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Honda Fit Safety & Crash Test Results



  • The number for Honda is 800-999-1009 have your VIN handy

    I continue to get the run-a-round from Honda. They will tell you that there is not a recall at this time. They will not give any other information.

    On their site they claim to be 'concerned about safety' but from their behavior it seems like they are more concerned with hiding this flaw in their products from customers.

    My question is -- how many people need to get hurt (or die) before Honda does something!
  • I just received the official Safety Improvement Campaign: FIT SRS Control Unit today in the mail. This is in regard to the frontal impact crash testing conducted by the NHTSA. Basically, the letter states that Honda is conducting a safety improvement campaign that involves reprogramming of the supplemental restraint system (SRS)control unit and telling me to contact my Honda dealer to have this problem reprogrammed.
    Just thought I would share and see if anyone else received this notice. I plan on making an appointment next week. :sick:
  • I have not received mine yet. Maybe they are starting with the first ones sold. I bought mine in October. Hopefully it will come soon.
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    Supposedly the Fits built after Nov 6 have the new airbag programming. I wonder how we'd check that?
  • I received the letter from Honda in today's mail. I'm gonna wait a little while before taking it in for the fix. Maybe that'll give the dealer some experience so that when they do mine it'll go a bit quicker.

  • I got my airbag notice last Friday regarding the Fit. Today I also noticed in USA Today that there is another problem potentially: odometer. The link follows and includes Fits to November 7 2006:
  • I called my Honda dealer today and told them about the notice I had received in the mail regarding the airbag problem and reprogramming. They had not even gotten any notice from Honda about this problem and, upon checking with his service manager, the software to fix this problem has not even arrived yet. When my service contact tried looking up this problem on Honda's Website he found no notice of recall their either. I trust my dealership as they have done all work for me on all my Honda's for 15 years without any problems. He advised me to call back in about two weeks to see if the software was in for reprogramming. :confuse:
    Upon asking why they did not know and I did he stated that Honda had sent letters out to their customers first without notifying service departments as should have happened before sending letter to customers.
    By the way, I purchased my FIT in mid June 2006.
  • fitluverfitluver Posts: 198
    I got my airbag notice last Friday regarding the Fit. Today I also noticed in USA Today that there is another problem potentially: odometer. The link follows and includes Fits to November 7 2006:

    Interesting article. I wonder if American made automobiles are more accurate as one person in the article was quoted as saying.
  • I received notice from Honda regarding the odomoeter two weeks ago. The vehicles listed in the letter, which include 2007 fits manufactured before November, automatically receive a 15% extension on their warranties.
  • I havent received any notice regarding my odometer. Mine was built in September. I did just receive my airbag recall notice today. It goes in to my Honda dealer to have the computer reprogrammed tomorrow morning.
  • Took my Fit in to the dealer today, they reprogrammed the SRS computer, & it was ready to go in an hour.
  • Anybody know if Canadian Fits are affected?
  • Just a little over 24 hours after buying my brand new Sport 5m, I got rear-ended while parked. I was across the street, and a friend of mine told me that I was hit. I, of course, thought he was just kiddin'. Sadly, he was not.

    The damage wasn't all that bad. A minivan hit the truck parked behind me, and that truck rolled up and tagged my bumper. My bumper cracked a little, and has the imprint of his license plate.

    The frustrating thing about all this, is that I have been driving for 11 years, and nothing has happened to my 5 other vehicles. But one day after owning my first brand new car... something does happen. bummer.

    So, anyone else got a sob story about their fit getting hit?

    It's kinda like a support group. ;)
  • _nate_nate Posts: 5
    Sorry to hear about your Fit. Hope Honda/you insurance company takes care of you and the car. Can you keep us posted on how the repairs go?
  • Sure thing. I googled his insurance company, and I couldn't find the number immediately as the first several links were dedicated to saying how awful said insurance company was! :surprise:

    My frustration is that if the damage is over 1500 dollars to my vehicle, then I have to file a claim with the DMV... which involves standing in line, AWESOME!!!

    I tried calling around to get a phone estimate, but no one would do it over the phone. I don't need a real estimate, just a ball-park to see if I need to file it.

    I had plans on getting the windows tinted tomorrow, but I guess I'll have other plans now. Any good body shops in Portland? :mad:
  • _nate_nate Posts: 5
    How much is/was your window tinting going to be? I found a place in Maryland to do it for $220, but if I go to a local car show and pay for it there, I get it for 50% off.
  • Hey, I don't want this thread to get jacked, so I'll reply over on the Accessories and Modifications thread.
  • My wife just involved an accident. She was hit from rear at a stop-and-go highway traffic. Her Fit was pushed forward to raise her front pickup up to the Fit roof. The roof holds half of weight of the 4500-lb pickup well, so my wife can got out the car easily without any scratch.

    I took pictures of the totalled Fit and showed my friends. Everyone was amazed this small car hold strong and my wife was o.k. We plan to buy another Fit after insurance company reimburses our loss. The Fit crash test rating is not an illusion. Fit is a safe car indeed.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    can you post the photo? I'm confused how a pickup truck could end up on top of the Fit if the accident was during slow moving stop and go traffic?
  • I estimate the speed of the car who hit our Fit was at least 30+ mph. The force was so severe, it pushed our Fit to raise her front pickup up.
  • :cry: My 4 month old Red Fit AT Sport got hit by very large pieces (the size of your arm) chunks of ice falling off a TV tower this Spring. Estimates of $1300 & $1600 to the roof dings. The TV station was not legally responsible....act of God or some such thing. Insurance did cut me a check. Other cars in my work parking lot lost windshields and had even more damage. :cry:
  • FrungyFrungy Posts: 5
    I bought a Fit a month ago and was rear ended yesterday. Traffic was stopped on a state route, but the jeep behind me plowed into me at about 30 mph. My car moved forward and rear ended a pickup truck in front of me. Both sides of my car were crushed, the jeep and pickup were unscathed. Luckily me and my dad in the passenger seat were able to walk away without any injuries apart from whiplash. However, none of the airbags deployed, which was a big concern for me. Considering both the rear and front were crumpled, I'd expect they to deploy. I'm not sure if I should be upset, or happy that we managed to make it out uninjured yet with a totaled car.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The airbags are not designed to deploy in a rear crash. I think the 2009 Fit is supposed to get active front headrests, which should help protect against whiplash. For the front, it depends on how fast your car was traveling when it hit the other car. I've heard that the trigger speed for deploying the front airbags is somewhere around 20 mph. Since it was a rebound, it could very well have been less than 20 mph. The airbags are called a "supplemental restraint system" for a reason. For low-speed frontal impacts, your seat belt is your primary restraint. When they need help in a more severe crash, the airbags deploy. In this case, the restraint systems did their job and protected you (except the headrests, which are not the Fit's strength). And you (and your insurance company) don't have the added expense of replacing the airbags--which can be a considerable cost. Also, when they deploy some minor injury is possible. So maybe you should be glad that the airbags did NOT deploy.
  • FrungyFrungy Posts: 5
    I suppose, but like I said, the car was totaled so nobody's replacing anything... they're scrapping the car The frontal crash was a rebound, but it still managed to crumple the front up to the engine area. The frame seemed to have done a good job spreading the force out to the sides... the front windshield didn't even crack. I guess the worst part about it is that even though it's only a month old, it still loses around 20% of its value the instant it moves off the lot.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Yep. It doesn't take much to total a small, inexpensive car these days.

    The good news is, the driver of the car that hit you in the rear should have paid for your damages, or at minimum your insurance company could go after his/hers. Since the car was near-new you could ask for full replacement cost.
  • I am absolutely in love with the Honda Fit. I love the way it looks, the gas efficiency, and the the way the seats fold up an down. The car has been advertised as having excellent safety for front passengers however the IIHS rates the Fit 'Poor' in rear crash safety tests. This is my only reservation about this car and a BIG ONE. Most of the time it will be only me in the car but I am feeling very worried at the prospect of putting anyone I love in the back seat. My question is- Has anyone here had the unfortunate experience of having a rear crash with their Fit? How did it hold up?? Because of this I'm now considering a significantly more expensive car that has excellent safety all around. I really want the Fit but I don't want to compromise safety to get it...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Keep in mind the IIHS rear crash test is a test only of the front seat and how it protects that occupant (head and neck) in a rear crash. The actual vehicle is not used in the test. Instead, the seat (driver's seat I think) is mounted on a test platform and then there's a simulated impact in the rear.

    In other words, there is no way you can tell from the IIHS crash test how well the Fit would protect your loved ones riding in the back seat. The good news, is, there is quite a bit of crash "space" behind the rear seats of the fit--much more so than for some other small hatchbacks.

    FWIW, fhe 2009 Fit will have active front headrests that move forward to better protect head and neck in a rear crash, so the IIHS rear crash test score should improve a lot for 2009.
  • While passing a truck at 70mph the other day, I hit the largest rock I've ever seen hit a windshield (kicked up by the truck's tires, I guess) off my 08 Fit. Golf-ball-sized, maybe slightly larger. It struck directly below the rear-view mirror in the center of the windshield glass, seemingly headed straight for my face. The sound of the impact was incredibly loud, left my ears ringing. For a moment I feared for my safety.

    Not only did the Fit's windshield absorb the impact without shattering, it wasn't even scratched. That must be some impressive engineering to disperse the force, and some very good tempered glass -- so I felt Honda deserved kudos here.
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