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I have heard adding 22 inch rims and tires to the Lincoln Navigator destroys the ride and you end up chasing the vehicle down the street because you no longer have the benefit of the suspension because you have less tire. Would I be better off buying a nice 17 inch rim and the largest tire to fit the rim to maximize comfort.

I understand you can't take an out of town drive on 22 inch rims and tires...


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    It really depends on the tire size and how much sidewall is left. If it's a rubber band tire then it will ride like concrete. I wouldn't go above 18" on a car or 20" on a large truck or SUV and I wouldn't go below a 45 aspect ratio if you want to maintain good ride quality.
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    If you are asking those questions, you already know the answers.
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    I have one with 24 pirellis tires on Giovanna rims and it rides like butter. Drove 1000 miles two weeks ago. But then I just got it so maybe I should wait a bit to see.
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    I've got 24's as well on Nitto 420's. Mine doesn't ride like butter, but it's pretty smooth. I've got to get new tires. Anyway, do you know of any engine tuners that will work with the 07 Navigator? I know they had them for the 04's because that's what I had before, but I haven't seen anything for the 07's.
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    Can u briefly describe what you did to your 04 Gator re: engine tuning?
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    I didn't actually do it. I was going to, but since I was getting rid of the vehicle anyway, I didn't see the sense in spending $300 for the part. By engine tuning, I mean getting some type of module to change the vehicles' onboard computer configuration. It will allow you to input the wheel/tire size, select what type of configuration you want (ie, economy), etc. The only brand I'm familiar with is Superchips, but they don't have one available for the 07.
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    I've read the posts and it sounds like the 22 in rims along w a 35 ratio would lead to an uncomfortable ride. Does it have any effect on the mechanics of the vehicle? Are there any precautions necessary before changing to this sized wheel?
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    I have 65,000 on my 2004 Navigator and I was thinking of replacing the tires soon. New tires are around $200 each. I came up what I thought would be a cheap way to replace them. I would use my spare which is a new original to the car Michelin and get three others from the junk yard ( new spares off of totaled Navigators), tires are $100 each. These "new" tires are actually about 5 years old now. Lincoln dealer actually thought it was a good idea. I have researched the subject of ageing tires and they recommend replacing tires after 6 years used or not. I think I will spend the extra and buy new tires. Any thoughts on tires?
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    Tires will dry rot after a few years - I wouldn't take the chance. You'd be better off with cheaper new tires. Try Costco ( or Most local stores will match their prices.
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    The dealerships have been advertising buy 4 tires get one free. They have been running full page ads for weeks. Needing new tires for my Nav 2004 I checked prices. Even by getting one tire "free" there prices were higher than Discount tire. No wonder Ford is in trouble. Anybody have recommendations for what brand tires to buy? They no longer make the Michelin "cross terrain".
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    Michelins go on sale at Costco starting 11/14 - $60 off a set of four. If you are a member and want to try to stick with a Michelin model, it may be worth seeing what they have. Seems like this sale happens every couple of months.

    Discount and TireRack will probably have similar deals - tires go on sale all the time. Can't say that I've ever bought more than 4 at a time (even for my AWD wagon, which is a bit fussy about matching tire circumferences).

    TireRack has owner reviews too.
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