Sporadic Road Groove Type High Pitch Vibration

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Our 1995 Mercury Cougar has developed an intermittent or sporadic high frequency/pitch vibration that when it occurs, simulates the sound of driving over road grooves or a washboard. When it first occurred, this is what I thought it was, just road grooves. But now it occurs sporadically, seems mostly under acceleration, and only for a short moment. There doesn't seem to be any predictability to it, but it does occur regularly over smooth road. Could this be a transmission problem? Thanks for any help.


  • blackgtpblackgtp Member Posts: 19
    Is the exhaust contacting something as the powertrain flexes under acceleration? Is a heat shield vibrating? Can you feel the vibration in the seat, the steering wheel, the floor, or can you just hear it not feel it?
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    It's something more noticeable to the ear than feeling it, possibly due to each occurrence lasting only a second or two. I know it's tough without a test drive to know, but I don't think it is anything like exhaust rubbing, but think I'll climb under it and take a look, see if the mounts are loose.

    One thing I was wondering is if there is anything in the transmission where any kind of slippage or something might cause this kind of trouble?

    Thanks for the help
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