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Its warming up here in the Northeast, sadly another ski season is coming to an end. On the upside I can look at my 03 BMW Z4 2.5i that has been sitting in the garage since early November and smile. It won't be long now. Soon the road salt will be gone and it will be safe to take out that triple black roadster, drop the top and wined her through the gears.........GOOD TIMES!!!!


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    jan purchased 2003 z4 2.5 for the wife. we too store it until good weather. only has 4,300 miles on it.. also have 1998 z3.. neither car sees rain or snow.. have you had any problems with the z4??
  • roadsterz4roadsterz4 Member Posts: 12
    The only problem I have is walking past it on my way though the garage everyday when I head out to work.

    I keep a trickle charger on it through the winter months. Tires tend to flat spot after sitting for 30 plus days, but his condition disappears once you log some miles.

    Weather has been good enough since the 4th week in March to get some drive time in on weekends. And I got to tell you, I love this car.
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    My 2004 Z-4 is no garage queen. She has studded tires and except when winter provide too much snow to plow through she goes zoom all winter. My cars are made to play with not to sit in a garage to admire. I use one of the trucks when we get a big snow storm but otherwise she does fine with studs.What a fun car..
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    Looking at buying a Z4 coupe and I live in a place where we get REAL snow (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan -- average snowfall of 100 inces/year). I plan on using the car all year (after all it DOES snow in Germany) and would like a bit more info re: your experience in the snow.

    Up here in the great white north the road crews know how to plow. While I live outside the town the plows have typically been through and roads will have snow but rarely is it really deep -- that may be the case when I return from work or in the middle of a blizzard, but not normally. Any advice?
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    If I wanted to look at and not use my Z, I would have bought a photo, not the car. Why not use it as God and BMW intended?

    Snow tires all around, some weight in the trunk, and you're good to go. Just remember to keep the salt washed off, and drive with a little more caution. :)
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    What ^^^ said!
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    Thanks for the advice -- planned on getting winter wheels AND snows. A little worried about the amount of clearance -- don't want to turn into a snow plow :)
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