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Mercedes A-Class

nwngnwng Posts: 664
edited March 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Anyone here thinks the MB A-class should cross the pond? Should MB try to expand its offerings in the world's largest auto market? Will it hurt or enchance its image since they are trying to grab the youth market by offering the C230? And if they do, what kind of pricing and model grade should be offered?


  • riopelleriopelle Posts: 132
    here in Boston, with diplomatic plates. Weird.

    I don't think Daimler-Crysler should bother, it's much too awkward looking for US tastes. Who would buy it over a MINI, or PT Cruiser, or an Altima?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    about the Mercedes A Class. Here's some information from Mercedes-Benz. Kinda interesting, imo. ;-)

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  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    I live in the hub too, but I've never seen one. I guess it all depends on pricing and how it actually drives. Interior room should not be a problem. I 've read somewhere d/c will be bringing the smart over, let's see how it will do. I thought all auto manufacturers have to achieved a minimum average CAFE # for their fleet. I always wonder how MB does it, or it is the whole D/C now?
  • bkswardbksward Posts: 93
    There's one that comes to a gym in the same complex that I work in here in San Diego. It has Baja California (Mexican) plates on it.

    I don't know if it works with Mercedes image here in the states. I could see DC selling it through one of their other divisions though. Its kind of a minivan shape but the size of a Golf. Fairly practical design as a main around-town vehicle. Don't think they'll bring it here though.

    Its occasionally interesting to see some of the cars that come up from Mexico. About once a month I see a VW that looks like a 7/8 scale Golf and once a similar small Jetta... Then there is the GM hatchback that looks like a previous generation Metro and just says "Chevy" on the back.
  • clovismoclovismo Posts: 1
    They are made in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where they cost between US$12-18K which put them in a completely different class form other MB. They were not designed with US market in mind and it would be a surprise if would have any appeal to the American taste. In Brazil this model faces fierce competition and sales have been around 50% of the forecasted.
    I wonder at what price it could be sold in US.
  • As much as I love the A-class, I don't know if it would make it here. It's definitely a weird looking creature, but perhaps it would catch on.

    They now have an A210 model that's pretty fast and enginewise would be suited to the US market.

    Amazing amount of rear interior space, if you ask me.

    In regards to who asked about the car smaller than a Golf, it's a VW Pointer (or it's known as such in Mexico.) It's not sold in Germany or the UK as far as I know.

    Last week was "holy week" in Mexico so many Mexicans made trips to Texas to visit relatives. I have never seen so many Mexican-plated cars in my life! It seems that for the middle and upper middle class in Mexico, a VW is the way to go. I saw several Jettas and two Passats. One of the Passats had wheel covers and a more spartan interior than I was used to... I wonder if it has a smaller engine than the 1.8 T?

    But the most exciting thing was seeing a Seat Ibiza. They started to sell SEATS recently in Mexico and they've taken off and are really popular. I was just surprised to see one outside of Spain! Took me off guard.

  • bkswardbksward Posts: 93
    Nope, looks like the Mexican Passats are 1.8T, V6 and V6 4-motion...

    (easy to find by following the links even if you don't read Spanish, Edmunds won't let me post the full link, it says a word can't be more than 115 characters...)

    I looked and the Small Jetta is the Derby, which comes with a 1.8l 86 HP engine.

    I'd guess that on a weekend 1 in 20 or 25 cars on the interstate in the northern part of San Diego have Mexican plates. More as you go south. I live about 35 miles from the border...

  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    how come no vw sharan in the us? I believe it is sold in the rest of the world.
  • fowvayfowvay Posts: 29
    I have rented the MB A-class in Germany on two occasions and to be quite honest the vehicle is no prize to drive. Both the diesel and the gasoline engines ran nicely but the vehicle wanders horribly on the roadways and feels very unstable during braking. I was not impressed at all with this vehicle. I did love the diesel engine though. I truly wish that more diesel automobiles were offered in the United States.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    From Edmunds' Headlines section, here's a little news about the Mercedes A-Class: Benz Readying A-Class for U.S.? What do you think? ;-)

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  • pluckonpluckon Posts: 12
    I'd like an A-class or Smart (is there a difference?) for very short trips, i.e., from my house to the grocery store. They'd have to price it below $10,000. Anything above that and I'd get a Beetle instead.
  • that car is a discrace to the MB brand IMO because it's sooo ugly and soo overpriced that i dont see how anyone in the US will buy it.

    oh and btw ... this is the car that rolled over in the tests (in '96 i think it was) :-)
  • yes there is a difference ... the Smart is a different car(made by MB and Swatch), a lot smaller than anything you've ever seen and a lot smaller than the A Class MB.

    the A is a different car with a complete different look.

    check this out


  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...will get a version of the NEXT generation A-Class, and before the arm-waving starts, I'd suggest you actually wait and see how the car is equipped and priced before forming an opinion.

    It should be here sometime in '05, after the new car hits the streets in EU in '04. We will no doubt get only the biggest engine, though longer term plans call for this platform to be the first with a hybrid [and later fuel cell] drivetrain in a US Mercedes.

    I've driven the current car, and aside from the rocky ride that was dictated by the last-minute suspension changes [the infamous Moose test and all of the attendant fallout], I think it is a worthy car and just as capable of wearing the star as the rest of the lineup. Presuming that they will take a fresh start with the new car, and fix the ride problems, I'd be a potential customer when the time comes.

    I've owned 14 MBs since '68; latest is an '02 C240 sedan.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    Hello out there- Anyone know of any company that sells aftermarket parts for MBenz? Looking for grille for my E class. Thank you-
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    You should try asking your question in our Mercedes-Benz E-Class Owners Accessories & Modifications discussion. Good luck.

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