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I have a 99 Pontiac Grand Am that has the oil change reminder that comes on when the computer thinks the oil should be changed. The last time I changed the oil when I went to reset it the light stayed on. I have tried several times to rest and it will not go out. Any suggestions besides going back to the dealer to have this done.


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    My buick has two ways to reset this, one is via the mode indicator if your Pontiac is equipped with those readouts and the other has to do with turning the key to on and something else. Sounds like it is still under warranty and even if not, bring it to service and have them show you, should be free.
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    Turn the key to the on position, then step down(all the way) on the throttle pedal and let up 3 times, the oil change light should start to flash, then turn the key off. The next time you turn the key on and start the vehicle, the light should come on then after oil pressure comes up, should go out.
    This is the procedure for most GM vehicles.
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    When you change the oil the dealer resets the gauge for you but you could do it yourself by following the instructions in the owner's manual. There is a reset button inside the fuse panel on the left side of the dashboard but you have to open the driver door to access it and the chime will drive you nuts. I did this after changing oil at an independent shop where the mechanic was not familiar with these new gadgets. The light might come on shortly after you have changed the oil maybe because the gauge is still counting miles from the other reset and you'd changed oil a bit earlier than 3000 mi/5000 km. There is nothing wrong with it. You could check the oil level and consistency to make sure your oil is ok.

    Other issues: have anyone found driver position fatiguing on long trips? It seems to me that there is too much leg room and less hands room, maybe it's just my height, I'm 6", and if I tilt the wheel down I can't see the spedometer.

    When I try to start fast say at the green light, the vehicle slips sideways on a wet surface, even with ETS engaged. Is this normal? Thank you.
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    I have found that on extended trips my legs will get stiff in the car. I am also 6' I have adjusted the tilt in the seat to near the farthest position back this has helped.
    I have noticed that the tires that came with the car (BF Good rich T/A's) seem to be a harder tread then others, this may account for the spinning on wet surfaces. I have spoken to other owners and they have had good luck with Good years or Michelin.
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    Is anyone else out there frustrated with the "CHANGE OIL" lights and the "CHECK TIRE PRESSURE" lights?

    It seems that my check tire pressure light comes on all the time. I stop, check the pressure immediately, and find they are normal. Is there a way to deactivate these lights??

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    I have had My oil lights come on at about 1,500 miles or about 1 and a half month. If this continue happening can't this be regarded as a lemon if it happen 3 times before the warranty runs out. Also My CD player skips very bad.
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    I got my oil changed about 1250 miles ago and the Change Oil light is on again. Does anyone know if this is a common problem with the later model Grand Ams? I am taking it to a dealer tomorrow since it's still under warranty, but it has me worried about things like the oil pump, etc. I am afraid to just reset it without knowing why the light came on.
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    In response to the Grand Am slipping on takeoff at a green light with a wet road, you should turn the ETS OFF when trying to do this. The reason it slips is that the ETS is flipping power between the two front wheels looking for traction, and not finding any. If you turn off the ETS, it takes off pretty straight. I had the same problem in the GT1, and if you listen really closely, you can actually hear the ETS switching back and forth between left and right. Mine would always slip to the right.

    One other thing: has anyone else noticed that in rainy conditions the brakes tend to make "slippy" noises? I haven't had any problems stopping, but the brakes seem awfully taxed when it's wet.
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    The ETC controls wheelspin by a 2 part strategy: first, it selectively applies the brake to the affected wheel only. If the right front is spinning it applies the right front brake only. When the right front is slowed down, if the left front starts to spin it applies the left front brake only. The system does not have the capability of "flipping" power from one drive wheel to the other since it's driving through an open differential. The second strategy is sending a request to the powertrain control module to reduce engine torque if a given number of brake cycles is exceeded. This is accomplished in the Grand Am TCS by shutting off fuel injectors one at a time (maximum 4 in a 6 cyl) until traction is regained.
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    My '99 GA SE with V-6 has had the rotors replaced under warranty, but they are noisy when wet, even when it's just humid and not raining . At least these replacement rotors have not warped like the originals did. Maybe the brake pads are causing the noise when wet. My oil change light was easy to reset by following the owner's manual instructions.
    Jim McKnight
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    Has anyone else had warped front rotors? My problem occurred the first time about 11000 miles and then again at 22000. The dealer had only cut them the first time, but the second time, I was told they needed to be replaced since there was not enough meat left on them and that it was not covered under warranty. I have since replaced the rotors, though not by the dealer and am hoping that this problem does not reoccur.

    As for the radio, I find that most times when I need to lower the volume, I must use the switch on the steering wheel. If I use the dial on the radio, it does not always work and sometimes makes it louder. I still have to go back to the dealer for this.

    As for the tire pressure light, it came on the first time as I was getting a flat. After reseting the light, it went on again a couple of hundred miles later and there was no reason for it. I am waiting to see if this occurs again.
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    You have to have the dealer go through the reset procedure with a "tool" on each wheel to make it recognize everything. You start on one tire and work your way around the car. I work at a GM plant that builds Caddy's and Buicks, we have to do it all the time, when changing wheels or when a bad sensor is in the wheel. All the tool is, is a magnet on a handle, the buicks and caddys have different ways to reset the system, so I am not sure how yours works.
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