2004 Lexus LS430 Large sedan

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The 04 LS 430 will have a revised front end and rear end. Possibly available awd. No pics available yet. You can go to clublexus.com LS 430 board for more info.


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    the reskin will be extensive and much more aggressive, along the lines of the ES300! Of course, another 25-30HP are coming, +AWD.
       Hopefully, they'll save the Revolutionary 5.0 V8 for 2006.
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    Besides the little IS, the rest of the lineup is just too bland and boring for me. I just don't see Lexus in the same league as BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar. Get some sportiness, pizazz and style and stop catering to the 65 and over crowd.
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    Who do you think the S-class, 7-series cater to? the 30-year old crowd?
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    Lexus isn't in the same league in what aspect? Lexus is second to no one in quality--and that is what the luxury segment is about. You can make a great looking car with 500 horsepower, but if it can't run and is built shoddily, what good is it?
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    pwright2 and coolguyk7 are both right: the styling of the LS430 is bland and conservative BUT the quality of build and ergonomics are superb. I test drove Audi A8, Merc. S-series, and BMW 7 series, they do have an "edge" compared to the Lexus, but they also lack the refinement and thought that goes into the Lexus 430's driving experience. Hopefully, 2004-2006 will see Lexus daring to be cutting-edge, styling-wise. They did it back in 1998 with the GS series (Italian designed influence).
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    Thanks for what little information there is out there everybody. I just talked to my salesman and he told me that they will be introducing it September 25 and the new cars won't be in until the second week in October. He doesn't have any more information than that. I'm aggravated that Lexus won't extend my lease past its due date. Now I have to rent a car for two months!
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    A reply to Diamond - I was in the same boat as you. My 200 Lexus was up on June 24th. I asked the leasing company for a 3 month extention - they only gave me a 6 month or 12 option. After speaking with my dealer - the leasing company agreed to extend my lease to 3 months so I would be ready to buy the 2004 LS 430. Hope you can do the same.
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    I believe this is what the 2004 LS430 will look like. It's Japan's Toyota Celsior, the same vehicle as the LS.

    http://www.toyota.co.jp/Showroom/All_toyota_lineup/Celsior/index.- html

    No major changes for the back--the front headlights get a slight change.
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    You can say that again!
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    Nice car!!! It looks like Lexus may be going back to the beefy straight finished dual-exhaust tips like original LS, nice touch.

    A while back I heard a rumor that Lexus was developing a V-12 for the future LS? Any news?
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    for the 2004 LS430. I can confirm minor exterior and interior changes plus new colors and additional standard/optional features.
    No AWD.
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    FYI, my dealer confirmed for me today that the sat radio service will be XM. I have test driven BMW and their's is Sirrus. I prefer XM because I already have it in my Denali and the stations have more variety. Also...if you already have one XM sat radio, the second is only $5-$6 more a month. I like XM so much I am thinking about getting it for the house and replacing my DSS. There is a noticeable difference in sound quality between regular FM radio and the SAT. Once you experience it you will never buy a car without it.

    Keep the info coming on the 2004.
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    I have been waiting, reading and watching for almost a year. I almost bought a 2003. When do you think we can get prices on the 2004? I live in Chicago metro area about 6-7 dealers around. I do have some contacts around the country if it would pay to shop.
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    we were told not for another 2-3 weeks or so.
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    I have been searching and searching for accurate info about the 2004. Everywhere is almost void of info including Lexus' own site. BUT, the latest Car & Driver has a two page ad with a beautiful photo. It is amazing how Lexus can keep secrets until they are ready. Most of the forecasts until the last two weeks were well off with predications of a major body change. New model looks nice but most people will not see a difference, Good or bad?
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    I also saw the ad in Car and Driver. There was at least one other ad in another automotive magazine that was delivered to homes last week.

    Like you I have been waiting to see what the MY04 refreshing looked like. I agree with you that the body changes are not that significant but from what I can tell they are still very welcome changes over the 2001-2003 look. Subdued but still much better in my opinion.

    I also like many of the technical upgrades like the 6-speed transmission, satellite radio and others. However, at this point I believe that I am going to ultimately end up waiting for the completely new LS in 2006. I have absolutely no problems with my current LS so I don't have to be in a hurried. But I will certainly take a close look at the MY04 LS when they are at dealers in significant numbers.
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    I saw the 2004 Lexus LS430 Large Sedan in the October edition of Motor Trend Magazine, and it doesn't look much different than the previous one. I wasn't surprised or anything. Just a few changes, nothing major.

    Lexus's website is already displaying it. Head over there.
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    Sorry. If you headed to Lexus's website homepage, i was wrong. Sorry about that.
    They were showing the ads so I supposed that they were showing it on the website. Now that you look at it, the 2004 doesn't look so stuck up like the 2003.
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    Here is a test drive review of the 2004 LS430. I like the new styling. The more angular front reminds me of the last generation LS400 before the redesign.

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    Nice review of the new LS430. Keep in mind there will be naysayers on this board who discount state-of-the-art Nav. systems and other electronic wizardry as unimportant. They turn a blind eye to these and other refinements and prefer to denigrate the Lexus marque using descriptive tones invoking "Buicks" or "refrigerators". I don't bother to argue these points, just agree to disagree with them.
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    Good information and great thoughts in these posts. Going to Vegas on the 20th hope to see an 04.I think California my already have some off the boats.
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    Will the new Lexus finally offer illuminated controls for the power windows, door locks & mirrors, as most other simple Ford & Chrysler cars do?

    Can somebody explain me why on the earth shouldn't a company that luxury as Lexus offer illuminated controls?
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    My 2001 LS430 has illuminated controls for the windows,locks, and mirrors. Even the door handle is illuminated. In my opinion there is no finer car than an LS430. My car will be 3 years old next month and has 38000 miles on it, and has never needed one repair.
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    All I have to say is LOOKING GOOD LEXUS!
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    Requires a trained eye to tell the difference between this and the '01-'03's. 6 speed tranny seem to be the major difference. Same engine. Keyless entry and bluetooth (for cell phones) are the other major changes. Latest DVD nav supposedly is more thorough. I find it hard to pay a $20k premium between this and a low mileage '02. As far as waiting for an ALL NEW LS in 2006 -- geez... has there been any all new LS since 1989? The interior looks much nicer, but it's always evolutionary.
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    Lexus of Orland in Chicago has a white 04 on the floor. They told me 4-6 weeks if i order now. Going to see it next week.
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    I read in the Tribune that Orland has 6 in Stock.
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    My 2002 LS430 has a small green light on each of the four windows and the door lock button. I believe this is enough illumination to find what you are looking for. The door handles are well illuminated and the intensity of the light reduces when the key is turned on. Even the floor lighting is good and it also reduces in intensity when the key is turned on. I suggest that a prospective or new owner check out the illumination in a dark room/garage to get the full understanding and familiarity with all the lighting. I am very pleased with the excellent job Lexus has done with interior lighting.
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    several posts back someone detailed the evolution of the LS design changes (I believe it was lenscap).

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