Dimensions -how big are these things?

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I can't give you the dimensions, however anyone that can will need to know which configuration you're considering. Such as the Supercab longbed, Supercab shortbed, Regular cab longbed, etc... You get the picture. The length can change considerably depending on the configuration. If you're concerned about the width, well then that won't change.

Walt? Where are you? I know you have the answer. :)


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    I can find all the other dimensions, just not width with mirrors. Surprisingly, to me atleast, the crew is one inch shorter than the Supercab with 4WD. The crew is also only six inches longer than the super with the same bed.

    Loved it, would have bought one today, but it is just too huge for my garage (length not an issue), just height and width.
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    Do a comparo with the specs. It's easily done on this site. Just go to the new vehicle area and follow the links.

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    The Supercrew is actually shorter because you don't get a fullsize bed. I don't have the measurements, but I'm thinking the bed on the Supercrew is only 5' whereas the bed on the Supercab shortbed is 6.5'. You have to go to an F-250 to get the Crew Cab with a fullsize shortbed or longbed.
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    If you are worried about the size, go through all the numbers. Coming from a Camry myself this was a big concern.

    But you need to drive em too.

    I do not think the F150 was the smallest dimensions but it sure was easy to drive and visibility is excellent. The Avalanche may have been smaller (I do not recall) but I found it harder to drive and visibility especialy out back was terrible.
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    We took delivery of our 2500 LD Sierra equipped with 4WD and 4WS (quadrasteer) a little over a month ago. It corners better than most cars in tight spaces. The price has come down on the 4WS option so for someone looking for a six passenger truck with a 6.5 foot bed but afraid of being able to wedge it into the parking spots around town -- drive this truck before buying. An added bonus, the flared rear panels look nice and get a lot of looks and positive feedback.
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    It corners better because it doesn't have as much power as the Titan.

    Perhaps in about 30 years, my eyesight and other mental capacities will have deteriorated enough to where I will shop for an "easy driving truck"

    Get a Titan, dude - or get there last ;)
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    If by power you mean winning street races or looking good on cruise nights Titan might have edge. When doing real truck things like pulling trailers over mountain passes Titan can not compete with Duramax or 8.1 gasoline 2500. Am planning on buying Titan later this year but will keep my old 454 2500 Chevrolet for real truck work.
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    The flight surgeon checks em every year and as of January there still 20/20. The Titan is a nice truck. I drove three before buying the Sierra. The engine is definitely strong. However, I needed a crew cab with at least a six foot bed. I loaded my Kawasaki Prairie 650 in the back of the CC Titan and the rear wheels were riding on the tail gate. Thus, no taking the monster quad and the boat on the same trip with this rig. The interior of the Titan made me feel like I had won first prize at a tupperware party. That's saying a lot since GM's trucks aren't renowned for their interior quality. The Titan is not available with leather interior in a six passenger configuration, this was a must for me. As far as your comment on the Titan cornering better because of more power....are you high? The Sierra turns shorter than most mid size cars. The Titan just can't compete with its traditional (read, state of the past) 2 wheel steering and the Sierra has plenty of power to tow or haul all I care to drag. I'm not saying the Nissan's a bad truck, but this thread is about size. All I'm saying is the 4WS makes for the best of both worlds by allowing you to have all the utility and space without the 4 point turns.
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    4 point turns? What are those?!?!? Unless I have a 40 acre field, mine are usually 8 pointers. :)
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    Ya, A magazine compared the 4ws Sierra to the OLD 2ws Titan. For some reason they picked the Titan? Also, there isn't a comparo in any magazine anywhere (well, I am sure you could probably scrounge one up) that puts the Sierra or Silverado anywhere near the Titan - let alone ahead of any other full size truck. The Sierra is old! don't compare the 2500 to the Titan - one is a 1/2 ton - the other is 3/4.

    By the way - the 1500 Crew Cab Sierra doesn't have a 6' or longer bed, does it? And even the Denali 1500 doesn't sit 6 so you can't get 6 passenger in that.

    That brings you back to a 3/4 ton - which is NOT what the Titan is and it doesn't try to be. So don't try comparing the Titan to the 2500, compare it to the 1500 - which it beats in almost every way.

    Congrats on your 2500, but please don't come here and dump on the Titan because it doesn't offer what your vehicle does. They are not in the same class. The Titan is a 1/2 ton, the Sierra is a 3/4. The Titan is cutting edge, the Sierra is old technology (except the 4ws)
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    I believe it was "bearbrawn" that compared the Titan to the Sierra 2500. And "kcflyer" was not dumping on it, he was only listing the reasons why he didn't buy one. As far as the cornering better comments, those can be substantiate by hard numbers published somewhere.

    As "kcflyer" said: "...this thread is about size."
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    ...The interior of the Titan made me feel like I had won first prize at a tupperware party... The Titan just can't compete with its traditional (read, state of the past) 2 wheel steering..."

    Comments like that tells you he isn't dumping on the Titan? Besides this thread was about dimensions on the "Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, GMC C/K 1500 Series" as stated above. That was the point of my post. This thread isn't about why somebody went out and bought a 2500 series.

    There are plenty of other threads where you can bash/trash/gush about... whatever truck you want.
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    My 2500 is a LD (light duty) it was what until 2003 was known as the 1500HD. GMC calls it a 2500LD this year to differentiate it from the new 1500HD which has the short bed like the supercrew and titan. The 2500LD has a 6.5 foot bed. Bottom line, my truck is for all intents and purposes a half ton. Yes, it does have a six passenger, split bench front seat, leather interior. I don't need a car magazine to do a cornering comparo, two minutes behind the wheel with the quadrasteer told me all I needed to know. Lastly, read my previous post...I liked the Titan, still do, and I don't think mine is the best truck on the road. It was and is the one that best meets my needs. It doesn't hurt that I also think it is the best looking. Crew cab trucks are really coming on strong, I'm anxious to see if the 4WS will be reliable enough to make it common place on long wheel base vehicles from all manufacturers. I hedged my bet with an extended warrenty...just in case.
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    has a GVW of 8600 lbs; same with the 1500HD crew cab. That's not a 1/2 ton in my book.

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    Both the 1500HD and 2500LD have 8 hole wheels, full floating axles, load range E tires etc. A 3/4 ton by any other name is still a 3/4 ton. The 1500 HD and 2500 LD have same frame and rear axle as pre 2000 2500 HD. The 1500 HD was just a gimmick to give GM a 1/2 ton crew cab until true 1/2 ton crew cab was ready. The 2500 LD has now been discontinued.
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    The 2500 LD has now been discontinued

    It's still listed in the '04 Chevy and GMC brochures.

    8600 GVW has always been a HD 3/4 ton. I believe the F-250 Super Duty and Dodge 3/4 ton models are still rated at 8600 pounds. Yes, the the GM 1500 HD was nothing but but marketing smoke and mirrors.

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    Bob you are right I got my information about 2500 being discontinued from Kelly Blue Book site. They say not available after 10/10/03. Should have known to triple check anything I read on internet.
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    I have a 2003 Ford SC is it worth the 217.00 for this system and how much horse power would it add.
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    Does anyone know where I can get a listing of GVW for many cars, so that I could compare them? thanks.
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