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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2004+)



  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    Refer to #1200 above?
  • tsntsn Posts: 2
    We have an XLE Ltd, '04. With the factory-installed DVD, is it always necessary to reach back into the vehicle and turn on the DVD player to restart the movie after the engine has been turned off and on again? Is there any way to actually activite the DVD from the dash? (Actually, we find there are many features of the DVD that can only be activited from the DVD player itself, not from the dash. Is this correct?) Also, is there anyway to have the DVD put in the "CD" player behind the NAV up front and broadcast it to the DVD player in the back (as opposed to having to reach back and put it in the machine in the back?) Thanks.
  • I have the same questions about using Synthetic Oil. Also what should be the intervals for my first oil change? Thanks.
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    You can control a lot of the functions of the DVD player via "softkeys" on the NAV screen after inserting the DVD and hitting the disk key twice to display the DVD video on the NAV screen. You still have to put the DVD in the player overhead and hit the "DVD" button on the remote to turn the screen on, but you can do everything else from the NAV screen. However, unless you've made the "DVD anytime" modification (which consists of interrupting the vehicle speed sensor wire and grounding the parking brake wire), you'll only be able to control it while the vehicle is stopped and the parking brake is on. The "big" Sienna forum has directions on how to enable it.
  • I live in Michigan and it is COLD! I own a 2004 Sienna. I have noticed that when ever we travel for any extended time that the passenger side window gets a layer of frost on the inside. It is the window next to the second row. I cannot get rid of it? It is the only window in the vechile like this at the time. Any solutions out there or similar problems?
  • Hi

    i have the same problem trying to see the dvd in the nav scree but have not been able to figure out yet also the "big" sienna forum is to big to find can you please tell me the forun number
  • does anybody has a problem with the 05 ltd sienna pulling right? tire pressure is the same in all 4 tires .
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    I was wondering why I was constantly dialing up my heated seat to the highest position. I called my dealer and, sure enough, my VIN is eligible for TSB #AC005-04. Dealer says wiring harness repair is required. I'm the first one they've encountered, and they 'need to order the tool.' No parts required, apparently.
  • does anybody know why the mileage on the odometer since i bought now has 150 miles and the mileage on the rear view mirror show 340 any ideas/thanks for the input
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    when the dealer fixed mine, it stated they replaced some parts on my sales receipt order.


    In fact, on the day i had scheduled this dealer to do the work they told me to come back because they had to order the parts, and just to confirm that i had the problem.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    i think your confusing this to mean milage driven, rather than mile you have left before the tank goes empty.


    hope that helps
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    Here's a link that's not from the forum to prevent Edmunds problems:


    This only works on 04s. 05s have a different setup and I'm not sure what you have to do with them.
  • my sienna was purchesed on 12/16. on 12/27 with just 295 miles on it the transmission died and the brakes buzz when the anti lock kicks in. the dealer at this point refuses to refund me or cancel the contract. HELP!!!!!
  • please tell me how you got more information
  • thanks for the information now i know what it means
  • the head lights will be shut off automatically after you turn off the engine and unplug the key in minutes. if this was not happened on your van then there shall be a problem.

    you must be sure the key was un-pluged after you left, otherwise, even though you turned off the headlights the battery still will be run out. i experienced this before with my 04 sienna.
  • my sienna was purchesed on 12/16. on 12/27 with just 295 miles on it the transmission died and the brakes buzz when the anti lock kicks in. the dealer at this point refuses to refund me or cancel the contract. HELP!!!!!
  • tsntsn Posts: 2
    thanks for the help. i tried this and you are right. i still find the pressing of the "dvd" button on the remote to be really un-user friendly but otherwise things are better with this information.
  • ewtewt Posts: 127
    I'm not sure what Toyota was thinking when they designed the DVD system. Between that and the need to get rid of that stupid reminder screen, it's not an easy system to use.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Had my bun warmers fixed today. The "special tool" is nothing more than a pin straightener for the harness. It appears Robby Robot jammed the connections together with the pins missing the holes so no connection. Once the pins were in the holes, heat happened at all settings.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Do you know exactly where this harness is, and if it's a job I can do myself?


    I get tired of my vehicles always coming back from their respective dealerships with black fingerprints everywhere.....
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    Wish I could help you out. I have wiring diagrams from Japan I will peruse. If your service people can't keep the car clean, talk to the store owner or drop Toyota USA an email.
  • I never met the problem as you described. But as we all live in the north so your Sienna might have the other potential problems as same as they are found here in Canada, i.e. the leak of coolant caused by the radiator and the lost of power steering hose connection. Call Toyota dealer and you can book the good will services.
  • For those who have the hesitation problem with their V6/transmissions....


    was this problem always there from day 1 of purchase or did this problem develop after some period of time had past?
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    My wife was in a car accident today with our 04 Sienna. Everyone was ok. A chevy SUV hit the car. The damage was to the passenger side bumper and rear panels. The power sliding door still works. I am wondering if I should take it to the body shop that the car insurance company deals with or to the Toyota dealer? Any suggestion or question to ask the adjuster? Thanks
  • The front tires on my 2004 Sienna AWD are Dunlops and are pretty bald after 20k. Did you talk to anyone at Toyota? How can you use a tire that is not the exact same size?
  • Does anyone have this problem. After snow melts on the top of van, it drips into the sliding doors and freezes. Thoughts or solutions?
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    1 can of Silicone spray.

    Lightly coat the door seals.
  • It all depends on if you know a really good body shop . I would see if someone you knew had any body work done before not going to the dealership and how much insurance is going to cover the dealership is ALWAYS more money and if you are paying out of pocket it could get costly . i was hit in my chevy SUV before i had my van and the chevy dealer wanted alot of money to fix the door , front panel and running boards. as the body shop was a little cheaper and did a wonderful job. when i turned it in nobody could tell the work was done.
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