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  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    in post 2. After seeing that blue hatch/coupe Kia for model year 2008 show up, click on it to find another Kia. This one is a 4-door hatch/wagon/crossover/Mazda3-fighter. It also looks like the current hot looking Kia Spectra5, only it seems they've squished the pillars all closer together. Nice looking future Kia's, indeed. Kia's future is so bright they best be sportin' some fine Burton Cumming's shades, dudes.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • mark63mark63 Member Posts: 27
    Expect Engine: All new Spectra V6
    Coupe 200 hp

    This comes with the design concept shown:

    Heart of a European offensive of Kia is a car, which runs internally under the contraction OD and gets up to the premiere naturally still another correct name: a 4.25 meter long compact cars as Cerato replacement, which is to take up it with gulf and Konsorten. He is built starting from at the end of of 2006 in one still under construction factory in the slowakischen Zilina, which is annually designed for 300.000 units and where beside that OD will come in the future on the Sportage off the line. OD starts at the end of of 2006 first as four-door diagonal tail sedan, in the autumn 2007 follows the combination and end of 2007 the two-door flow tail sedan. 2009 come then on same platform (2,650 millimeters wheel base) still another Coupé Cabrio with electrohydraulically concealable Hardtop. OD beginning with altogether six gasoline and Diesel motorizing is optically strongly shared to the Peugeot 307 and is like these in the euro NCAP Crashtest five stars to reach.
  • herotakesafallherotakesafall Member Posts: 103
    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but the Chicago Tribune mentioned this past Sunday that there would be a refreshened Spectra due out next summer.
    I've been in the market for a Spectra5, so I may have to wait a little longer...
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405
    between a mustang(general body shape), a tC(top of car, same as our tC, with the roof/glass treatment?), and the tail lights of the Spectra5.

    I hope, if this gets built, and makes it to the USA, they do away with this "Sedan", and make it into a 3 door hatch, like the Tiburon, or even our tC.
    Get tired of coupes with a trunk.
    May as well get a 4 door if ya get a trunk?

    Seems the tC sold nearly 75,000 units in 05, and on record to beat that number in 06. It appears as if sporty, "small", 3 door cars sell, if done correctly, an dpriced right, etc.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405
    by the lack of responses to this decent looking vehicle.

    I hope they build it! price it say 18-19K tops? a car less than(guessing) 3000 lbs, with a 200HP V6? What is not to like( maybe the design. Depends on what people's perspecitves are).

    Kia is supposed to have a sporty car(I read tibby will go up market for 09-10? RWD...if so, that would be perfect for Kia to make this FWD 3 door as their sporty car).

    We'll have to wait and see, unfortuantely.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405

    this says Hyundai, others say some will be hyundai, some kia.
    Guess we will find out, eventually :confuse:
  • gy563gy563 Member Posts: 44
    fron looks like 2004~2006 Elantra
    while rear looks more clean than current Spectra
  • jtzjtz Member Posts: 37
    The new Spectra is now being sold in S. Korea. It is very closely related to the new Elantra ,yet the back is different. This also looks similar to another closely related Kia code named ED. photo/Mini3/country/ecf/general_ecf/new-hatchbacks-to-come

    Rumors of this car has been that the ED was supposed to be the Elantra GT. (5 door) I only know very little that it is supposed to be released in December and will have a 5 door and 3 door version. Only in Europe.

    Now we know that the sketches at the beginning of this forum is not the Spectra but the ED.
  • cyberpunk3cyberpunk3 Member Posts: 6
    That ED has nothing to do with the Spectra.

    That is a concept that will be toned down and released in Europe. Hyundai has a twin concept named Genus, which may or may not be released in the US, more than likely not.

    And speaking of similarities, Suzuki rebuilds Hyundai/Kia cars, as well cars from other manufacturers. See the Grand Vitara, it's a Tucson/Sportage. The previously Sonata became the Verona. The current Elantra (06) is also known as the Suzuki Forenza. The Reno borrows from the Accent/Reno. Right down to the engine, let alone design.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    "And speaking of similarities, Suzuki rebuilds Hyundai/Kia cars, as well cars from other manufacturers. See the Grand Vitara, it's a Tucson/Sportage. The previously Sonata became the Verona. The current Elantra (06) is also known as the Suzuki Forenza. The Reno borrows from the Accent/Reno. Right down to the engine, let alone design."

    Where did you ever come up with that one? Are you saying GM's takeover of Daewoo didn't happen--or that Daewoo never existed? :confuse: There are huge qualitative differences between Japanese Suzukis and Daewoos (and also Hyundai/Kias and Daewoos for that matter).
  • cyberpunk3cyberpunk3 Member Posts: 6
    Car parts are borrowed all the time. Just like how Mitsubishi engines power Hyundai cars, Mitsu cars, and GM cars. ?print=yes/

    They are both built in Korea. Share same engine, with very slight variations. Isn't it convenient that the Grand Vitara was remodeled just after the Tucson/Sportage came out?

    Is it that hard to solve a two piece puzzle? Is it hard to believe that Korean cars stole from each other? It's like any other car company that creates a mule for different brands. There are just slight alterations to differentiate the parts.
  • csandstecsandste Member Posts: 1,866
    Mitsu hasn't made engines for Hyundai for quite a few years.

    As to GMDAT being related to Hyundai Group I'm still not sure what you're talking about. Daewoo always did stuff for GM in the eighties, Kia was related to Ford (Aspire=Mazda 121). Hyundai used Mitsubishi engines, sold Excels to Mitsu (Precis), and is currently jointly developing an engine with Mitsubishi and Chrysler. Then there's Renault/Nissan/Samsung.

    I don't think there's ever been a connection between Daewoo and any of the other Korean manufacturers.
  • cyberpunk3cyberpunk3 Member Posts: 6
    It is true that Mitsu hasn't made engines for Hyundai for years, but those engines still exist and has influenced many engine designs in Hyundai. Their 4.5L V8 is still powering the home-soil-only Equus.

    Because Daewoo and Hyundai were wholly owned by the Korean government, it isn't far fetched to suspect some mingling- though they are rivals.

    Hyundai (assisted by Ford, and Mitsu)-Kia

    I didn't mean say it as that was set in stone. It was my researched speculation.
  • orbit9090orbit9090 Member Posts: 116
    That's nonsense.

    GM\Suzuki\Daewoo has had nothing to do with Hyundai\Kia. The Grand Vitara has absolutely no relation to the Tucson. No Sonata was never turned into any Verona. The Elantra has never been re-engineered and sold as any Forenza.

    Furthermore, the Chevy Cobalt is NOT the same as the Ford Focus, McDonalds does NOT simply rebadge Whoppers, and Britney Spears is NOT just Eminem dressed in drag (I think).

  • himi1himi1 Member Posts: 25
    Kia will be having a new coupe at Frnkfurt's motor show in September!
    Follow the link to see it: urt-coupe-concept/
  • himi1himi1 Member Posts: 25
    You should see this Spectra coupe, called Kia KOUP concept car. It will debut in New York today!!
    image pt-car/#comment-2635
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