2005 Toyota 4Runner

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That looks ugly and all squashed.


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    I like your efforts, but I actually dont have a problem with the current 4Runner front end styling. My only reservation with this generation was the hideous grey cladding of earlier models, but most sold now seem not to suffer from that. My hope for 05 is that prices dont increase but that side curtains become standard.

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    My wish list for the 2005 4Runner is more leg and more head room in this vehicle. If you are a big guy it is hard to be comfortable in this vehicle. I am waiting around to see what the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder brings to the table for the midsize SUV market in terms of leg room and head room. With the exception of these two issues I believe this SUV ($4Runner$)is a nice vehicle to own. Just my two cents.
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    I'm not sure how this front end looks any more "squashed" than the actual front end, since I placed the new Tacoma front end exactly over the 4Runner's. It's the same dimensions, so maybe it's just the angle of the photo, or some visual cues that are making it appear "squashed."

    Here's the actual 4Runner for a same page comparison:

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    Looking at all three of these in a row, maybe what the 4Runner needs is a slight lift and bigger tires to make it look more tough. Anyone have any pics, or know of any sites that have current design 4Runners that have been modified?
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    The Prado IS in the states....it's the Lexus GX470 and to answer your other question Yotatech.com and tr4.org
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    If you read my post above, I mentioned the GX...I'm saying that I like the Prado a bit better.

    I knew about those sites, and found a great rig that has me more excited about the 4Runner again:

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    That's Billy's rig with about 6 feet of suspension lift and 315 tires. I don't think you will find that example at your friendly 'don't sue me because its too high' Toyota dealer.
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    I know, he did such a great job with his rig, that it's really got me excited about another option for me when I'm ready to trade my truck in. The only thing that sucks is having to put more $ into lifting it and putting on nice meats. But I'm planning on doing that to any one of my favored options in the running, except the H3, which will only require custom rims. I expect that I'll want to lift the '05 Grand Cherokee or '05 Pathfinder, but probably not the next gen. Xterra or H3. There are so many great SUVs coming out during the next model year, I'm just not sure what I'll wind up doing...
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    Could I see the picture again? Because it seems that the first post was deleted.
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    Sorry, jchan2, Edmunds won' t let me post that picture, even though I manipulated it in PhotoShop, and it's an older pic. Here's what was sent to me:

    "The main reason the photo wasn’t allowed is because by having the photo show up on our site, we’re in violation of U.S. copyright law. That particular rigid rule is courtesy of the Government, not of Edmunds.com"

    I see plenty of copyright images being abused on the internet. Oh well...
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    Wait a second, how your interesting and thoughtful Photoshopped 4Runner ANY Different than the "Amateur Redesign Studio" thread on the News and Views board? HOST, please explain. Also, please enforce rules consistently across the different boards. This is a major problem at Edmunds.

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    Folks, this is the 05 4Runner discussion. Please discuss policies in the Ask the Hosts discussion, or directly via e-mail. Thanks.

    The photo in question was hosted by a site that has competing automotive forums. Please see Sylvia's recent note in Ask the Town Hall Hosts for an update on this policy.


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    "The photo in question was hosted by a site that has competing automotive forums." :rolleyes: Is Edmunds really that insecure? Have some courage.

    Edmunds is a useful site. You can compete against other sites. Edmunds doesn't have to pretend that the rest of the internet doesn't exist. There are other sites that have competing automotive forums. There always will be. Some will be better. Some will be worse. Some will just be different. It's long past time for Edmunds to grow up and stand proud.
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    "There are other sites that have competing automotive forums."

    There are other sites? Really? I thought Edmunds was all there is or ever was. Long live Edmunds! :)

    I guess in a litigious society, anything can be construed as being improper to some degree, to the point of creating complications. Sigh.
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    Again, let's get back to the 4Runner. I'm happy to answer any questions via e-mail. Thanks.


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    if the 05 4runner with the 3rd row seats will have a sunroof as an option?
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    I thought I saw an '04 Limited equipped with 3rd row seats and a moonroof at a dealership, here in Phoenix. Is it not supposed to be an option if you have the extra seats? I don't have my literature in front of me to check...

    I know you can't get the 3rd row in the Sport Edition, which seems a bit weird to me. They did the same thing with the Tahoe Z71, up until 2004, when they wised up and decided that it didn't make much sense, and was turning picky customers away. When will these knuckle heads give us options for EXACTLY what we want?! I'm still bitter that GM never offered the ZR-2 package on the 4-door Blazer and Jimmy (or even the 2-door Jimmy, for that matter!), especially since they introduced the '95 design as a 4-door ZR-2 concept!!! Idiots...
  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    according to the brochure the moonrof is not an option whenver you get 3rd row seats.
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    can you get limited v-6 without 3rd row seat?
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    Yeah, I see that in the literature now. That's strange about the 3rd row and the moonroof. I don't get it. The GX comes with the 3rd row and an optional moonroof. I bet they add it for 2005.

    The 3rd row is an option on the Limited too, so you should be able to get a V6 without the extra seats. Now, finding a V6 Limited may be a bit of a challenge...
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    Does anyone know if they r changing the exterior looks of the 2005 runner? are there any pics. i wanted to buy 2004 but due to cash was thinking of waiting till 2005. I really like the current look.
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    They won't change the exterior looks. '05 will only be the third year of this newest design and I don't think it will even get a refreshing for a few years.
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    I wish Toyota makes more different colors for the Runner. I like to have one real Titanium color which is some what darker and warmer than the the current Titanium silver. The current Titanium silver looks like raw Aluminum and feeling very plain and weak. Toyota, are you listening?
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    That Toyota offers only 7 exterior colors on the 4Runner is odd. Most of its model line offers 8 to 10 color choices. Good call, run4runner.

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    There was a time in 2003 where the 4Runner was available in a Burgundy-type and forrest green-type colors, but only for a short time in certain locales.
  • alfster1alfster1 Member Posts: 273
    Colors are very subjective, but I personally have a 4Runner V8 Limited in Titanium Silver and I think it looks modern and pleasing to look at. In addition, it seems to be easier to keep clean as opposed to darker colors. I thought about purchasing a 4Runner in black, but after having a black car previously, I changed my mind.

    Have you considered the Galactic Grey Mica?
  • run4runnerrun4runner Member Posts: 9
    You are right, it is subjective and personal preference. So far I have looked the Titanium Silver and Galactic Gray, both looks fine but my wife like the silver and I like the Gray. Since the 2005 model soon will be here and hoping they come up some new color in between.
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    Anyone know if the V6 or V8 will see a horsepower increase? Also, are there any interior/option changes for 2005?

    What about Hybrid option?
  • claymore1claymore1 Member Posts: 21
    Does anyone know if the Navigational system will be an option on the 2005 Sports edition? And does anyone know if the person at Toyota that designed the 2-tone gray cladding is still working there?
    By the way, there are still some 2003 4Runners with gray cladding still available to buy new here in California.
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    Interesting that the NAV was available on the 03 Sport Edition but not offered for 04.

    If the NAV and air suspension had been available on the Sport Edition this year, I would have saved a few thousand dollars. That said - after owning my 04 Limited V8 since December, I have no regrets in having all the features offered. The heated leather seats, illuminated running boards, homelink, auto on/off headlights, dual zone climate control, and back-up camera on NAV/radio display are some of the reasons the Limited should be considered if you can afford and prefer these options. Maybe Toyota is listening and will offer a better package for the 05 Sport.

    My local dealer still has an 03 with cladding. If you like this feature you can probably get a great deal??
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    Does anyone know if Toyota will offer a more powerful I-Force V8. I heard that Toyota is working on a VVT-I modification to the current 4.7 V8 that should put out close to 300HP. With all other manufacturers having 300+hp engines in the stable is Toyota being left behind? It seems funny that the GS430 and LS430 both have more HP and torque then the current 4.7, granted they are tuned for different reasons but come on.
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    Any idea what the release date will be for the 2005 4 runners?
  • terrafirmaterrafirma Member Posts: 212
    I hear that the V8 will have VVT-i and bump in HP, the V6 will have the 5 speed transmission.
    Both will have TRD supercharger options.

    Maybe some trim changes.
  • md4runnermanmd4runnerman Member Posts: 72
    I stay away from grays/silvers/black/white. I recently bought a 2004 V8 Limited in Stratosphere Mica (really dark blue). It is gorgeous.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Stratosphere Mica is the best color that Toyota offers on ANY of its vehicles. Every vehicle offered in this color looks far better than that vehicle in any of the other colors offered. The two best examples are the Camry and 4Runner. Great choice.

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    That's great news about the vvt-i in the 8 and the 5-speed for the 6. Any idea on what increase in fuel mileage may be for the two engines?
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    1. Replacing the current dash (odometer, tac, etc.) with something similar to the previous generation 4Runner. And not orange backlit or at least the option for an alternative color lighting. The numbers are very small on the current odometer and in certain light conditions it's almost impossible to see.

    2. Rounded fender flares instead of the ugly flat surfaced ones. Take the top of the Toyota logo and duplicate that curve for the flare surface directly above the wheel.

    3. Eliminate the cheap looking plastic strips on the inside door panels.

    4. Eliminate the center speaker above the dash. What were they thinking when deciding to put a speaker in this location???

    That's about it.
  • alfster1alfster1 Member Posts: 273
    5. Better designed cup holders, proving more flexibility in placing different sized cups/mugs.

    6. Better placement of the window controls so that they are in easier reach.

    7. Provide an auto up/down feature for the front passenger side window controls, at least in Limited models.

    8. Provide as an option the ability to have BOTH NAV system and an in-dash CD Changer.

    9. Provide as an option a front air suspension system similar to the rear to improve approach angle.

    10. Provide as an option for REAL wood trim, not faux plastic granite.

    11. A greater selection of exterior colors.

    12. Provide as an option a built in XM Radio receiver.

    13. Provide as an option a hot/cold box in the center armrest location.

    I love my '03 V8 Limited, but still yearn for a few improvements/changes.

    Feel free to add to the list :)
  • 4runnerfan4runnerfan Member Posts: 6
    The above list includes many items I would like to see. I would also like to see cupholders on the back of the center console, which would allow for all three passengers in the back to have easy access to cupholders.
  • alfster1alfster1 Member Posts: 273
    Here are a few more:

    14. Improve the quality of the clear plastic covering the gauges as they scratch too easily.

    15. Improve the quality of the headliner. It seems to scratch too easily and isn't of the same quality of earlier Toyota products.

    16. Offer a hybrid version (please :) )

    That's about it for me :)
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    I agree with everything above. Additionally, how about offering:

    • Optional Power Driver's seat for SR5 & Sport Editions.

    • Accessory jack for iPods/mp3 players, like Nissan has done in the Armada.

    • A TRD/Off-Road package, offering a 2" lift and bigger/better tires, preferably All-Terrains.

    • Optional step bars, instead of the running boards, like on the previous generation 4Runner Sport Editions.

    • Tow hooks like the ones on the Tacoma.

    • A little bit cooler-looking taillights.

    • A nylon container case that could attach to the pop-up trash bag holder, to store things, when a trash bag isn't necessary.

    These things, along with those mentioned above, would really complete an already great truck.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Member Posts: 150
    "A nylon container case that could attach to the pop-up trash bag holder, to store things, when a trash bag isn't necessary."

    I have something like this that I got from Japan that is for the Hilux Surf (which is the name of the 4Runner in Japan) It fits perfect and the colors match and has velcro straps that go over the pop-up holder on each side to keep it in place. Even came in a bag straight from Toyota of Japan (not aftermarket).
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    "14. Improve the quality of the clear plastic covering the gauges as they scratch too easily.

    15. Improve the quality of the headliner. It seems to scratch too easily and isn't of the same quality of earlier Toyota products."

    Do you really touch the instrumentation cover that much? And why are you touching the headliner? I feel like if theres two surfaces in a car that rarely have contact from myself or my passengers, its those two. IMO, the expense to offer a better plastic cover for the speedo and tach far outweighs the very small marginal benefit.

    HOWEVER, a great recommendation was for the power drivers seat on the SR5 and Sport, and the iPod compatabile hookups a la Nissan. And, I think VVTi for the V8 cant come a moment too soon (same feelings for the 5 speed auto on the V6).

  • alfster1alfster1 Member Posts: 273
    "14. Improve the quality of the clear plastic covering the gauges as they scratch too easily.

    **I hardly touch the gauges at all, but when I cleaned them of dust for the first time using a window cleaner, the plastic became slightly scratched and hazy. I would expect better from a Toyota product, especially one which costs close to 40k. I've had Toyota's for many years and have never experienced this before. What expense is there to replace the plastic with a higher quality one? The cost is most likely marginal. I do wish that something could be done to reduce glare even further. Even when wearing anti-reflective coated lenses or polarized lenses, there are still times when I might have glare. It would be nice to improve upon this.

    15. Improve the quality of the headliner. It seems to scratch too easily and isn't of the same quality of earlier Toyota products."

    **I don't touch the headliner much either, but my point was that it can scratch easily. Is also appears thinner and cheaper than previous Toyota's that I have owned. It just is not representative of all the other positive attributes of the 4Runner. However this is a minor complaint of mine.

    An audio input would be a nice addition. Currently, I have my ipod attached to a wireless FM modulator, which works ok, but with reduced fidelity.
  • runneruprunnerup Member Posts: 1

    * Level the front so it doesn't look nose-heavy.

    * Restyle the rear spoiler. The current ones looks goofy.

    * Offer some new better-looking 16-inch wheels and more aggressive tires.

    * Make a more rugged roof racks.

    * Color-keyed at least the rear bumper. The silver accent looks silly and cheap on non silver, gold, and white 4Runners.

    * Make the exhaust tip bent to the side - looks more truckish like that.


    * Get a better stereo.

    * More supportive seats.

    * More illuminations at night.

    * 130MPH speedometer. 110MPH seems inadequate even for an SUV.
  • kingidivine7kingidivine7 Member Posts: 3
    What is this trash bag holder you speak of? Where is it located?
  • terrafirmaterrafirma Member Posts: 212
    I totally agree with the complaints on those two. The headliner gets marked up from the slightest rub of a bag or fingernail. It is much more fragile than any other headliner I've ever seen!
    It's a minor thing but the inside of an SUV needs to be durable and that headliner has got to go.
    Same with the plastic on the gauges, they are too easily scratched.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    Yeah, I saw that on the Hilux site, along with different headlight and taillight designs, as well as quite a few other nice add-ons from Toyota. First off, I don't understand why all of those things aren't available here as an option from the accessories catalog. So, how did you order it?
  • chbchb Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 91 4Runner new and am still driving it, primarily because I cannot get the same features I like on my 91, on the newer models. At the top of the list is the tailgate. I love a tailgate. I hate lift-back hatches. With a tailgate you can open the back and load it in a short garage. You can use it as a picnic table. You can support extra length loads and drive with it open. You can open the tailgate in a fully loaded car, move things around (without setting them out in the water, snow, mud, dirt, etc.) and put them all back. It's a staging area and tool bench. You can sit on it while you change boots, even with the car fully loaded. The hatch is awkward. I’m 6’3” tall and have to lean back to open it and duck while working under it.

    Next on the list is a manual transmission. I want to drive the car, not just steer it. Give me a five-speed manual. In addition to letting you drive the car, it offers better gas mileage and lasts longer than an automatic with less maintenance.

    4 wheel drive needs to be rugged. When I slip into 4 wheel drive on my 91, all 4 wheels are hard locked to the engine. No slip differential. And no “all wheel drive” when you don’t want it. It's for off-road, as it should be.

    I’m ready to buy another car before the end of summer and have looked at everything from Land Rovers to Hummers. The 4Runner is still the best quality SUV for the money (maybe any amount of money). The color choice is dismal, though. Any shade of gray you want, with lots of fancy names. How about something a little more bold? I’d settle for one of the red shades offered on other Toyotas.

    It’s a minor thing, but the Toyota navigation system is poor compared to Honda’s system. And the idea of having the CD player behind the nav screen is just dumb. I like the back-up camera, though. Would be good for hitching up a trailer, but the rest of the system is poor.

    So I’m stalling, waiting for something better to come along. Maybe the 05 will at least have some color options.

    I'm still not clear on when the 05 comes out. The dealers say it is a well kept secret (from them)...but maybe August or maybe October. Does anyone have a good date?
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