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LEMON 2500 HD duramax

2001 GMC 2500 HD Duramax Diesel 6.6 Allison Trans Purchased 1/24/01. On 3/26/01 @ 3667 miles went in shop w/ trans. problems. Trans. replaced 12 days in shop. 7/23/01 @ 10,457 miles Fuel problem 2 days in shop Not repaired. 8/6/01 @11036 miles back in shop for fuel problem. Replaced fuel injector pump 19 days in shop. Told national back-order on pumps. 11/26/01 @ 19,477 miles Oil consumpsion problem. Check in oil level light came on 3 qts low on oil less than 3,000 miles since oil change. Add 3 qts oil. Next day drove 180 miles 2 qts low on oil. Dealer unable to find problem. did not use any oil over the next 2.5 weeks. Checked oil daily. Drove 180 miles 2qts low. Back in shop 12/18/01 @ 20,770 miles. Dealer unable to find cause ran ever test GM tech could come with. GM agrees to buy back or replace vehicle. they offered $28,116.29 for my truck not even 11 months old or I could get another truck for $7427.75. I guess they know what thier JUNK is worth. THANK YOU BUT NO DEAL. My lawyer is working on it now but I know I'll loose $$$$$$$ on this LEMON. GM could care less even though I've purchased over 20 new GM vehicles
Everyone needs to check Their lemon laws as some over very little protection , Alabama being one. Fla, Mich, and DC seem have better laws. I'm working w/ my state Reps to get our laws changed.


  • I am from Pennsylvania. I also had a 2500 HD lemon Gm offered me bogus deals it took quite a while but I made out in the end. Got full price back plus all my payments. I guess I still lost out on time and money lost by not being able to haul with it. Dont bother with the bbb because you will have to get an attorney in the end anyway GGOD LUCK !!!!
  • I am seriously considering buying a loaded 2500 hd C/C D/A combo,Did you break in the engine properly?,did you consider waiting a year for the 2002 model,I'm not being sarcastic i'm just curious cause this is the first complaint i've come across.
  • cain4cain4 Posts: 6
    I went through all the break-in and serviced the engine as called for. All service was performed at GMC dealer. I had problems with a 98 GMC van and the extended warranty co. cancelled the policy because the dealer failed to put the DBA on the policy even though it was on all other papers. So they called it a commercial vehicle The dealer convinced me to trade so I could get warranty coverage so I won't get stuck with the next repair bill. I know of several other people that have had problems with this duramax/allison set up
    I guess they didn't mine getting burned by GM or didn't know there was other recourse.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Another one bites the dust.. I would do my research before I bought another new truck. And no, it would not be another Chevy. I am thinking 2003 Ram 3500 Cummins Dually SLT... But then again I'll keep my 01 1500 that has had no problems...
  • If they are like my new 02 Ram 1500 you will make the best truck purchase ever. I was a die hard GMer until the oo Silverado I bought sent me looking for others. GM has some serious problems. Daimler has had a very positive impact on Dodge. This new Ram of mine is awesome!! No quality issues at all.
  • ak4x4ak4x4 Posts: 126
    Just a bit cautious about buying a diesel because of the new sulfer restrictions that are going to be in place by '05. I don't want to get stuck paying 2.25 a gallon. But yes that should make one nice truck! I've heard 325 HP with over 600 ft lbs of tourque!!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    seen a 2500 ram at the chicago autoshow that had a 4 wheeler in the back. Truck sagged pretty good. Sure looked like a light duty truck from the way it was sagging
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    Now a 4wheeler is going to sag a 3/4 ton. I'm sure they scrambled to get the truck to the show or something. To think anyone would release a truck with one leaf spring is absurd. Desperate, desperate, desperate. I can drop a 12,000# gooseneck on mine and squat about 2".

    I thought I read that the new cummins was going to exceed any clean-air requirements through '05. And the HO engine is 305hp, not 325 but this max hp/torque comes on at lower rpms than the others.

    Just wanted to chime in, a business associate had his '02 bought back after 9 weeks of vibration problems they couldn't cure. They treated him very well and basically just gave him a new truck. Not sure if GM or the dealer was the key component, but he was fairly pleased. The new one is fine.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    but how much of that 12,000# is actually on the gooseneck? It's heavy yes, but let's be realistic.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    More than a 4wheeler weighs I can assure you:) I had a Tacoma that didn't squat with a Honda 350 4X4 in the back and it was one of the old Tacomas with the 3 leaf set-up. I've had 2 ton of gravel in the back and it doesn't hit the bump stops unless you hit a bump too hard. Maybe it was 4X4 truck instead of 4wheeler.
  • We are replacing our '00 2500 CC 454 with a '02 Duramax CC. Has anyone had problems with these? What is fuel mileage running? - about 20?

    For those fighting with Chevy, we are getting our '00 bought back - it actually seems like Chevy might be learning, or maybe they are getting burned and having to take other's back through the Court system? Their legal dept. has been pretty reasonable, to this point. We're hoping to get the replacement this week - our '00 will be 2 years old in April, and we've fought with Chevy since day one - once we filed with BBB, it took 2 days for Chevy to get a little more reasonable. lol.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    Danger! Danger!, Will Robinson. -- Robby the robot, Lost in Space

    Why when you have gone down the GM road one time and been burned would you go back? Are you a glutton for punishment? Take the money and run, do not walk, to the nearest Ford or Dodge dealer.

    Why would you want to be a guinea pig for GM again? Learn a lesson from your first lemon. Buy a truck that has been out a few years and has a proven track record. Get a powerstroke or a cummins. You won't regret it.
  • Chevy is "giving" us a new truck...we'll give them a second chance. I just saw the postings here were for '01, and I haven't been looking/comparing '01 and '02's to see if there have been changes in the drivetrain, or if people are having problems with the '02s.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Duramax has been used trouble free in Isuzu for years.The '01 GM Duramax had problems steming from converting the fuel system from 24v to 12v.I've been told this problem was corrected last summer.I've had LOTS of problems with Allison but again mine was one of the first ones sold and they seem to have that under control.I havn't heard of anyone having nearly as much trouble as me ,and no '02s yet.My 8.1 has the infamous engine knock and I have an appointment this tues for a GM engineer to listen to it.If they offer me an '02 I'll take it.If they offer me a new engine I'll take it.If they offer me an extended warranty I'll take them to court.
  • Thanks for the info. Hang in there with your 8.1 - We had a knocking engine in our '00 7.4, and went back and forth with Chevy for 2 years on it (there's an archieved discussion about it - 2000 C/k 2500 crew cab- or something like that).

    But to summarize - the dealer we bought from said "there's something wrong with the motor (at 5000 miles), but we can't take it apart unless you pay us $2,000.00 to do it"; then the zone manager told me (because I'm a woman, probably) "you have a beautiful truck, I don't see what your problem is" and "you make too many right hand turns". Chevy seems to be getting better, because their legal department finally took care of it in under a month's time (hopefully) - we should be finished by next week. Besides the engine knock, we had a problem with the rear axel, braking system, 4wd, interior falling apart, box on crooked when we picked it up,... Best of luck with yours...bbb did seem to get the ball rolling; hiring an attorney is expensive (I work for one); and, like I said, maybe Chevy's realizing they better take care of the problems. - Hopefully! - lol.
  • Zero problems with my Duramax 2500HD. Love the truck, best ever!
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    I would take what Quad says with a grain of salt. It turns out that his "perfect" 1500 had two intermediate steering shafts, leaking differential, leaky rear slider, knocking engine etc.

    Beware - he has a much different definition of "perfect". If his engine didn't fall out on the road that day - it's "perfect" LMAO!

    I had a Lemon Ford Taurus SHO. When I settled, I had a choice of my money back, or a replacement vehicle. Ford talked me into the replacement vehicle. It was an even bigger POS than the one I took back on the lemon law. The only saving grace was that I talked them into a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty on the replacement vehicle. When I had 4 yrs. 11 months on the replacement vehicle, I traded that dog in. Biggest vehicle buying mistake I have ever made.

    I don't know the details of your buyback, but I would push very hard for cash back and go with a different brand. You won't regret it.
  • jaijayjaijay Posts: 162
    Zero problems with my D/A. My truck is used to for towing a large 5th wheel.
  • Thanks for the advice, we've never done buyback, never owned a car, and want another 'big truck'. We know a great mechanic (who works for Ford) - wouldn't take a gas Ford, tested their deisels in '00 and they road like @($! and were loud as heck. Dodge doesn't make a true 4 Door - their 4 doors are basically an extended cab w/ 4 drs. That leaves Chevy -- We believe any company can have lemons, and deserves a second chance. We've owned Chevy trucks all our lives, both my husband and mine, and this is the first bad one we've had. Guess we're going with the 2500 HD cc Duramax/Allison combo, but were wondering what other owners thought.

    Thanks for all the help jaijay and quadrunner500.

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,241
    You may want to drive the Fords again, I think they might have changed the suspension a bit. I know Dodge updated the suspension in theirs mid-way through the '01 year and they felt more secure and rode better compared to the Fords. But then I thought Ford revised their suspension as well for '02. You might also try different combos of suspensions, dodge has a Camper package that improved things IMHO. Doubt you'll get either to ride as smooth as the Chevy as it's pretty soft. Of course it all comes down to personal preference as to what constitutes a good ride. I like control over bumps and little body motion, compared to floaty/bouncy feeling.
  • I have a new 3500 Duramax/Allison one ton service body truck that I am using for work and tow with it regularly. Truck is awesome in its power and pulling ability, and the Allison tranny is great. Only problem is keeping the sucker under 90 MPH on the interstates--this baby wants to run! Good luck with your new truck, and do yourself a favor by checking out the Duramax Diesel Forum at
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    Well we're not getting the Duramax - and I doubt another Chevy for a long, long time. So Ford and/or Dodge you've got a new customer - as soon as our lawsuit is done and we have the cash instead of our piece of (#*) Chevy.
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    Or is that ALL Y'All. From your posts it sounded as though progress was being made. Must have hit that stone wall, GM. Really too bad. Seems like either the dealships or manufactures just don't understand, or care. D'max and Cummins get better mileage than PSD. The ride in either is also a bit more cushy, some say ladylike.

    Mine is the short box F-250 4X4 Supercab, PSD. In my mind, the ride is great, PSD also performs just fine bone stock. Buying experience was incredible, the worst I've ever seen. Wasn't a rig on the dealers lot and none seemed interested finding one or working a deal. Was within two days of buying Dodge, D'Max wasn't yet available.

    Whatever you do, the best of luck, you'll need it.
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    yeah, that stone wall, was a difference between talking about $2000 w/ GM and GM deciding that they wanted $12,000, basically trading our truck in, instead of Lemon Law, not going to happen with all the headaches we've had. Chevy obviously doesn't care at all about customers and warranties anymore. Thanks for the help, looks like probably 5 or 6 months before resolution, unless they become real reasonable after papers are served, but I doubt it.
  • jcave1jcave1 Posts: 137
    My apology, hadn't seen your notes on the other thread. Buying anything GM would be a difficult choice for me. Remember all to well those diesel engine problems they stuck folks with in the late '70s. Not bad mouthing them,necessarily, bad memories are tough to ignore.

    Possibly GM has improved their direction, integrating IZUZU power, and Allison tranny. This combination could be the best any of them. Could also be very problematic come service time, finding a trained tech. Another soap box topic and a problem they all share.

    Roll the dice and take our chances. Shouldn't have to come to a crap shoot.
  • cspauldingcspaulding Posts: 159
    We'd always had luck before, guess it's our turn for the crap. Thanks.
  • cain4cain4 Posts: 6
    Thought we had a deal, put then they changed the way they won't to figure the $$$$. They said we would have papers last fri. and a check by tomorrow, have not received papers yet. I had to make two more payments and ext. warranty notes since they figured my refund amount. My lawyer has gone from $1200.00. then to $2200.00 now and were not through yet. No GM vehicles in my future.
  • kinkeheekinkehee Posts: 1
    I have had my truck in the shop for a total of 50 days in the last year. I contacted chevrolet about buying it back and they told me that there was no chance of this happening. Do they have a policy of turning you down the first time no matter what? Always had ford diesels up to now. Should have stayed that way. Any help would be appreciated.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    Yes,they do turn you down automatically.They won;t buy it back untill you file a claim at BBB .The BBB number is in the back of your owner's manual.
  • cain4cain4 Posts: 6
    Its best to follow the process in the owners manual. They like to turn you down and drag it out hoping you will just give up. From past letters the BBB autoline works and its free. When they do offer to buy it back they will offer you next to nothing. Don't let them push you around, It might take time but you will be driving the truck for free, Other than fuel. Check to see what your state's LEMON law states. Just search LEMON LAW and it will list all states and give you info for your state. I signed papers yesterday with a buy back figure of $37,228.03 plus $600.00 for my attorney.
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