I guess I can sort of see it if it's teh only one on the lot...but the guy I went to this weekend had 18 of them.

    If you make them order one from the manufacturer, does ADM even become an option at that point? I mean, you can tell them you don't want scotch guard, paint protection, etc...most of the stuff they tack on as markups. Can you just deal off of MSRP sticker at that point?
  • ckiggins: According to the GM @ the Hyundai place there is no such thing as "ordering a car". They pretty much have to try to find something @ POE that fits what you want, but to order a specific car equipped JUST as you want it, color, package combo etc., unless it has been built thay way and is "in country" you are out of luck. They will search inventory and see if one is nearby that fits your requirements. Considering the few colors, packages etc the chances are pretty good they can probably find what you want from whatis available. Due to the realitive low number of cars available they really don't want to "mess around" with a order. Sell what you have is the order of the day with them.

    hudrahead :) :)
  • Well, basically the reason I ask is to try and get around the DIOs that they put on..crap like ScotchGuard, paint protection, etc. I figured if you ordered one, they wouldn't get a chance to put it on.

    I have a hard time paying for stuff I can't see, do *I* know that they sprayed ScotchGuard on the seats and some kind of paint sealer on the outside? I just have to take their word for it...and their word isn't much. Certainly not worth what they want for it.
  • ckiggins:My son was a service manager @ a local Buick dealer some years ago. He said their SOP was NOT to put the stuff on ( the wax, Scotch Guard etc) until it was a done deal as so many people balked at paying for the stuff that they'd wait 'till delivery to do it IF the poor sap buying the car was stupid enough to go for it. I guess they figured they could always add the DIO stuff after the fact. Be pretty hard to take it off once it was done. Makes you wonder how many times the poor suckers paid for the stuff and did not really get it. Naw, those fine upstanding car dealers would never do that would they ? LOL !

    hudrahead :) :)
  • The 2003 Tiburon looks sharp, but IMHO the interior is very bland looking, especially compared to the '01 version. More brushed aluminum would help I think. And I find the color selection to be boring; Mystic Teal is OK, but I loved the previous generations colors of Jazz Orange and Lithium Yellow...hopefully the '04 version will add some unique colors and dress up the interior a little bit -- then I may consider buying one.
  • In the world of car sales, the cheaper the manufacturer, the lower the salespeople's salaries/commissions. That's why a BMW salesperson will always be nicer to you than at Hyundai. My girlfriend, who was a job counselor, met a rookie saleswoman (off the job) here in NY and she told her they get $50 a sale to start, unless she sells the extras. That creates a lot of pressure. It explains why everyone I know has had a bad experience at Hyundai, including selling cars without the advertised equipment (although this was fixed after my friend realized what had happened). Although everyone I know that has bought a Hyundai has been happy with the cars and the price.

    I'm surprised to hear that the new Tiburons aren't selling better. It might be the only affordable sporty car, as not everyone can afford a Celica GT-S. Maybe it's the stigma attached to cheap car manufacturers. But the car looks nice and seems to have the specs it need to compete, unlike the old model.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    Are the new tibs in the dealers already?
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    This past Sat., I finally got the chance to test drive the 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT. I called the local dealership pretty much biweekly, and that morning, the sales manager said he had 2 GTs in the lot - of the 6 speed manual variety, *and* they both had "UltraSports Package 3". Anyway, I went in for a test drive. First of all, I have to state the obvious, it looks like a beauty from the outside. I then took it for a 6 mile drive w/ the saleswoman w/ me. (Incidentally, she said she doesn't know how to drive a stick, so I had to pull it out of the lot.)

    I pretty much got what I was expecting from the drive. The controls are pretty obvious. Acceleration was responsive, but it's no sports car. The car did feel a little heavy when compared to my 1999 Integra. The steering and suspension felt nice. It was the first time I ever drove a 6 speed manual, so I had a little hard time finding how to go in reverse (since the 6th gear is in the lower right), but then I saw the ring that's by the knob that allows you to go another notch to the right (and down) to go in reverse.

    The interior, as many of you stated, is disappointing. The aluminum highlights look nice; the gearbox reminded me of an Audi TT and the speedometer/odometer area looks nice. But it's the stereo and climate control console that upset me. For some reason, that part didn't receive the aluminum touches (but the 2001 Tiburon did, according to her!). I also noticed the cutouts in the console. The first (leftmost) controls the foglights, but the other 3 are ostensibly placed for show. That was poorly designed and implemented.

    Finally, the price. What is the markup, you ask? The car MSRPs for $19,997 before the destination cost. The dealership was asking for (after destination charge) $22,729 (and they claim these new Tiburons are flying off as soon as they receive them). That's a $2 - 2.5 k markup. Oh yeah, they do give you pinstriping and fabric protection for that trivial sum (sarcasm intended). The saleswoman was frank with me and said those cars won't be selling for MSRP or below until summer. I appreciated that honesty. Any other experiences?

    BTW, I previously asked on the RSX vs. Tiburon discussion board if the Tiburon GT comes with a CD changer. The short answer is "no". It only has a single in-dash CD and cassette player. The 8" Infinity subwoofer in the trunk is decent, but I could only hear it after I opened the trunk. In other words, the sound system didn't seem to be all that. :(
  • At $20k you can always put a bling-bling system in your car if you choose.

    I sat in the Tibby at the DC Car Show and I loved it. Yes it's "bland" but I hate aluminum-plastic crap ...
  • hudraheadhudrahead Posts: 169
    In the face of the new Nissan "Z" car basing @ about 27K I don't think Hyundai can expect to keep getting the dealer ADM price of 25K for a Tibby GT. Of course the Nissan folks will probably ask 30K for their sleds too. !!LOL !

    hud :) :)
  • acelinkacelink Posts: 106
    According to the article "Eight great rides" from April issue of Sport Compact Car, Tiburon got a pretty good review.

    Performance Acceleration
    0-30 mph: 2.9 sec.
    0-60 mph: 7.6 sec.
    30-50 mph: 2.8 sec.
    50-70 mph: 4.1 sec.
    Quarter Mile: 15.6 sec. @ 88.8 mph

    Slalom (700 ft): 68.2 mph
    Lateral grip (200ft skidpad): .84g

    60-0 stopping distance: 122 ft.

    It performed better than TOYOTA CELICA GT-S.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Yes, it said it beat the GTS. BUT, the GTS they had (for some reason) was having a shut-off problem at 7500 RPM's. So, they couldn't receive near max performance out of the car.
    The real shut-off isn't until 8300 RPM's, so there was a lot more to get our of that car!
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    The tib had 2 engines, one in front and one in back - read all about it.

  • valonvalon Posts: 22
    hi all, im new on this message bord but I had too write something for the new tib 2003.I was waiting too see the new tiburon with attention too buy one of them, yesterday I want too test drive and I was dissipointed a lot,reason is cause is very tide inside plus is very low consider that im only 5"9 my had was too high so even when I pushed the seat back still it was not room,I think that if Hyundai want too sell tib must do something about that maybe change seats something like mini has. would like too know what you people think about that cause for my self I think im gone go for rsx
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sounds like you may also have some interesting notes for our ongoing Mini Cooper vs. Hyundai Tiburon vs. Acura RSX discussion. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    From Edmunds' Daily Headlines section, here's an article that you may find interesting: Hyundai Revs Its Engines With A Sporty Tiburon. (This is not a permanent link.) Hope you enjoy.

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  • I bought one of the new 2003 Tib's (black)2 weeks ago-a GT V6, automatic (I am not inclined to shift-wven for a 6 speed). Sorry to hear that everyone is having such bad experiences with the Hyundai sales force and pricing. I work for the dealership that I bought mine for-and I bought it for $250 under dealer invoice. Mind you my dealership does not believe in that second sticker BS anyways. But, they gave me an awesome deal on the Tib...then the service manager had my windows tinted for free! I love driving it! Definitely a head turner. I will admit that it is a little bit of a rough ride in the back seat-but I don't sit back there anyways. Also, I would not recommend that anyone over 8 try to ride in the back-unless you are very short. While I am nothing of a stereo expert-I love the sound system! Even though I work for the dealership-I could not find one with a moonroof-so I will be adding a power aftermarket one and changing the wheels and tires-and a dash kit. Hyundai says that they left it bland figuring that this car would attract a younger market who would want to deck out the car anyways. I'm not young by any means-in my early 30's...and even I have been sucked up into the world of aftermarket-go figure! But it is such a good looking car-I can't resist. This is the first time in my life that I have actually bought "special" car wash soap, mitts and tire dressing. I have more pictures of this car than I have of my son. So I am a little obsessed. But, as an owner-I think this car is awesome! Neatest car I have ever purchased-remember I sell cars...I have also bought plenty. And, I also have to say that if you told me that I would ever own a Hyundai-I would tell you that you were nuts....but, who knew? This new generation of Hyundai really is a whole new breed of car...and quality.
  • I recently got a chance to drive a 6-speed 2003 Tiburon GT (with the UltraSports 3 package) back-to-back with an RSX Type-S and a WRX, in that order. Although I was generally impressed with the Tiburon, it was, IMHO, far down at the bottom of this bunch.

    The Tiburon does have a number of strong points, all of which make for good around-town transportation, but not necessarily a good sports car. The car is exceptionally quiet, especially when compared to the RSX. Although it never has a rush of power, the engine pulls strongly throughout the rev range, making it a more palatable choice for stop-and-go driving. The shifter is precise, with short throws that are not quite notchy but far from rubbery. And the clutch is also very smooth (unlike that of the RSX which, like most all Honda clutches these days, feels to me like I'm trying to balance on a ball bearing to keep things smooth as it catches). Braking on the Tiburon also felt strong, as the numbers posted by others seem to indicate. And most important, the price of the Tiburon is very appealing.

    On the downside, the car is very cramped inside--this is definitely a case of form over function, yet, to put it kindly, the interior nonetheless lacks that certain "Zen" of its Japanese competitors. And the engine's quietness, aside from lacking the purely psychological appeal of the RSX and WRX's heavenly turbine whines, made it almost too easy to bump up against the redline without realizing it. There also seems to be a problem with the Tiburon's center of gravity. The seats are plenty supportive and comfortable, but even minor cornering maneuvers will cause you to be tossed around from side-to-side. This car also just doesn't feel as fast as it should for the category of vehicles it's competing with. Capable, yes, but not fast.

    Lastly, there's the stereo. I notice that a lot of posts cite this as one of the best things about the car, and I just don't get it. I actually thought there was something wrong with the first stereo I listened to, so switched to another Tiburon to verify my concerns--but they both sounded the same. All I can say is that while Harman is certainly capable of making good speakers (witness the Lexus Mark Levinson systems), they didn't put them into the Tiburon. Part of my bias might be that I grew up listening to Magnepan speakers and Stax headphones, both of which favor the higher frequencies, but there simply was no high-end response on the Tiburon's Infinity system, and it had a distinct lack of clarity in the rest of the range. If it were me, the first thing I'd do with this car is switch out the OEM speakers with some Infinity Kappas. At a minimum, I'd replace the component tweeters.

    In the end, I walked away from the Tiburon thinking that Hyundai had done a fine job for the price. But I also walked away from the RSX--and especially the WRX--thinking that they were worth every penny extra. As much as the Tiburon was good, they were better. Only if I absolutely couldn't afford anything more would I actively choose this car over anything but a Celica. Combine that with horrible Hyundai dealership experiences at both ends of the country, and I feel even less inclined to make the Tiburon plunge.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your detailed notes. We look forward to hearing more.... Happy motoring!

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  • have a FOCUS ZX3 going tp trade it in.
    heres the finalists.
    3-MAZDA P5

    better bang for the money?
    lets dicuss it
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    First, tell us more about what you need from the car (i.e. cargo space, new/used, overall cost, fun-to-drive factor, gas mileage, etc.)
    I personally would check out the SVT, P5, and GT-S from what you have suggested simply because they are nimble, fun cars. Make sure once you have narrowed it down to what cars you like by appearance, features, and cost that you go out and test drive all of your remaining choices extensively. I would personally add to your list the WRX.
  • should i worry about the resale value of the tiburon?i love the tiburon looks .
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Don't worry about it unless you can't see yourself driving it 2 years down the road. If you keep it 4-5 years, the initial lower resale value of Hyundais would even out with everyone else. In my opinion, the P5 is all about looks (which are damn good, wagon body style and all) and versatility (though actual cargo space is low compared to other wagons). The other cars on your list are much more serious performance cars. If you want performance, then you better leave the slow P5 off your list. The Focus SVT is all about handling, so if thats what you like and you are happy getting the same exterior and interior design, there's your choice. The Celica GTS is a fast car if you like revving the hell out of it all the time. Otherwise, it's a gutless car with excellent handling. The Tiburon GT is a great GT type cruiser. It's fast without having to rev it and would be a much more calm civilized ride then the others. It's an all around competent car with great looks. So, if you just want a sporty looking ride with good performance that would be a good highway companion, take the Tiburon. That's my opinion anyway.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    Drive it before you discount it. If it's good enough for Roger Foo (, then it's good enough for me ;)
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