Infiniti M35 vs Infiniti G35

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After reading the review and examining the photos of the 2007 G35 at the Freshalloy web site I am not sure what's left to separate my 2006 M35X from the new 2007 G35X. Arguably the interior is different (albeit closer to the M now) but the new G has the majority of the tech features historically unique to my M (better Bose sound system, push button start, HID adaptive head lights, adaptive cruise, bluetooth connectivity, etc) and the exterior clearly borrows heavily from the M's design. And it now can be ordered with the XM Navtraffic an improvement over the current M's nav system. I am all for a brand identity but the M should be readily discernible from the G, I don't think it is at this point.


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    If you are concerned about the new G, wait until you read about the new Altima. It will have keyless,nav, rear monitor,plus. Sic transit gloria for the M

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    I'm exploring/shopping cars and have spent time sitting in and test driving G35, Altima, M35, BMW 3 and 5, Mercedes E350. I am surprised to find comparisons of Altima with M35. I understand that Nissan is allowing G35 and Altima to catch up with M35/M45 in terms of some tech features, and making it faster. Nonetheless, G35 and Altima, while the new ones will obviously outrun some more expensive cars, do not give the same type of overall driving experience as an M35 or a BMW 5 or a Mercedes E series. I'm not saying everyone who is willing to spend 50K+ would be happier with the more expensive cars, but some will, even if they cannot out-race an Altima or G35 "off-the-line" or on the Autobahn.
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    What do you mean by "do not give the same type of overall driving experience"? Is the ride rougher in a G35 than a M35? They both have the same suspension.
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    If I may reply to this message, I had my M35 in for a regular service and was given a G35 sedan for a loaner. I am so spoiled with the features on my M that I could not wait to get it back. The ride on the G35 does not even come close to the M35. Even though the Bluetooth is eratic on the receiver of a call, It still sounds good in the car.The only negative I can say about the M35 is the low beam headlights, I cannot see past 35 feet with my low beams, I will be sending a certified letter to Infiniti stating that this issue needs to be addressed before someone is injured or killed with this defect in the lighting system.The dealership was no help in resolving this issue.
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    I enjoy these conversations about cars and you ask a good question. I think these distinctions (about why one group of buyers might "fall in love" with one car, while another group "falls in love" with a different one) are often hard to pin down.

    I had a "wow!" reaction when I first drove the M35 and also when I first drove the G35. With the G35, I wasn't in love with how it looks. I love the aesthetics of the M35 and the G35 coupe, but not the G35 sedan. I love the BMW 3 series from the early 90s through the changeover in 2005-2006. The new one doesn't turn my head the way the old one did. One thing, for me, is that the M35 looks (not sure of the eaxct right words) "sumptuous, rich, expensive". One reviewer wrote "In rare, wonderful moments, a car shows up that is exactly what it's supposed to be, does just what it's supposed to do and delights well beyond expectation ...The new M is the best thing Infiniti's done and comes close to making BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Cadillac irrelevant. It offers as much panache and performance as those do with fewer privations, at sometimes-lower prices." So, I guess, for me, the M has that "panache" and the G35 sedan doesn't, while it is a great performer.
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    They do not have the same platform. The FM platform in the G is not nearly as rigid as the modified FM platform in the M (60% different parts). It is more than just a stretched version.

    I agree with the other poster; after having a G as a loaner, I could not wait to get back in the M. The driving dynamics are just different (the G is faster off the line, though--thanks to weight).
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    Jiddo writes:

    The only negative I can say about the M35 is the low beam headlights, I cannot see past 35 feet with my low beams, I will be sending a certified letter to Infiniti stating that this issue needs to be addressed before someone is injured or killed with this defect in the lighting system. The dealership was no help in resolving this issue.

    Check earlier posts in this forum. There is a thread that describes an easy adjustment to raise the headlights using a large phillips head screwdriver to turn a single adjustment wheel on each headlight housing. It was very easy to do. I adjusted mine within a week of getting my M35X last August.

    -- zidecar
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    I agree with the other poster; after having a G as a loaner, I could not wait to get back in the M.

    Doc ... We're on the same page, although for the money I think the G is a remarkable value. It's usually what I get as a loaner and it's fun to drive ... but just doesn't trip my trigger the way my M does. When this current lease is up, however, there's a distinct possibility I'll switch to a G because I drive so little it's overkill to tool around in a $50+K vehicle. In addition here in AZ we pay for our plates based on vehicle value (it's a personal property tax) and when I want luxury my wife's GX470 gets the job done quite well! Bart :shades:
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    I agree---just search the forum and find the adjust headlights message via search.

    I used it 1 year ago after I got my new M35x and it only took about 5 minutes out on a country road to raise the headlights just enough to see.

    I haven't noticed it for months and the other drivers don't comlain either (by flashing theor lights at me in oncoming traffic)

    I had to turn the screw about 4 full turns on the passenger side and 5 full turns on the drivers side.

    Other than that 12,0000 miles and 14 months later--I love this car!
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    Were these the High Intensity Discharge (HID) xenon low-beam headlights with automatic leveling?

    Did you get the problem resolved?
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    Yes, I have the xenon lights, and I have not tried to adjust them as yet. I did locate the cog wheels for the low beams , they are in a almost closed area behind the low beam headlights.I am worried about screwing them up by adjusting them since they are the adaptive lights that move with the steering wheel.
    I love my new M35 and as in a previous posting I really enjoyed a recent road trip, the performance was awesome , up to over 100 mph without even realizing it , the ride was very smooth and effortless. got about 22 mpg on the road,16 mpg in the city. My 2 Lexus GS models before I made this change were very good cars, with no trouble whatsoever, I hope that my M will give me the same trouble free service. The only negative about the M are the headlights , the eratic bluetooth behavior, and just a little bit noisier than the Lexus. the nav system is great I am still learning about the different features in the nav.It can do so much and gives you so much info when you learn all of the features, it could be a little overwheming if you are not tuned to such things.As for the controls on the dash and steering wheel I think they work fine and look good , and being able to do almost anything on the dash with voice commands is great.
    Oh ,by the way I changed to my M because the Lexus GS trunk was so small you couldn't even get any decent sized luggage in it, much less my golf clubs.
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    Before I bought my 05 G35, I test drove the M just before making my final decision. I loved the M through and through. It is truly a luxurious ride, albeit not a luxurious as a Lexus. But at the end of the day, I wanted more performance and less luxury. The G35 with a sport suspension got the nod.
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    I have the adaptive lights as well, and the adjustment has totally handled it for me. I think you'll be very happy if you do it.

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    Hi. As a new owner of 2007 M35X the only compliant I have is the same as yours. Have you found a solution? Has anyone delt with this problem that you know of? The second day I had the car I brought it back to the dealer and told them the same exact thing you had written and told them to please adjust the low beams up - they said they did. However, there's NO difference. Any help?
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    Here's the message people have been talking about.

    Just follow the directions yourself and all will be well. It's very easy to do, and many owners have done it and are completely satisfied.

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    I am also curious if the 2007 G (non sport) will have as smooth a ride as the M35. By smooth ride, I mean less harsh and jolting over uneven pavement. Has anyone done a comparison between the M and the 2006 G35 (nonsport), and care to share your thoughts about the ride quality? Thanks

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    The 2007 G35 seems to have a significantly upgraded nav-system. It is hard-drive base, and includes traffic monitoring and voice-recognition control of the navigation, radio, and climate systems. It also tells you which precise lane to be in for freeway navigation.

    The navigation system in the 2007 G35 seems more advanced (and has more features) then the system on the 2007 M35/M45.

    Below is a description of the 2007 G35 nav system from someone's review: "The Navigation Package consists of a GPS-based system employing a 30GB hard disc drive (which displaces the in-dash, six-CD changer to the trunk and contains a 9.5GB partition for user-recorded audio tracks); MP3-capable compact flash media slot (also used to copy audio to the HDD and update the map database); lane guidance, which preps a driver for a left or right exit ramp from a freeway; voice recognition for climate control, audio and navigation; and a three-month trial subscription to Sirius or XM satellite radio, the latter including real-time traffic information where available."
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    Am presently the proud owner of a 2003 G35 that I bought new in Mar of 2002. I love it but want to update to a 2007 because of all the new technology and improved handling.

    Robert Snider of Escondido Infiniti near San Diego took me for a test drive of both the 2007 G35 Journey and the 2007 M35.

    I loved everything about the new G compared to my 2003, it is faster and really fun to drive, a beautiful four door sports car that I would be and probably will be very proud to own. The handling was perfect and held beautifully on sharp curves, much better than BMWs for me! The technology of all the gadgets really attracted me and I would buy everything they make for it except the sports suspension. The regular suspension is excellent for sports car type handling.

    I next drove the M35 and compared to the G35 was very slow to accelerate. The power of the G is 306 hp and only 275 for the M. The M also weighs 500 pounds more so the M really seemed slow by comparison. The M is really unexciting to drive compared to the G. It is a wonderful car though and many people would never notice, I am only 76 years old and need a fun car to drive, my 2003 G has been and I can't bring myself to lose the fun of driving.

    They are both wonderful cars but the G wins for me with no regard to the price difference, I can afford both so that doesn't matter.

    Good luck to all.


    San Diego, CA
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    ...I am only 76 years old and need a fun car to drive...

    I sure hope I'm still into (and able to handle) fast cars when I reach that age! :) :shades:
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    Ill 2nd that comment about 76!

    I know this is pure speculation, but I'm thinking that a lot of the goodies in the 2007 G Sedan will show up in the 2008 M35. I leased a 2007 M35x back in August on the 21 month lease. So I am anticipating that in May 2008 I will be looking at another M35x but with the next gen VQ engine as well as the other nice technical advancements that the M will get with a 'freshening'.

    I do like the 2007 G sedan tho. To me it seems like a cross between an M and a G coupe.

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