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Lexus RX 400h Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • dadcatdadcat Posts: 29
    You cannot voice dial with the RX Bluetooth phone as you can with the Acura RL. Voice recognition on the RX is only for the NAV and climate control. Another RX annoyance is the phone dial keypad and the NAV destinations are both disabled while the car is in motion, except for the one-touch pre-programmed phone numbers. In addition, the programmed phone numbers are grayed out on the one-touch keypad while in motion, so you have to remember which of the up to 17 one-touch numbers is the correct one to dial.

    BOttom line: The RX tech features are a generation behind the Acura RL's.
  • kap2kap2 Posts: 2
    The touch screen on my navigation system is not responding to touch. Other functions in the system continue to work, including through voice, but no functions on the screen respond to touch commands.

    Any thoughts or will this require a service call.
  • katzjamrkatzjamr Posts: 146
    what is the screen displaying when it has stopped responding. if the screen is totally blank its possible it was turned off. are you saying its frozen one one view?
  • kap2kap2 Posts: 2
    The screen is not blank, although I can turn it off with the voice command. It will show any of the screens that correspond to the buttons below, but will not respond to touch. I brought it to the dealer and they are trying to figure out what to do. Sounds like a major fix is required.

    Very disappointing for a vehicle with just 3,500 miles.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    If you look into the Navigation Quick Guide you will find some of the Voice Commands that the system will recognize. In regards to HOME try using "GO HOME" for a higher success rate. Lastly, I always recommend rolling up the windows and quieting the interior before making a command. ;)
  • dadcatdadcat Posts: 29
    Saying "Go Home" works poorly too. It often puts up the icons for Golf Courses when I say that, except under perfectly quiet conditions (car stopped, engine and climate control off). The voice recognition system is just not reliable under any other conditions.
  • dsilver2dsilver2 Posts: 12
    Has anyone been successful in trasfering the phone directory from a Motorola bluetooth phone to the car?

    Thank you,
  • ke2feke2fe Posts: 37
    I see icons on my gps screen. I have tried to delete them, but I can't seem to get them off. Do you have any suggestions?
  • dadcatdadcat Posts: 29
    Try activating the voice recognition button and saying "POI off" to deactivate the POI icons on the screen.
  • nighnigh Posts: 16
    I cannot put the entire phone number into the space for directions using the phone number..Any comments...
  • I heard that I can modify the software in my RX400h so that I can dial out on the phone and enter an address in the Nav system while the car is moving. How do I do this?
  • Page 123 of the 2006 Lexus Nav system manual explains how to do this. The problem is that it says you can transfer the address BOOK, but with my Moto RAZR I can only transfer one phone number at a time.
  • dsilver2dsilver2 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I found, I had no problem bonding my Moto RAZR with the car but I had to transfer one phone number at a time which is a tedious process. I also have a BMW 530xi, which automatically bonded and transfered the whole phone directory which took less than 2 minutes.
  • nighnigh Posts: 16
    When I enter the phone number of my destination on the GPS, it will only allow me to enter 9 of the 10 numbers. Anyone have comments or suggestions?
  • fbrownfbrown Posts: 1
    I have a problem getting to the correct address. When the information is entered the system will take me near the address but never completely there. I am always about 1 block away but the system says you have arrived long before I get there. When I press MAP the address given never matches the address I am in front of. The dealer repair service claims this is OK. I never had this problem with my Mercedes SUV. Anyone else with this problem?
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,179
    I think that is for a nine digit zip code. 92032-1001
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    Another discussion you might want to check for help and advice on this is our general XM & Sirius Satellite Radio discussion over on the Automotive News & Views board.

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  • vdocvdoc Posts: 23
    I didn't use my navigation system much during the first 6 months I had the car except maybe for looking up restaurants. After I started using it more regularly I had several instances when I entered the exact address and either the system guided me entirely in the wrong direction or could not locate the address at all. These addresses were not in newly developed areas. They were in well established neighborhoods (30-40 years.) Some addresses it couldn't find were actually stores in strip shopping centers.
    Last week I needed to pick up someone at National Car Rental at Miami International Airport, about 10 miles from my home. I entered National Car Rental and it gave me locations in Miami Beach (15 miles) and Ft. Lauderdale (35 miles.) I then tried entering it as National Rentacar. Again it gave me the same two plus Melbourne, Orlando, etc. (100's of miles away. No MIA listed. I went over to the dealer and showed them the problem I was having as well as some of the other locations it couldn't find. They said that the system was really sensitive and if you don't enter the name or address exactly right, it will not find it. WE finally did find the National Rental Car in Miami. Here's how we did it: Category - Travel-Rental Cars - National. National Rental Car was listed in the system as National-Miami International (nothing about cars, rental, etc.) We also looked for a chain grocery across the street from the dealer. It couldn't find it but it found a dozen other of the company's stores within 25 miles. We then went back and put a hyphen in the name and it found it. Point is, if I am spelling the name wrong why did it find the other stores? It's all really absurd. All of these instances were in and around my home town. If I ever got into an area where I was really unfamiliar (that's when you need the system) I might really be in trouble. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behavior? :confuse:
  • dadcatdadcat Posts: 29
    That is what I observe too, but it is normal for the Nav system to give you advance warning that you have arrived, so you don't go past. If you glance at the map when it says you have arrived, you should see that the target address has not been reached yet.
  • I bought an RX 400h three weeks ago. Mine has every option BUT Sirius. I too wanted the in-dash look, but my dealer said the same thing - no Sirius for the hybrids. They also cautioned me about having anything installed aftermarket. With nearly 200kw of electricity under the hood, it's extremely dangerous to mess with any of the wiring.

    I wound up going to Radio Shack and buying a Sirius S50. It is amazing. The FM modulator is extremely clear - I would say it is definately CD quality sound. I have it plugged into the 12v outlet on the floor between the front seats, and I keep the unit in the center console. I can't find a very good place to mount it, I like the "factory" look.

    I have an XM Roady in my Nissan Armada. The FM modulator on the Roady is HORRIBLE - the sound quality is like AM radio (in MONO!). Thankfully the Armada has an auxillary audio jack, so you can run a 1/8" cord into it. I was somewhat puzzled that the RX 400h didn't include an AUX jack or an iPod port.

    Maybe someday Lexus will release a satellite upgrade for us. Until then, I'd say go with the Sirius S50. You will NOT be sorry!!

  • vdocvdoc Posts: 23
    Having learned from this forum that you can't transfer phone numbers from a Verizon phone to the embedded Bluetooth, I switched to Cingular and traded my Razr V3c for a SLVR L6. The SLVR L6 was not listed in the Lexus Bluetooth compatibility chart but when I called Lexus, the person I spoke with said that one of the people who worked in the department had a new SLVR phone and it worked fine. I also called Motorola beforehand to ask if there was any technical difference between the Razr and the SLVR and was told by Motorola they were the same. Problem is, when I place a call in my car and dial from the handset (can't use the Lexus touchpad when you're moving...)the call connects several seconds before you can hear the party through the handsfree speaker or they can here you. Unless the party is patient, it often results in them hanging up on you. After several calls and emails to Motorola support plus a letter to Motorola customer relations that went unanswered, I finally took the phone to a 3rd level Motorola service center in town. The technician told me right away that this was a problem with the SLVR L6 and L7 that had something to do with the Bluetooth antenna in the Lexus, BMW, and one other luxury car. Apparently whomever I talked to at Motorola before I bought the phone was wrong when they said that the Razr and the SLVR were the same phone. Unless someone's figured out a way to dial out on the navi touchpad while you're moving, I guess I'm stuck with the problem until Motorola addresses it (or not). :cry:
  • My GPS also does this and I think it's the way it's supposed to be and this is fine for me. This way, you have time to move over right or left. If you look at the graphical display, it should still be accurate and show the target up a little bit farther.
  • i have 06 rx400h, just found out that 07 rx350 has mp3 capability in it, which mine dont have. is there way of programming it in there. when i put in mp3 disc in it, it shows the track and time counting but no volume.
  • i have 06 rx400h, just found out that 07 rx350 has mp3 capability in it, which mine dont have. is there way of programming it in there. when i put in mp3 disc in it, it shows the track and time counting but no volume.
  • i just bought my RX400h last week and asked the dealer about XM and iPod adapters... although there appears to be a Vais technologies adapter for both, he gave me a vague answer that basically said, "i'll get back to you, you may have to wait a while..." does anyone else have more info that that? i love my new RX but if i have to listen to the radio any more i will lose my MIND!!
  • merickmerick Posts: 8
    if you have navigation in your car, i strongly recommend the following:

    VAIS Technology
    phone: 720-733-2348

    I had the XM Vais adaptor with direct recharging IPOD hook up linked right into my navigation screen so it shows artist, title and if you are into sports, all sports scores are updated almost instaneaneously.

    if you contact vais by email, they will locate the nearest dealer to get it installed. works perfectly. about $500 for the unit ($300) and installation (~$200). easily the best investment i made in the car.

  • merickmerick Posts: 8
    one quick clarification. the direct Ipod hook up is an auxilliary connection only so you have to control it still through your ipod and it does not show the information on the navigation screen. the vais units let's you pick one item you want directly connected into your navigation while the other item has to go through auxilliary. i strongly suggest you link the XM into the navigation and use Ipod as auxilliary.
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    Just to give this a long needed bump.... has anyone figured out a new override sequence for the 2007 (version 6.1) nav system yet?
  • gtophgtoph Posts: 22
    Not that I've done or will do it. But looks like there is a new lockpick version for the 2007 prius. I think that one is the 6.1 version so maybe it'll work in other models as well.

    I was messing around in the diagnostic screen the other day and from what I remember the version reported actually said Denso 6.05.xxxx something or other.
  • drbillddrbilld Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the process necessary to play DVD's from the Navigation system? I know there are companies that do this. Has anyone been successful or found the right equipment. I have a 2006 400H.
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