Saab9-2x vs VW Jetta

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My wife is considering buying a 2005 9-2X Aero automatic with all the packages for 21 grand. For the same price (or slightly less) we can get a Jetta. Its less powerful but it may be more comfortable (she's not too keen on the seats in the 9-2). What would you get? Does anyone have the automatic aero and what's it like in stop go traffic and accelerating onto highways? Would you get it for a commuter car?


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    That's a great many miles? Personally...I would of purchased the manual, but I couldn't find one anywhere. What I purchased was an Aero auto with cold weather package. After the break in period--I loved it and still do. My only complaint would be bad gas mileage for city driving--but everything else is great. I'm not one to race--so the acceleration is fine with me. And if I want to--I can step on it and go. Once you get the rpms up--the turbo kicks in beautifully.
    Regarding the seats, they are fine for me--I have cloth, so I don't know how the leather seats feel.

    Overall, I couldn't be happier with my 9-2X Aero Auto.
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    Me personally: I'd get the Saab

    Your wife: I really don't know.
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    The "Saab" is a Subaru Impreza WRX dont be confused ...Saab could never build a car that performs like this one unless it was a completely stolen chassis & Engine which it is.
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