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Toyota Camry Rattles



  • jtbruinjtbruin Posts: 40
    thanks for the info aboutr the sunglasses, i keep that in mind, but i don't put anything in there, so it can't be that. mine sound like light popping and is intermittent( streerts in my area are usually paved very well), so it is hard to ID.

    can anyone answer my question about the warranty/rattle? thanks.
  • 98yoda98yoda Posts: 10
    I think I can fix your rattles.
    Put your window down with your left hand, place your sunglasses in your right hand, throw your sunglasses out the window and, no more rattles forever.
    I think you can plainly see that you are a lucky one, you have no real rattles, or squeaks. Others, myself included, have rattles in the dash, doors, pillars, and rear windows. Just not a sunglass problem.
    Next Thursday I get to see the area Toyota Rep. again for the third time in a year to try to fix the noise in pillar or door or both. I believe my recent noise is coming from my window rattling in the frame of the upper door. I will write next week if I have any luck.

    There rev4, there is your response, and if You look back in past postings, I reported the sunglasses issue a long time ago.
  • dieselbreathdieselbreath Posts: 243
    My brother-in-law fixed his Camry problems. He's driving a Jetta now. I can't believe he switched! And now he's talking about replacing his 2nd car with a Jetta wagon. Both TDI models (>50 MPG).
    My father-in-law has a '92 Camry with 260,000 kms on it ... and no rattles to speak of. He's talking about an Altima for his next car. He's driven Toyotas for almost 30 years!
    Toyota has almost US$30 BILLION in the bank. Could there be a correlation between their record high profits and signs of quality issues?
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Initially I read Toyota was #1 in overall quality recently. I could not believe this! Upon further investigation Toyota Corp was #1 due to the Lexus brand. The Toyota brand had slipped to number 10 I think....what a surprise!
  • n4tyn4ty Posts: 5
    I posted back in #84 about my 02 LE (aka The Rattler).
    The passenger door buzz has disappeared. I'll take it.
    However, the dash buzz has really got to go.
    You can hear it over the radio and it's driving us nuts.
    Even worse, it's intermittent, and seems to operate in a certain temperature band, not too cold, not too hot, just right (which means most of our driving time). And it never fails for the dealer (consistent NTF's).
    It sounds like metal-on-metal contact, and here is the wierd part: I can stop it at will by laying my hand on the dash between the right center air vent and the radio stack.
    Even better, I can just lightly touch my fingers to the dash material above the upper-left of the radio stack.
    It almost seems as if there is metal underneath the dash material, and it is vibrating against some metal on the radio stack, and just light hand/finger pressure will dampen it.
    Does anyone know how this area is put together?
    The dealer hasn't been able to fix it, although he did the TSB on the heat-shield. He claims the other TSBs are for the sunroof (not in my case) and removing pins around the windshield area on Japanese-built models.
    Any ideas?
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    i have the 03 camry with about 700 miles on it, i've noticed pretty much from day one, when the turning signal is on, left or right, and you make a turn there is a click/squeak coming from the steering wheel, if you don't use the signal, it's fine
    anyone ever experienced this?
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    Dealer lubricated the door seals on my passenger door and it greatly quited a bunch creaks and rattles. I did the other doors myself. There is still an issue in the door pillars though and it seams these door seals will need to be lubed every few weeks. Obviously a defect with Toyota will no doubtably ignore yet likely change the seal composition on future Camry's...if they have not done so already. The intermittant dash rattle (described a few posts above) still comes and goes. It is annoying as all's a good thing I don't have a sledge in the car or I beat the hell out of the dash to try and shut the thing up...what really birns me up is Toyota denial of all these issues...perhaps that is why suddenly the supposed #1 selling car needs a rebate as an incentive to sell...when the car came out new they did not offer one!
  • n4tyn4ty Posts: 5
    I posted recently in #213 about my dash rattle, and gave the dealer another shot at it.
    As usual, it did not fail on the way over, but I insisted on showing the service writer and mechanic how to squelch the rattle by applying finger pressure on the dash in certain areas.
    The mechanic decided to let the car sit in the sun for awhile to warm up the dash, and it FAILED for him right off.
    He pulled the radio stack, and insulated where the radio stack and the top of the dash contacted the HVAC ductwork.
    Fixed! andrelaplume and camrytime2, hope your rattles get fixed too :--)
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    I too have one that emanates from behind the radio stack. But it usually has to be under 55 to 60'temps. When warmer,its quiet. The first fix was the cat heat shield. Seemed okay for awhile, but its not that. I had not noticed being able to press anywhere on dash to quiet it, but I will try it next time and print your fix,n4ty, for later investigation. By the way, I am moving to Arizona next week from the mid west, so maybe I won't hear the dash rattle any more anyway with the warmer temps. Ha!
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    The noise emits from B pillar every time braking, turning, pulling out.
    Any quick fix ? Thanks
  • mcpdjohnmcpdjohn Posts: 44
    I bought a used '97 Camry about 4 weeks ago. I was very happy with the car until I became aware of all the rattles. When I bought the car it only had 25 psi in the tires, so the rattles were diminished. I have spent the last 2 weeks taking off door and dash panels in an effort to identify the cause of these rattles, without success. Then yesterday I found this forum and learned that I am not alone. I read through all of the posts, and my rattles are very similar to some of them. Here is a list of what I have:
    1. Loud (intermittent) viration at left side of dash, possibly back by the windshield.
    2. Radio rattle
    3. Passenger seat belt (retractor guide?) rattle
    4. Headliner rattle
    5. Drivers side door rattle

    I might be able to live with 2 thru 5, but number one is killing me, whether I have the radio on or not.

    After reading all your posts, I tried to contact my local Toyota dealer last night to see if they could help me. As soon as they found out what I was calling about, they put me on hold, permanently. I gave up after 10 minutes. I don't think they want to deal with me.

    I think this is a crying shame. On the surface, the car looks, runs, and handles great. Passed the smog test with flying colors and gets excellent gas mileage. Other than the rattles its amazingly quiet. You can barely hear the engine running. But all of that potential enjoyment is robbed by the orchestra of rattles.

    If any of you have a '97 Camry, and have actually solved any/all of my rattles, could you please post your solutions for me? Also, I'm not up on the lingo (e.g. cowling, pillar, etc). So try to explain it to a non mechanic.

    Thank you
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    In last post I thought the rattles came from B Pillar passenger side on 2003 Camry.
    After removed B pillar completely, removed seat belt retractor,insulated all the wires but the cracking noise was still there. It appeared under B pillar. I sprayed silicon lubricant to all drill holes under B pillar and that worked!!
    Now the car is so quiet
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    There is a tapping 'metallic' sound coming back from the rear, passanger side, it happened one day, the next day it was gone.
     A week later it's back, it used to happen when you're coming to a stop, redlight, stop sign etc.
    I had my oil changed by a toyota dealer and now it's there constantly.
    I'm not going to be taking anything apart since I have no idea how, maybe put a piece of paper under the glass that kind of thing, a simple fix before I go to the dealer
    Both times the tapping started, my radio was turned up, could that have caused it? (the bass thumping)
    I have less than 1500 miles on it, camry 03
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Try to put pieces of paper along plastic panel side of the car
  • dork4638dork4638 Posts: 7
    I just bought my Camry a week ago, I have about 450 miles on it. There's an incessant rattling noise coming primarily from the rear of the car, it's annoying the hell out of me. Initially I thought it was the seats, then maybe something in the trunk, I'm thinking it might be those two rods running underneath the speakers not connecting properly now. This noise mostly occurs over bumpy roads, even very slight bumps. Took it to the dealer and they told me it was the license plate holder, what a bunch of idiots. I removed the frame and guess what? the rattling was still there. Need to leave the car at the dealer sometime next week I suppose. That's what I get for buying an American made Camry. My dad's 97 Japanese-made Camry has no such rattles and it's got over 100,000 miles...

    Have any of you suffered from this problem? Reading the posts it appears most of you guys are getting a dash rattle. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
  • dork4638dork4638 Posts: 7
    Took the car to the dealership a second time. The mechanic didn't even bother checking it out after I told him specificially it was coming from the rear speaker area. The guy basically told me since I didn't buy the car from them they weren't going to waste their time opening it up and figuring out the problem. Great service huh? Hopefully at the dealership I purchased it from they will at least make an effort. I know rattles probably don't qualify under the "lemon" law thing. But it's annoying as hell and I'd have no problem selling this damn car (since I bought it for $3,000 below invoice) and buying another one...
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    If I was you I would try to fold down the back seats, have someone on back seat to listen where the noise comes from. Try to fix by your self first instead of wasting time at the dealer.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    You definitely need to call your Toyota regional consumer affairs to make some noise. Or try to contact the service manager first. Although the dealers are independent own, they can't treat you like dirt because the service is nationwide. What happen if you move out of state? They are making a big mistake.

    Anyway, did you look at the truck area? I am not sure about this. But you may take a look to see if there is any lose object in the trunk. It could be a lose screw/nut for the space tire, tire jack and tools.
  • dork4638dork4638 Posts: 7
    canoe2: I actually had my dad sit in the back with the seat folded down. He came to the conclusion it's coming from the rear speaker shelf area. He tried to figure out where it was and whatever it is, it's not something that's exposed so I'll need to take it apart. I thought about fixing it myself, I was just figuring since the car's so new I might as well have the dealer do it. Who knew they'd be so non-receptive...

    lok888: I've exhausted myself searching the trunk. I actually removed the tools and the cover of the spare. I even pushed the car up and down seeing what rattles it makes. There are a couple of rattles, but nothing that a driver should be able to hear while in a moving vehicle (at least I'm assuming so).

    As far as "making noise". I'm giving Toyota one last chance. I made an appt at the dealership where I purchased it from. If I come of out this as bitter as I do entering, "noise" will definitely be heard. I realize it's no big deal, but rattles are annoying as hell (and I only have 550 miles!) and their refusal to help (although they were quite polite in doing so...) is galling.

    thanks guys, I really appreciate the suggestions!

    If anyone here knows how to take apart that speaker shelf are, please let me know. I'm not the handiest guy in the world but I'm not too bad either. Thanks !
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am glad that you did try my theory. For the rear speakers, I think you have to remove the screws underneath the speaker shelf. I looked once to see if they are JBL speakers.
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    trunk rattles

    have someone ride in the trunk

    also wet the underside areas to see if its a weld joint
  • dork4638dork4638 Posts: 7
    thanks for the tip lok888, I'll try messing with it this weekend.

    wain, have someone ride in the trunk? LOL
    or were you being serious ? =)
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Let's us know the outcome. Ride in the trunk? Not too worry. There is an internal trunk release handle inside the trunk of 02-03 Camry. It is illuminated too. Fold down the rear seat if you are not confidence.
  • dork4638dork4638 Posts: 7
    Here's the update on the rattling from the rear of my car. Had a self-professed car-nut buddy ride in the car with me. He guessed (correctly) that it was the rear strut mount being loose. Took it to Toyota today and had it checked out. I told the service manager it was coming primarily from the passenger side but also from the driver's side too. So I get the car back this afternoon and it turns out they only fixed the passenger side and not the driver's side. Smart guys huh? The service manager was extremely polite and apologized profusely for the mistake and I should have the car tomorrow. I'm not sure if the driver's side rattle is still a loose strut mount or the mechanics simply did a poor job putting everything back together. Regardless, the new rattle is even more noticeable than before so the mechanics should have no problem fixing it (they must not have taken it for a test drive after fixing it). Hopefully tomorrow will be my last visit to the dealer for a long time...
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Posts: 934
    As posted this spring my dealer lubricated all door seals with a silicon spray. To my amazement many of the creaks and rattles went away. Of course the weather was warming so I'll be a true believer this winter. I was at the dealer to make arrangements to have my radio stack better insulated and thus knock another rattle off the list (see posts above). The tech who lubed my door seals last time said not to use the silicon leaves a sticky residue which will cause a variety of noises to eventually return. The dealership is getting some sort of new lube in and requested to re-do my door seals at that time. I am very hopefull that all I will soon be left with only that door pillar noise that I believe is coming from the seat belt adjustors.
  • dork4638dork4638 Posts: 7
    so the dealer fixed the left rear strut mount. now it's rattle-free. They had to put some form of insulation on it. Turns out some other Toyota has the exact same problem (I'm assuming the Highlander). Hopefully I'll get no more rattles..
  • This forum must not die! I am not sure why the original became a 'read only' forum...especially when Edmunds lets anything become a topic instead of forcing folks to post where appropriate.

    I know I am still not satisfied with my '02 rattle trap and I bet there are others out there who STILL feel the same. If so start posting again!!!!

    Well the magic spray that they sprayed on my door jams did quiet a great many of my door rattles. (My guess is the warm summer weather quieted a few as well) Unfortunately the magic potion wears of in about 6 weeks. I am going to try to determine what the 'spray' is and pick up a can myself. I could be a pri#k and go back every 6 weeks but this is a hassle for me and in all fairness it is not the dealers fault that Toyota decided to implement a crappy design. Note: This is not a silicon spray...I was warned that this (over-time) actually makes matters worse.

    I have also decided to let them pull out my radio and attempt to insulate the surrounding areas---I hope they do not make it worse.

    I only hope Conumer Reports continues to knock Toyota in these areas...its a shame what they did to an otherwise impressive automobile.

    Anyone else find any solutions to the myriad of rattles the Camry contains....or do we need a few more weeks until it gets cold and they become more pronounced again.

    I can't wait to hear about the 2004s....
  • Yes, this forum should be kept going. I have an 03 SE, built 5/03 in Japan and it also has plenty of squeeks and rattles. Its more like the rattle du jour. None are all that serious but they are annoying. Most are intermittent so taking the car to the dealer is a big waste of time.

    One, the squeeky sunroof shade, they fixed based on a TSB issued in 02. So Toyota is shipping 03s with the problem and waiting for custormers to get them fixed in the fiels instead of changing it on the assembly line. Here's my rattle list thus far.

    1. sunroof shade squeeked and rattled when open
    2. squeek from dash right around radio. If I hold the dash here it stops.
    3. clunk/rattle just inside of roof liner around sunglass holder. Need to hit a hard bump to hear this one.
    4. Squeek from left air vent, intermittent
    5. Rattle from somewhere on right side of car, sounds like it is coming from B pillar.

    Toyota's response to my complaint was, 'did you give the dealer a chance to fix these', like somehow they think it is ok to run your car back to the dealer all they time to let them say, 'unable to duplicate'. Maybe others have had good luck with their new Camry's, but mine rattles!!!!
  • Sounds like the same old story.....let us know what happens!
  • totally agree, it should go on!
    My car only got 200 miles when rattle and sqeak or annoying noise began to alert me. Noise came from left side of window, right side of b-pillar and dashboard. So what's going on? Toyota reliable, durable? I don't think so. What can I do with those noises, take to the dealer=wasting my time!
  • I had the pleasure of driving my brother's 2003 Camry LE from Rochester, NY to San Jose, CA. The car had 3800 miles when I departed. Over the course of six days, I did not hear one squeak or rattle during the entire trip. I guess they have corrected the rattle problems in the 2003 Camry edition.
  • junepugjunepug Posts: 161
    We have put 12,000 plus miles on our V6 rattle free auto.
  • corrected on 2003 Camry? not on mine. I just bought one at the end of August.
  • Voice to dissapointment vehemently to Toyota first---the dealer are really stuck in the middle. Let them know you will also be notifying Consumer Reports/JD Power etc etc. If you do subscribe to CR be sure to indicate you displeasure on the annual survey!!!!
  • akasrpakasrp Posts: 170
    My 97 V6 Camry LE (Marysville) has had a glove box rattle since day one - 3 attempts by Toyota Service to fix it have all failed.
    Other little squeaks and creaks in door and dash as well.
    Wrote (an ignored) letter to the local service place about my displeasure over my '$22K rattle trap'. Guess they figure they have buyers by the tail. Or maybe they know there is no fix for this sort of thing so they just shine it.
    Anyway, just rented an 03 Highlander for a week (test drive) and the glovebox had the same [email protected] rattle.

    Gives one serious pause when considering spending ~$30K on a new vehicle...

    turn up the radio! ;-)

  • junepugjunepug Posts: 161
    I can honestly say that both our 2002 Camry LE V6 and our 2003 Highlander NL V6 have not developed any rattles since we owned them. BTW, the Camry was built in Kentucky. My sister-in-law and her husband have a 2001 Avalon and it has not developed any rattles either. Sounds like the Highlander you drove needed some R&R.
  • was suppose to go in this week to have a myriad of rattles addressed but had to cancel....looks like next week....will post!
  • My car goes in this week - I Hope - to get my door jams sprayed with some magic spary that will eliminate crackles, rattles and the like. I am also having the trim around the radio removed and everything in back insulated......hopefully to eliminate the myriad of rattles and vibrations that eminate from this area. Just when I thought I heard them all a new rattle appeared this weekend. It seams to eminate from the passenger dash area - perhaps the duct work bumping around and making a very disturbing noise. If anyone has experienced this and has a fix, please let me know as I am bringing the car in this week and will pass any info along to the tech.
  • I am really sorry to hear about your experience and hope that you get the problems fixed properly. I have the odd creak in my 2003 but I think part of the reason for that is the sport suspension. The car doesn't float over the bumps like my 1999 XLE did but I am OK with that as this car handles way better.
  • I haven't been on this site lately but I would like to respond to previous comments by saying firstly that I think that Toyotas in general are better than average vehicles whether they are built in the U.S., Canada or Japan. The fact of the matter is that Toyota Plants all over are winning awards for quality and your chances of getting an excellent vehicle from Toyota are alot better than most manufacturers.
  • 'Camrys are built better than other vehicles'...they better be, that is why I bought one. Unfortunately Toyota decided to build a car of lesser quality in the current least in so far as how the pieces are assmebled. There are enogh entries in this forum (and on the net) to justify this is not an abberation. Consumer Reports also noted this. Does this mean over all the Camry is still not better than anything out there...not necesarily but they walk a fine line. I remember when Iococa (Chrysler) said words to the effect that Americans would rather have cars with rattles and radio knobs that fall off than pay a premium price. Well I am paying a premium price for my Camry and the day I hear any words from Toyota to the effect of 'we have some rattles but still beat the best' or 'these lower cost fasteners keep the price down' is the day my Camry gets a FOR SALE sign in the window. It will be interesting to see where Toyota is 5 years from now....hope they own up and fix these issues...don't laugh Hyndai and Kia are catching up!
  • probably because quite honestly there was nowhere for them to go but up. I have to laugh when I here people try and compare the Ford Taurus to the Camry especially when the facts are overwhelming that the Camry is much better long term than the Taurus. It doesn't get much better than the Camry or Accord long term for a family sedan, without paying a $10,000 premium.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    On my 2000 Taurus SES Duratec at 29K miles and still no rattles. Paid several thousands less than an equivalent V-6 Camry as well. Note CR now rates Camry and Taurus in the "average" reliability range as well.
  • ever since I got this new car, I could hear annoying sound from driver side up in my left ear, dashboard close to steering wheel and passenger side as well. It even became disturbing when a truck passed by a vibration sound or sounds like a broken speaker could be heard. I don't know why Toyota made such a junky car. Everybody says Camry has a great tracking record of being reliable or durable (don't know about that yet). But not any more, they try to sell you a cheaper car with cheaper material in an attempt to gain sales leader in this competitive market. Rattle & squeak happened when I got less than 100 miles on meter. Right now it's 860 miles...
    Of course you would say take it to the dealer, hey, by taking it to the dealer you have to make an appointment first, then leave the car over there for a day or so, which means I have nothing to drive. Can I get a loaner?

    Who say 10 year/100,000 miles is good?
  • I think that is great that you say you don't have any abnormal noises in your vehicle but please don't try and compare the Taurus to the Camry by saying that both vehicles now have an average rating and that they both must be equal. Again, lets look at the long term facts of both vehicles and I'm sure you will be able to tell the difference between the two. In the last eight years the Camry has only one half black mark on it for the suspension for the 1997 model year. Now lets have a look at the Taurus. 9 out of the 14 categories have black marks against the Taurus. That is why I pay several thousand more for my Camry. The only way that I would even consider buying a Taurus was if they threw in a much longer warranty at no charge, but then I would be giving up the superior refinement of the drivetrain.
  • I will concur (sludge issue aside) that ***pre-2002*** Camry's had an overall much better reliability record than the domestics and the Taurus in general. You do pay a premium up front for this of course. If you wanted to buy a car and keep it a ** long ** time AND minimize trips to the dealer then the Camry was the way to go. If your goal was to keep the car 3 years or less and did not mind a trip to the dealer for a covered repair every now and then, you likely could likely have saved $$$ by opting for the Taurus. If your keeping the car 4-5 years one might argue that it is a wash since more was paid for up front for the Camry but the Taurus by years 4 -5 will start costing you $$$ in repairs. After year 5, the Camry becomes the better bet….

    I like to keep my cars 5+ years and I also wanted to get away from the constant trips to dealer I had experienced with my older (and initially cheaper) Ford. This is why I spent more for the 2002 Camry. Sadly, the Camry has not entirely lived up to its past reputation, at least in the squeaks and rattles arena. My dealer actually cited examples where they use fewer fasteners to hold the car together. If, to keep costs down, they are cheating the car in this arena, who is to say they are not cut corners mechanically as well. In early 2002 I gave Toyota the (earned) benefit of the doubt based on it prior reputation that the new generation would be fully up to par. It has not lived up to my expectations. Also, Toyota fails to acknowledge the problem (I gave them a pass on the sludge issue since I figured they never had a screw up before thus no experience handling one). Case in point: Towards the end of the 2002 year Toyota issued a press release on the rattles/creak issues to head off the knock in Consumer Reports. They stated dealers had fixes for all the rattles and had re-designed the 2003s. Untrue. My dealer has only a few known fixes for creak and rattle issues and most of them they figured out themselves. Furthermore I called Toyota and they could not even cite one design change in the 2003s. Meanwhile my car continues to experience intermittent creaks/rattles/vibrations, sometimes a new one will crop up, other times I get a return engagement from one that had not been around for a while. I attribute this behavior to an over all cheapened design rather than a lack of insulation here or there. In other words they cut corners to keep costs down. If they did it in one area, how do I know they did not cheat another as well. Only time will tell….

    As far as Kia and Hyndai improving but only because they 'had no where to go but up'....I say, true but look how fast they are improving. Again, I think Toyota should keep on their toes!

    Ok by now most of you think I am a paranoid worry wart. I admit, rattles aside, I like my Camry just fine but want my investment protected. I like folks thinking the Toyota is a notch above everyone else because it actually is. I do not like Toyota cheapening the car in any way, denying culpability and doing anything that diminishes the reputation of my investment. I sincerely hope in years 3-5 (if I can stomach the rattles) my car will remain mechanically worry free. I also hope Toyota makes some strides to head this rattle/creak issue now before their customer base starts to dwindle and they are forced to make further cost saving alterations. This can only lead to a quality diminishment change in the perception of Toyota.
  • I too have the same rattle noises from a 2002 Camry XLE coming from the back left and right sides of the car. Dealer has tried to fix it 8 or 9 time but it coming back at different area.

    I recommend a complain list of individual to voice our opinion to Toyato. I have already start to contact our local news channel to investigate. Dealer and Toyato may not notice one or two individual voices but I am sure we will get more attention if we let them know it's not a few. We are talking about hundreds. Please set me an email([email protected]) with subject "Toyato Camry Noise". Not sure if anyone has try this yet or not. Let me know if this is a good idea or not.
  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 128
    Sorry to hear folks having rattles for 2002 Camry.
    As I understood, most of rattles had been correct for 2003 and later models. Always, there are many problems for first year model, check Honda Accord for rattles as well, not Camry alone.
  • I would think that our Camry's will be as reliable long term as the previous generation because alot of the mechanical components in this generation (02-03) are the same. As for the sludge issue, there was a minor change made to the engine in order to accomodate those people who didn't like getting a regular oil change I guess. The recommended oil change interval for our car now is every 8,000km which I think is a long time. Imagine there are people driving 20-40,000km before changing the oil. Those people deserve to have a sludge problem.

    As for the time frame analysis of the Toyota vs. Ford and which is the better deal, I think you are pretty accurate but also keep in mind the amount Ford depreciates vs Toyota.

    Also, I think it would be us the consumer who would benefit a great deal if Toyota were to "stay on their toes". That would be a good thing as the product could always be better.
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227
    Hello Everyone,

         I was reading all the recent posts in regards to the Camry 02 and 03 rattles and body noises. We are awaiting delievery on our 04 Camry SE V6 and after reading the posts I was very concerned. I just got off the phone with Toyota in California (800) 331-4331 select Opt. #3, this is where you could find out about product refinement, technical questions, etc. They were very helpful in explaing to me what they have done to address the noise, rattles, etc in the Camry's. For the 04 models they have installed liquid filled engine mounts to reduce/damping engine vibrations. Second, they have installed damping steel and asphalt sheeting which is applied to the fire wall, center tunnel, rear wheel wells and flooring to keep out road and tire noise as well as engine noise. Third, they improved the chasis to be more of a ridgid body to reduce creaks and rattles over rough surfaces. Fourth, they added front and rear sub frame anti vibrations pads to reduce/isolate noise from entering the passanger cabin. Lastly, for the four cyclinder models they added engine and transaxle stiffner plates to reduce transaxle vibrations in the passanger cabins and for the six cyclinder models they have installed a two piece oil pan which serves a similar function as the four cyclinder models stiffner plates do. I do hope that this resolves a great deal, if not all the creaks and rattles in the Camry's. Like everyone else, we are not spending over $30,000.00 on a vehicle that has rattles, for that we would have bought a babie's rattle instead and save $29,999.00 :-). I have also heard and read of similar complaints on the new Accords, but when I contacted Honda they stated that they have done nothing to address these complaints for the 04 Accord models. If anyone is interested, look at the NHTSA web site and you will find about 75 complaints on the 03 Camry, but the 03 Accord complaints are well over 170. Thank you Toyota for the upgrades.

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