470HP AWD Hybrid Mitsubishi Eclipse

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I agree it does show great promise, we'll just have to see. The styling is an improvement over the current car imo, which is too similar to a certain domestic brand with all that ribbing and what not.



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    Oops -- should be up to date now...
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    Okay, let's try this again...

    An automotive website which cannot be named describes Mitsubishi's Concept-E for the next generation 2006 Eclipse. The director of the Mitsubishi Design Center says it has a 269HP V-6 powering the front-wheels and a 200HP electric motor powering the rear wheels. He also says it would run about $6-8K more for this hybrid powertrain.

    A 470HP AWD sports car for $30-32K sounds pretty cool -- and even if it ends up being just 350HP and $35K, that's not too shabby.

    However, another major news site says the new Eclipse will only be powered by a gasoline engine (no hybrid), but no word on whether it would be FWD, RWD, or AWD.

    Also the first unnamed website says the transmission is a computer-controlled manual, while the second unnamed website says it's an automatic that can be shifted manually...
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    Hopefully the 4G will pick up where the 2G left off, reverting to AWD and the 4G63T - at least the styling panache is back.

    With the EVO having re-certified the drivetrain, it's the perfect opportunity to return the all-around performance of the previous generations.
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    Yeah, that's what I'm hoping.

    I wasn't to thrilled to hear it would be Galant-based, but the "Ferrari-level performance" offered by the MDC director sounds interesting...
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    It was posted in an automotive magazine, that comes out once a week. This was posted in in 2002. It was also in the 400HP equiv level. V6 in front, electric motor out back. The article said in about 18 months and they would show it - their time is up.

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    Well, I just read the R&T cover story on the Concept-E and all I can say is, "Hmmm..."

    First of all, 4000 lbs? That seems a little weighty even for a 470HP car.

    Second, it looks like there are actually three engines.

    1. A 200 HP DOHC V6 powering the front wheels
    2. A 70 HP electric motor assisting the V6 powering the front wheels
    3. A 201 HP electric motor powering the rear wheels

    During low speeds, the 70 HP electric motor powers the front wheels alone. At higher speeds, the 200 HP V6 joins in on the front wheels. During hard acceleration, the 201 HP rear electric motor provides additional power. This system was manufactured by Rod Millen.

    On one hand, 471HP! On the other, that sounds like an awfully complex powertrain, and one that is primarily FWD. Hopefully, in the production setup, the rear motor would also kick in to provide neutral handling (as opposed to understeer) during hard cornering.

    R&T was able to get a 0-60 time of around 5 seconds, though the smaller front electric motor wasn't hooked up (so only 400 HP was available).

    The worst-case scenario would be for the hybrid tech to just be a gimmick, and for Mitsu to come out with a 3500-lb Galant-based Eclipse with the existing 200 HP V6. If anyone from Mitsu is listening, don't do it!
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    I would think the 05 Eclipse would look like the Lancer and Galant but something tells me in my head its not going to look like that.
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    All i have to say is that i have a 2000 Eclipse GT and a 2003 Eclipse Spyder GT, and i have been waiting 4 yrs to find a turbo for either car and still nothing so i can say that i am definatly going to add the new 2005 to my collection, and finally have an eclipse with some balls.
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    Its based off the galant platform and from what ive heard from sites and magazines, the eclipse having a hybrid dual motor is doubtful. Couples reasons being the cost and that it would be competiting with its own, the Evo. So mitsu wouldn't be expecting to sell as many of these since they'll be side by side with the evo and thus, they will have an overstock of one or the other. If it comes with a hybrid engine, expect that to either be a limited edition, or an upgrade from their motorsports parts (like scion and trd). Hopefully when they said the new eclipse, galant, and endevour were all the same platform, part of "Project America" since their built at the old DSM plant in Illinois, this may be the return of the 4G63 since its already in use in the Evos.
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    go to www.msn.com and look at the chicago car show.Pictures and specs are there.or use your search engine to find the show
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    Hello, When was the last time an AWD Eclipse was offered, what year?
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    It was last offered in 1999 for the second generation GSX. That was my favorite car of all time. God its been waaaaay too long. I hope to God they make an AWD eclipse!
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