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Infiniti M35/M45 Tires



  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I put some 17" snow tires on's a combination of the softer tread compound and the taller tire, and yes, it rides better. In fact, it handles almost as well as the Goodyears do.
  • bobicgbobicg Posts: 15
    I have now 8,000 miles on a set of Michelin Primacy XMV4 tires. Great in snow and rain, no flat spots, quiet and handle well in moderately aggressive driving. I drive 20K miles per year throughout the upper mid-west these are MUCH better than the Goodyears.
  • Anyone notice wear on the inside of the rear tires on your M35 Sport. Seems like I notice it when I rotate the tires and the wear is always on the inside of the rears. Could it be that the camber is out of adjustment.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Posts: 53
    Have an '07 M35 non-sport. Wanted better performance than the OEM RSA's and didn't want to pay a fortune. After doing a lot of research, purchased General Exclaim UHP's for $700 including balancing and alignment. So far, couldn't be happier. No difference in ride quality/noise but handle much better. Hopefully they'll hold up for the long term.
  • capoanycapoany Posts: 32
    My '06 M35 Sport was a handful- the stock 19" Bridgestone summer tires were spent at 25K miles, and the car would track grooves in pavement, with the steering wheel jerking wildly. I'm 50, a competent driver, and have owned and driven many sports cars and high performance sedans- this was not normal behavior for any car.

    The fact is that there are two issues here- the tires and the steering. The reported issue with this in this board and others is very real, but very fixable.

    I had the steering rack replaced under warrantee, and while the dealer indicated the car was designed to have 'direct steering' it's clear that they are aware of the issue, and without provocation, volunteered to change the rack. And I installed Michelin Pilot Sport All Season tires, the ONLY A/S tire made for this car- $299 each at tire rack...ouch!. All I can say is that it's a different car now. It's still a direct steering, big rubber RWD sport sedan, but the ride, steering and noise are all dramatically improved. And I mean dramatically. Just wanted to share with the group.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I had the steering rack replaced under warranty and it reduced the slack. I also put on Conti Contacts; about $750.00 installed at Mavis Tire. Lease is up 1/2009 so Michelins would be an extravagance. I am very happy with the steering and tracking now. Much more tread depth for snow on an occasional ski trip. I might lease another one or the new FX if the improve the mileage with the 7-speed. My dog would prefer it. The FX on the Infiniti europe web site touts weight savings on the new FX. Aluminum bonnet (hood) and plastic tailgate among others.

    2006 M35X 29,000 miles.
  • I just replaced the OEM RSA's on my '06 M35x at 43,000 miles, with Eagle F-1's. What a difference. Surprisingly, the Infiniti dealer's price was right in line with several local tire specialty places, so I went with them. My question is this: What's the appropriate pressure for the F-1's? After installation, the dealer set the (nitrogen) pressure to 42 psi. I thought that seemed incredibly high, but the ride and handling were great.

    I took the car back for some minor service a few weeks later and mentioned the tire pressure - and when I picked up the car they had lowered the pressure to 34 psi. The ride and handling are also excellent at this pressure; but I am wondering, what's correct and why did they put them at 42 first and now down to 34 What's the right pressure?
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    My '06 M35x drove horrible and I always attributed it to the RSA's so when I replaced them with Bridgestone RE960s and it wasn't any better I was frustrated. Enter the '08 and my preference for the early body so I traded my early '06 on a late '07 to keep me in this body until a newer car comes out ... anyway the problem disappeared with the new car even though I was back on RSAs again.

    Now, was it that the newer rack (I assume the '07 has been "fixed") was already on this car or the fact the tire were inflated to 40 PSI when I got it? I don't know, but I've kept the inflation up an have no outer-edge tire wear like I used to and it drive much better. I'd say if the ride comfort does not bother you, keep the pressure up and monitor the tires for excessive wear in the center from too much pressure.

    What REALLY bothers me is the tire pressure monitors read 3 lbs. low across the board!!!
  • These tires are terrible as after 15000 miles they were worn to just about the tire wear bars. The tires were rotated at 7000 miles and 14000 miles with the tire preassure at 34-35 lbs the allignment was checked and was correct. The car was terrible as well as not safe in the rain. The car would wander all over the highway following the groves of the road I had contacted Infiniti as well as my dealer after reading all these other unhappy customers of this vechile to no get no help. I was very suprised at ther response for this high priced high end vechicle. After no responce from the dealer or Infiniti I went out and spent over $1200 on new Michlien Primacy's after about 600 miles car rides as new tracks straight as well as rides like a $50K vechicle not like a homemade go cart Very suprised this issue has not been adressed By Infiniti
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    You can file a complaint with the US Dept. of Transportation. Maybe a class action lawyer would be interested.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    D.O.T. complaint page.
    I suggest calling though.
  • prophetprophet Posts: 72
    Just replaced my Goodyear RSA's @ 19,000 miles with Goodyear Eagle F1's. No more sliding in the rain & corners great.
  • yahoo10yahoo10 Posts: 2
    I, too, have followed the recommended rotating, tire pressure, etc. for the RSA's, but have extensive wear, and a sidewall bubble with less than 20,000 miles on them. I am 90 days away from turning in my lease, and I'm afraid I am going to have to replace these tires at my own expense. This just burns me up, since prior to accepting the lease, I was told by the dealer that there is no reason I should have to replace tires with a 21 month lease, which I specifically asked about. But I suppose they will tell you anything to get you to buy their product. Has ANYONE ever gotten a reply from Infiniti as to why they are using an inferior product on an otherwise superior vehicle??
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I would call Goodyear and threaten to file a complaint with the Federal government NHTSA. Also call Consumer's org in Mt.Vernon NY. And the talk show Michael Savage who is starting a national campaign because he had to replace 2-tires in a year on his new Mercedes. Post complains on Send Goodyear copies of all the complaints on this board and send copies to your Congressman. Sue in Small Claims Court.
    70 complaints re RS-A s tires are on record.
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    I've never bought a new car that had decent tires on it. Spanning a 28 year period I, or my wife, have owned 4 SAABS, 3 Volvos, 2 BMWs, 4 Audis, 1 Acura and now on 3rd Infiniti. The tires have always been at the bottom of the list in their class (check tirerack), but not necessarily "cheap" tires. You can buy a much better tire for the same cost as an RS-A, but crumby Continental, Michelin, Goodrich or Goodyear have been on cars that deserve much better tires. Given the cost of these cars, and the fact that tires contribute so much to the quality of the ride, one would think the manufactures would be putting better rubber on them, but I guess they save a few bucks per and it all adds to the bottom line.
  • yahoo10yahoo10 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information and encouragement. I am pretty shocked that despite all the complaints - goodyear continues to manufacture this product and Infiniti (and others) continue to purchase it.
  • sadmomsadmom Posts: 5
    I am a single mom who has driven the same car for over 12 years. I finally able to venture into the luxury car arena so I chose the 2007 Infiniti M35. I love everything about this car UNTIL its time to drive! The steering is awful at about 45 mph and I have to fight to stay in my own lane on the hwy. I never dreamt that a luxury car would be this much work! I'm afraid I may have made a mistake. Can anyone give me clue as to why the car performs this way? :cry:
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    Take the car back to the may be that a steering part needs to be replaced (rack/pinion). The dealer may have to replace the tires.

    This problem seems to be limited to the sports models with the larger wheels and flatter tires..
  • sadmomsadmom Posts: 5
    Thanks for your advice. :) I took it back yesterday and the dealership offered to buy new tires. Does anyone have a recommendation? I want tires that will keep the car on the road without me having to get a workout while trying to drive.
  • sadmomsadmom Posts: 5
    Thank you soooooo much! :D I decided on Yokohama Avid W4S tires. Does anyone have experience with that tire on a M35?
  • lsucajunlsucajun Posts: 11
    06 M35 Would like new tires. Have 44k on RS-A. Want something with less road noise and fun to drive. What is the answer?
  • bobicgbobicg Posts: 15
    Michelin Primacy MXV4, I have 15k miles on them and they are great in all kinds of weather. I live in the upper mid-west and drive through a lot of snow and rain. Quiet, no flat spots, handle great in all types of weather and on all surfaces. $1100 at the Infiniti dealer, including alignment and 2 year road hazard warranty. I could have saved a $100 bucks at the tire store but I wasnt comfortable with their ability to deal with any TPMS problems that might occur, even the dealer had a problem with one wheel.

    Good luck. Mine is a 2006 M35X.
  • golfgod2golfgod2 Posts: 53
    For anyone who cares, I have now had General Exclaim UHP tires of my M35 for 7 months and 9k miles. Wear and tear is minimal, handling in wet/dry is great and ride is very nice. For anyone looking for an amazing bargain, look no further. They are also the highest rated performance tires on Tire Rack.
  • sadmomsadmom Posts: 5
    The dealer installed the Yokohama tires and I'm shocked at the difference they have made!! :D The ride is silky smooth and the noise is dramatically reduced. I'm not sure how the tires will perform in rain or snow, but I'll update once I've driven in those conditions. I am so happy that this worked out.
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Hello all,

    I was hoping someone could help me out with which way I should proceed. I recently bought a Certified 07 M35x that came off of a 2yr lease. I've had the car for about a week now. I just noticed that there are two different pairs of tires on the car. The two front wheels have the Goodyear RS-A's on them and the back two wheels have Hankook Ventus V4's on them. They're all 245-45-18 though. All four tires have fairly good tread left on them.

    Do I have any ground to ask the dealer to give me a complete matching set or offer some type of discount for a new set? Or am I screwed for not noticing the difference before I bought the car.
    If the dealer won't do anything about the tire brand difference should I keep them. The ride isn't the greatest as far as road noise and vibration. I'm comparing this to the ride of the G35x that they gave me while my car was being serviced.

    Thanks for the advice!
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    Read the owner's manual...I'm pretty sure that it states ALL tires must be the same brand and type. This is more important on the all-wheel drive versions than rear-wheel only, but can be a safety issue on either as it will alter the front/rear grip and braking. Also, there is a spec about the real's pretty tight, I think like 1/8", and you may not have that with different brands, or even different models from the same company. That's why on all-wheel drive cars, it becomes expensive, as you often need to replace all four tires when you have a problem with one.
  • If you bought this car from an Infiniti dealer and if it is certified then definitely go back and get four of the same tires. ABS systems can be dangerous if you don't have the same tires on all four wheels.

    Push the dealer to give you four of the same tires.......a certified car should meet the manufacturers requirements as stated in the owners manual....

    If they won't do it, escalate to Infiniti. Tell them that they are liable if there is any problem/accident caused by tires that don't match. Someone will give....
  • oz44oz44 Posts: 15
    Thanks! I just looked at the manual and you're right. I will use this info when I talk to the dealer.
  • Hi Chris. Sounds like the Leasee or dealer replaced 2 of the original Goodyear tires. You could ask the dealer about matching them somehow but they may reply you missed it before buying. At least they are the same size. You could check with a discount tire dealer about getting a new set of 4 with some money off for your current tires. I got 4 Contiprocontacts installed for under $600 and really like them. Now there is a General all season tire rated best in category (245-45-18) and probably well priced. Check with a mechanic you trust. Good luck.
  • you missed "certified" used car. I don't think the dealer has a leg to stand on...he fundamentally sold a car that does not meet the manufacturers requirements.

    While you have to be pleasant, I think that being firm will get a set of matching tires. You might even be able to sneak it in under the used car warranty and get the tires replaced. They could just swap them with another used car on the lot.

    If not, I would personally buy two new matching tires and take the dealer to small claims court. It will not play well when you show 1) the car was a "certified" used car; 2) It was purchased from an Infiniti dealer; 3) the owners manual says that the tires must be the same; 4) the car has mismatched tires. The dealer will hide behind the fact that certified doesn't address anything other than tire depth...but I suspect I would win based on the sheer simplicity of the logic.

    Now if there was an accident where the tires came into play, the lawyers would just have a field day with this one....
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    I need to replace the RSAs on my M35x. I've seen many advertised replacement tires (ContiExtremeContact, Michelin Primacy, Potenza RE960, Yokahama Advan S.$ and Avid W4S, Eagle GT's and on and on). I won't put RSAs back on the car, but would like to get opinions from others who've put different tires on your M35 and what you like/dislike. I am in the midwest, so I'm in wet, dry and a little snow, and drive the highway at higher speeds 50% of the time.
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    2006 M35x. Last winter I replaced the RSA's with Conti Contacts. The car rides much better. Traction in snow and rain is more confident. The steering is not as precise as the RSA's. My decision was based more upon price. My 3-year lease expires in January. I drive in suburban NY City mostly. I rarely exceed 70 m.p.h. I have gone to VT and been satisfied in the snow. If I owned the car I may have bought more expensive Michelins. If I skied allot I would buy winter tires.
  • The ContiExtremeContacts have been great on my M35X for 12k miles. Much better than OEM Goodyears. Best part, tires installed were under $600 in NH.
  • Has anyone tried 245/45x19 tires instead of the 245/40x19 tires that come as original equipment on a M35 sport?
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    The higher profile tile would be close to 1" larger in diameter, and throw the speedo off by about 1%. If you have the nav system, it should autocalibrate. That extra inch may mean the tire will rub when turning or if you hit a large bump. This could poke a hole in the tire.
  • This Place

    Has 4 ContiExtremeContact for under $500 and cheap shipping does anyone know if this is a good deal and if these are as good as the original tires?
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I have them on my 2006 M35X. Much better ride & traction in the wet. Sounds cheap. Add in freight, tax, mounting and balancing. Go to local tire store and show them the on-line price and see what deal they will cut. Make sure you don't lose the wheel lock key like I did.
  • I am considering getting an M35 RWD and I wonder how bad it will be to drive it in Michigan winter?
    Anyone care to share their experience driving M35 RWD in semi-harsh winter conditions (Midwest, not Alaska) ?
    Do winter tires make it better to the point of being managable?
    TIA !
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    I have driven both a miata and a BMW 3 series during snowy winters commuting about 30 min each way in Connecticut. Both cars are reputed to be poor in the snow and ice. I never had a problem....but the key is to put four good snow tires on the car...not 2, not studded, not heavily worn and built to grip in the snow/ice with soft rubber. At the time I used Blizzaks. Of course you have to be careful not to spin the wheels and keep your speed even.

    Of course 4wd cars are better in the snow......however, I have also driven Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees to/from Vt and it's the only car that I lost control in on an fact there were a few days with black ice that many jeeps spun out...I was far from alone. Nothing helps in black ice...and actually a 4wd car is more likely to spin out because you are over confident. In heavy snow, a Jeep is just wonderful....

    My view is that 4 good new winter tires make any car manageable in the snow.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    All-season tires are a compromise all seasons. Good snow tires can make a huge difference in traction not only when the roads are nasty but anytime the temperature drops below 40-degrees F. All-wheel drive can help you get started and maybe grab some traction in a turn, but nothing beats the laws of gravity. Stopping would be the same, regardless of the number of driven wheels (with the exception that the 4-wheel version is a little heavier).

    Apparantly on the 2009, the M35 gets the new transmission and engine; the M35x gets the engine, but keeps the old 5-speed.
  • I have an 06 M45 and just placed a set of Bridgestone Turanzas and I have been pleased. I have a sport and they softened and quieted the ride. The also handle decent and are pretty good in the rain. They also seem to have solved a steering problem that me and other sport owners were having. They don't make them in the OEM size so you have to go up one which the dealer opposes. Tires are great and the only drawback is the price. $1400 for the set!!!!!
  • So I just got an 08 m35x, I've never owned a car with size 45, goodyear. the ride seems rough and sensitive to road conditions. Can the car handle thicker tires? like 50 and above? would this help to give a more comfortable ride?
  • tsoltsol Posts: 40
    Yeah, I've had both an early '06 and late '07 M35x both with stock Goodyear RS-As and find it aggravating that my wife's FX is much more stable on-center.

    Supposedly there was a steering rack replacement fix for the '06, but my '07, now, after 15k miles is as bad as my '06 was. Hope someone figures it out someday ... tires or suspension???
  • I have an Infiniti 2006 M35X. I live in Chicago and most of my driving is on the highway.

    Its time for new tires.....and it was suggested to me to get either the

    Yokohama YK520 tires
    Eagle F1 - All Season

    Can anyone render an opinion or suggest an alternative

  • I have a 2006 M35x as well and replaced my original tires with Eagle F-1's. I've been very please with the handling and traction. After about 10,000 miles, I am a little annoyed with the road noise they create. They are sporty tires and the ride is good, so all in all I am very pleased with the F-1's. Surprisingly, they were less expensive than the RS-A's that were original to the car.
  • bobicgbobicg Posts: 15
    2006 M35X, replaced the RSAs with Michelin Primacy MXV4, I have 25k miles on them and they are great in all kinds of weather. I live in the upper mid-west and drive through a lot of snow and rain. Quiet, no flat spots, handle great in all types of weather and on all surfaces. $1100 at the Infiniti dealer, including alignment and 2 year road hazard warranty. I could have saved a $100 bucks at the tire store but I wasnt comfortable with their ability to deal with any TPMS problems that might occur, even the dealer had a problem with one wheel. Also still have 9/32 of tread depth after 25K miles, the RSAs were almost bald ! I do rotate every 7500 miles.
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    I put the Michelin Primacy MXV4's on my M35x a few weeks ago. I live in the Midwest and have already had the opportunity to experience driving in a variety of climates/road conditions. Thus far, they've been great in all weather: rain, sleet, snow (3-4 inches) and dry at highway speeds. You can check out websites for Tirerack and Discount Tires as a few places to compare and contrast the tires as well as get comments from the users. Right now, both Costco and Sams had discounts on Michelins which brought them down closer to the price of the next few competitors, and these tires have a 60K mile warranty (for whatever that's worth!). Beware as I got one surprise: TPMS "rebuild" charge of $10/tire.
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    "Also still have 9/32 of tread depth after 25K miles"

    That is not possible, as the tread is 11/32 when new, if it only goes down 2/32 for 25K and assume it need to be replace at 2/32, the tire will last you 25k/2*7 = 87.5k. I don't think there is such high performance tire exist yet. It would be more reasonable (consider the rating of the tire) to have 7/32 left.
  • bobicgbobicg Posts: 15
    I hate to inform you shmang that this is a tire with a 60K warranty and with regular rotation, proper air pressure, regular alignment and the majority of miles being highway 80k miles can easily be achieved. I have gotten over 100k miles on a set of Michelin LTX's on my wife's Lexus SUV using the same rotation scheme. Most people never pay attention to alignment, air pressure and rotation so their wear rates are accelerated. The 9/32 number is correct. Any other tire "experts" out there want to weight in on this subject?
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    I knew this tire has a 60K mile rating and proper maintenance will help. But, I was also assuming that part of the reason anyone get the M is to have fun and doing at least some spirited driving. So, to get close to 90k is almost impossible. On the other hand, I can see that happen on a Lexus (You don't buy a Lexus for hot-rod).

    I do not consider myself an expert on tires, but I am very knowledgeable. Unless you drive the M like you drive a Civic, you are not going to get 87k out of 1 set of tire for sure. But, you might drive conservatively, which was not part of my assumption and you might be right.
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