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Tahoe Billet Grilles and Bow Tie

starultrastarultra Posts: 15
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I just puschase a new 2007 Tahoe LT3 I'm looking for billet grilles with bowie tie in white ?. I dont want the one you put over your existing grill. Does anyone know I can go? I live in Oceanside CA.

Shan ;)


  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Carriage Works and Precision Grills. I got mine off ebay from Auto Parts Gallery. Can't help with a white bowtie.
  • starultrastarultra Posts: 15
    Hey Shark thanks for your help, I will look on there web site to ck it out.

    Shan :blush:
  • lil_elil_e Posts: 6
    I got a 92 silverado will a 94 grill hook right up to it
  • yes it can be done! the lower filler piece between the grill and bumper may be different thats all i can think of that might cause problem. maybe the headlights and turn signal lights may need to up updated also just depending on what is there to start with.
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