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Ford Mustang Convertible Top Problems



  • I purchased a 2005 last May and am having problems with my convertible top. I put it down recently and it didn't want to raise back up. I took it to my mechanic and he said that the stability bar (???) on the passenger side was twisted and that I'm completely missing it on the drivers side. Last summer I noticed it the passenger side was lagging a bit every time I put it up, but didn't really think much about it. A local Ford dealership is saying to order 1 side is going to be $600. My mechanic said that he could get me an entire top from another car for about $900 plus $400 labor. My question is this: Are there any other options other than those? Can't I just get the bars needed instead of replacing the whole frame?
  • I owned a Sebring convertible for more than 8 years with no problems. I have had my 2010 Mustang convertible for about 16 months and at 13 months experienced a pucker and separation where the top enters the body. I was told I "probably trapped a rock" and that did the damage. Now I notice that on both sides, over the front window the rolled trim is cracking all over. I am really upset about this and have contacted my dealer and am waiting for a reply. Looking for people who have experienced similar problems with this year top. I live in Florida and garage my car and it is only driven Sept- May. This is the only problem I have with this car.
  • I purchased my 2005 in 2006 so it was used. I never experienced any problems with the top at all, until 3/18/2011. I did notice over the years, that when I put the top up, it didn't come all the way to the top window frame, I would use the hand hold to pull it down, and put the pins in place, which is what the dealer told me it was for, so again, didn't think anything about it - however, I've read other posts where this is actually a problem and new owners in 2005 got this repaired by their dealers.

    On 3/17, it was the first beautiful day in KC, and I put the top down. Drove it from a shopping area in KCKS home with the top down - about 15-20 miles. Pulled right into my garage, and left it there over night. The next morning, I went to raise the top as it was much cooler than the day before. I just happened to glance in my rear view mirror as it was raising, and noticed an angle to the top - I turned around and the passenger side was not moving, but the driver side was. I immediately stopped and put it back down. I got out and inspected what I could see, and had my partner try raising the top. As I watched, I noticed that the frame was catching on the plastic covers as it was coming up, and I could not pull it out of place to get it to come up. So, at 42 degrees, I drove it up to the dealer and had them look at it. A few hours later, they called me, and told me they couldn't do anything for it, that they would have to send it out. The service tech actually advised me to come get the car, and take it to the place where they send all of their 'top' issues to, in order to get fixed, and that would save me the up-charge from the dealer.

    I took it down to the repair shop, and the guys looked at it, and they initially could not get the top up even by hand. At first, they were unsure as to the problem themselves. Nothing really looked out of the ordinary, other than what I had already discovered, that the frame was hitting against the plastic covers on the sides. There were no holes or rips in the top.

    They eventually popped the plastic pieces off, and once again, while I held the button, they lifted from both sides. They got it about half way up and we stopped again. After more inspection, he could feel that the frame on the passenger side was severely bent out of place. After inspecting the driver side, the frame (this is the frame within the top, and luckily had not punctured the top), was bent the other way. He then showed me gouges once the plastic pieces were lifted where over time the frame was getting worse and worse. "This did not just happen over night." was his exact words. He then shared with me that after several repairs from the dealer back in 2005 when they first came out, there was an article in a mechanics trade magazine, alerting repair shops of this issue. This guy showed the Service Manager but again, Ford would not accept it as an issue, and therefore did not issue any recall.

    The repair is going to cost $2293.00 to get fixed - $1242.66 for the parts and 867.79 Labor. They are replacing both sides. The gentleman at the repair shop stated initially that Ford only replaced one side. They eventually went to replacing both sides, because eventually the other side would fail and was causing issues with the top, i.e., tearing and holes.

    I contacted Ford, and they of course denied any assistance - stating there was no recall or known defect. Even though both the Service tech and the Service Manager at my local dealership acknowledged they were aware of the issues. So if a local dealer is aware, surely (and by reading the posts on here), there are others around the country, I'm sure enough that would cause Ford to make a recall.

    I was advised to hold on to my receipts - but I was also advised that I should coordinate the repair through my dealer, otherwise, in the event a recall was made, I would not be covered by taking it to the repair shop myself - even though, it was the Service department that advised me to take it to the shop I have it at. Just another charge I would have to incur, having the dealer coordinate this.

    So, I'm asking - if there is anyone else with a 2005 model that has had both sides of their frames repaired and/or top, please contact me - I'd like to show Ford that this is indeed an issue, and that they need to 'man' up and take care of the issue themselves.

    Steve in Olathe KS
  • 08tang08tang Posts: 6
  • delraygirldelraygirl Posts: 5
    Good News-- Ford completely replaced my top, and even gave us a loaner to drive while they had my car. I am a happy camper, let's see how long this top lasts
  • 08tang08tang Posts: 6
    In 2009, I purchased a 08. It was not from a dealer but the owner of the garage who in the past and done my repairs. He buys at auction and is someone I trust implicitly. This winter, I noticed cracking on the piping around the top. In January, I took it to a FORD dealer and they made arrangements to contract the job to have the roof replaced. Upon replacement, I noticed the vinyl was buckled on each corner of the back window; the right worse than, the left. It looks like it has not been attached straight. I immediately took it back to the dealer, who said it needed the warmth of the summer to tighten up the vinyl. Then I noticed some vinyl sticking out and return to the dealer. The service manager and service customer rep pushed the pieces back into place. (?) I live in the prairies in Canada and our winters get extremely cold. Last week, it was finally warm enough to put down the top. Firstly, I noticed it is extremely easy to unlatch; there is no tautness. Secondly, I noticed it is not receding far enough back into place and looks like it isn’t folding in properly. Thirdly, when it is put back up there appears to be fold and pinch marks. I called the service dept and he was to get in touch with the manager. I didn’t hear from him and called him. The car is still on warranty until the middle of this month. He told me he was not prepared to incur the cost of sending 2 men to take the car to the contractor. That basically, it was my responsibility. I emailed the owners and then today received an email from the Service Manager, stating they all agreed I should take the car myself, the contractor would let them know if he could fix it and then they would decide what to do (which more than likely, will be past the end of the warranty). Has anyone else had these problems with a replacement? Although I live in a reasonably large city, I gather there are not a lot of contractors who do this type of work.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Congrats, delraygirl! What changed their minds after they tried to pass it off as a "trapped rock"?


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  • 08tang08tang Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me if the roof mechanism in an '08 is the same as newer and older models and when the change occurred?
  • 05 thru 09 should be the same.check on e-bay for parts.
  • 08tang08tang Posts: 6
    I was told by a person who repairs convertible roofs, there hasn't been a changed since '06. I am not looking for parts but am having a tough time with a dealer. I bought the car used (one year) but not from this dealer though someone I trust totally, who owns a garage and purchases at auction. The piping on the roof cracked, the dealer outsourced it for replacement; however, the guy stretched it wrong and it doesn't seem to be closing properly. When I wanted the service manager to put a roof down on one in the lot, he said it was a different mechanism. Since I have been getting the run around from this dealer and Service Manager, I wanted to know if this is true. Thanks.
  • How bad was the cracking? I have the same problem on my 2010. Doesn't look too bad now, my mechanic and my local dealer both say it looks like normal wear and tear that would occur where the top folds. I'm trying to determine if I should pursure having the top replaced under warranty or not.
  • It was pretty bad. I would say a dozen cracks all along the piping above the windows. I had a Sebring convertible for 8 yrs with no cracking so I do not consider this normal, and in the end neither did Ford and I got a new top.
  • edujeduj Posts: 2
    The same EXACT thing happened to me this weekend here in Hawaii with my 2005 Mustang convertible. It is now at the dealer, and I await the news. What can be done?
  • edujeduj Posts: 2
    Same thing happened to me this weekend. [email protected]
  • I'm looking into purchasing a 05-08 GT Convertible, this concerns me. Wouldn't it be cheaper out of warranty to get a 3rd party top? Autotopsdirect has them for $559 with a 5 year warranty, has anyone found a good, reliable 3rd party manufacturer? Thanks!
  • The actual "top" (the top, pads and headliner) is not the problem....the metal components that make the top go up and down is where the problem lies. I've seen web sites out there that sell and warrant the top, but not the metal arms that make the top function. If Autotopsdirect sells the complete convertible top configuration and (most importantly) warrants the metal components as well, then that five-year warranty (especially at that price) sounds smart. If not, it's a waste of your time and money.
  • :) My 2005 Ford Mustang Convertible repair
    Hello , I own a 2005 Ford Mustang Convertible , My problem is that the mechanism that is on the drivers side top corner of the windshield frame snapped and is barely holding down the top when

    closed , I would like to know if you know where I can get a replacement , and possibly look at a video , or read something that tells me how to replace it . .

    Thanks for your time , and Help .

    Please reply to me at ,
  • skyspyskyspy Posts: 3
    Your only recourse is to find a convertible top repair shop in your area. This won't be a cheap fix, either, so be aware and do some shopping around if you can. If it makes you feel any better (which it won't), even if you were still under warranty (and/or have the extended Premier warranty), Ford still won't cover it. 2005 Mustang owners got screwed, big time. This is a problem Ford was fully aware of back in 2005, yet they never recalled them and won't repair them.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 584
    Does anyone have a favorite brand of cleaner and protectant for convertible tops.?.
    Namely those products which are specifically designed for cloth tops care.

    There's one from Google search which seems to favor a product called - RaggTopp.

    Are there any others you guys give merit to consideration?
  • Raggtopp is it.
    Your top material is made by the Haartz company sp.
    They make the material for almost all convertibles worldwide.
    They recommend Raggtopp only to clean and protect their materials.

    Karl at
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 584
    edited February 2012
    When preparing my cloth top for protectant application I did these things.

    1 Lightly vacuumed using a fine horse hair attachment. No plastic or harsh bristles necessary, Can use a horse hair shoe buffing brush which is acceptable...

    2. Rolled top with a sticky lint roller to remove misc, including hair.

    3. Used a little water (the universal solvent) to clean spots with a horse hair brush allowed it to dry.

    4. Masked all windows and covered painted surfaces to keep spray blow-by off.

    5. Mildly sprayed 1 coat of RaggTopp and let dry for at least recommended time.

    6. Sprayed a moderate amount for 2nd coat of RaggTopp protectant an let it dry fully.

    7. Tested areas to see how water beads.

    8. Avoided linty rags or towels for drying. Could use blower easily while outside.

    9. Remove and save masking materials for next time.

    An ounce of prevention is usually worth a pound of cure. :D
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    A reporter is looking to hear from new car buyers who considered buying a convertible within the last year but opted for something else. If you’d like to share your story, please email [email protected] no later than 4p.m. Pacific /7p.m. Eastern Thursday, March 15, 2012 with your daytime contact information.
  • lindyslindys Posts: 1
    We purchased our 2010 Mustang convertible in April of 2010. About 6 weeks ago I noticed the cracking along the piping also. I would say it was very bad. Cracking and also flaking away, along about 60% of piping both sides of the car. We took it to the Ford dealership where we purchased it, they took pictures, many pictures and emailed the pictures to Ford. Ford ordered a new roof. We are just waiting for it to arrive and be installed.

    Our mustang is a third car, and garage kept. It is rarely out in the weather. We live in the northeast and the car isn't driven from December - March. So this issue doesn't seem to be weather or maintenance related. That's probably why the roofs are replaced without an argument.
    Delarygirl, how is the new roof? No cracking on this one?
  • 08tang08tang Posts: 6
    So far it is OK; however, due to not owning a second car, I do drive it throughout the winter so, time will tell. I was not happy with the installation and because I had purchased the car used and not from the dealer, they did little after contracting it out. I personally had to take the car to the installers and then return it when I noticed buckling and sloppy workmanship. It does not fit as taut as the factory installation. I did send in a complaint to Ford.
  • My top looks beautiful and has no cracks in this new roof. Maroone Ford in Delray jobbed out the replacement and the install is perfect, just like original. I drive top down here in Florida from mid October until mid April and the top is up and down several times a day. Car is garaged when not in use.
  • The top material is vinyl and stretchable...when warm!
    The CLOSED top needs to sit under the hot sun which will allow it to stretch into correct fit. After one summer, the top will fit like a glove.
    If the installer fitted it loose when new, in a year, it would fit like a blanket on a pig.
    Convert tops should NEVER be raised or lowered in temperatures lower than 70 F. which allows the fabric enough elasticity to bend and fold without stress.
    This is what caused the piping to crack, Next would be the fabric behind the back window where the most severe fold happens.
  • Thanks for the info re: temp about raising and lowering the roof. The original roof fit perfectly. It was the replacement, which was loose and hasn't really tightened up, as per the original fit.
  • beestangbeestang Posts: 1
    I had just bought a 2012 Mustang convertable last August. The top has faded and has water spots all over it which I can't get them out regardless of what I use. I called the dealership several times and they have not gotten back to me. Any idea what I should use to get these waterspots off my top?
  • I purchased my car new and the piping on both the drivers and passenger side areas started to peel away after 6 months of owning the car. I took it to the dealer, whereby, they took pictures and replaced the roof no questions asked. I have since, however, had my roof replaced 2 times after that with problems with the rear defroster detaching from the back rear panel. So in 3 years of owning this car, I have had a new roof put on every year.
  • wilcoxwilcox Posts: 584
    edited December 2013
    According to an article recently published about 2015 Mustang convertible, rag tops in vinyl may no longer be offered. Fabric material only.

    Our 2010 fabric topped GT has been giving us good service, however the vehicle is not a 'daily driver' and is kept in a garage and cared for.
  • Hey guys, I have a 2005 and now having problems with my top. The first thing to happen, was I got oil on the passenger seat belt and now when I try to open it, the motor runs, but just clicks. Any suggestions?
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