Toyota Prius Brake Problems

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I own a 06 Prius. After about the 2nd week I noticed that when you apply the brakes and right before the car comes to a complete stop, you hear a noise coming from the brakes. It seemd to be a clunk or something like that. It does not always make the noise. The dealership said it is no problem. I just wanted to see if anybody here has experienced the same sound.


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    The friction brakes don't take effect until the final 20 to 0 mph range except in an emergency or hard stop. This is what you likely heard/felt. I also notice a whirring sound as they start to apply.

    It's part of the Prius regen braking system. It likely will save wear and tear on your brakes in the long run.

    BTW they stop great in emergencies. ;)
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    Thanks for that input. Beats the dealership saying that did not hear anything.
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    Our '06 does exactly the same thing - a "clunk" sound that occurs on strong braking just before it stops, and again just after startup from a stop - but only under certain conditions, not all the time.

    I finally concluded it had to do with the regen braking, and/or the engine cycling, and decided not to worry about it. I worry even less now that I know my car is not the only one....
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    I have a 06 pruis, and last night it did not stop when and where i wanted it too. the road was wet, and i stopped hard so i expected it to slip a little, it always does in the rain. I have about 25000 miles on it, but the tires are not at all bald so i can only assume there is something wrong with the brakes..... and i just had it in for the 25000 mile service check. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Tires don't have to be bald to have poor braking traction in the rain. Tire traction is the problem in all these cases, not the brakes. The OEM tires were likely chosen because of their low rolling resistance, not traction.
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    Doesn't the Prius have anti-locking brakes? Shouldn't slide at all if it does. :lemon:
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    ABS has nothing to do with sliding. If you are going sideways on ice ABS on any vehicle is of no use, it only helps to keep the brakes from locking
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    "Doesn't the Prius have anti-locking brakes? Shouldn't slide at all if it does."

    Actually, there are situations in which ABS is a disadvantage. Gravel comes to mind; a vehicle with ABS will stop slower in gravel than a vehicle without ABS.
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    If tire has poor braking traction, the ABS will keep activating to prevent wheel lockup but it will not reduce stopping distance. A tire with better traction will reduce ABS use and reduce stopping distance.
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    >"Doesn't the Prius have anti-locking brakes? Shouldn't slide at all if it does."

    Actually, there are situations in which ABS is a disadvantage. Gravel comes to mind; a vehicle with ABS will stop slower in gravel than a vehicle without ABS.
    The poster I was answering said his slid. If it is sliding then something is wrong with the anti-locking brakes. Personally I hate them as it seems when you need the brakes on any car the most they don't stop. Trucks are a real problem.
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    It has nothing to do with brakes failing or tires...You were on wet pavement, the car is light and I am willing to bet when you tried to stop The car hydroplaned on the wet road. You may have been going a bit fast for the conditions. Remember the car weighs about 1,000 pounds lighter than a normal midsize car.
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    #539 of 541 Re: Prius Brakes issue [wkogler] by bvisailman1 May 19, 2006 (8:50 pm)

    "It has nothing to do with brakes failing or tires...You were on wet pavement, the car is light and I am willing to bet when you tried to stop The car hydroplaned on the wet road. You may have been going a bit fast for the conditions. Remember the car weighs about 1,000 pounds lighter than a normal midsize car. "

    I was driving well under the speed limit. I've had the car over a year and have driven before in the rain, it has hydroplaned before (much more than in any other car actually), but this is not what it was that day. The next time it rains, I will test it out and see if it does it again. And I'm use to light cars, I've always had a compact car. Thanks for your input.
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    Failing to stop when and where you want is a bit scary, but I think the other posters are correct - it's likely not the brakes. As an example, I have a Pathfinder, and the OEM tires were garbage on slippery surfaces. I didn't know this until they were replaced with Nokian WR tires. Before replacement I would "coast" through intersections with the antilock buzzing. Now the vehicle stops instantly. I thought the antilock was too sensitive - it wasn't. The tires were garbage.

    Antilock brakes will not stop you from sliding, they will allow you to control the direction you slide, but only if you are travelling in the direction of the slide. They will stop you from locking up one or more wheels (depending on how many channels of antilock they were built with - four channel is best). They work poorly on gravel as posted above and poorly in snow - you can stop much quicker on both if you cause the medium to "pile up" in front of the tire and this means you have to stop the wheel from turning. If you are exceeding the traction limit of the tires on rain or ice antilock will allow you to steer and brake at the maximum limits allowed by the traction available. If one or more wheels are above the maximum traction at the braking level you want/need antilock -on any vehicle- will reduce the braking on that wheel(s) until the wheel(s) is turning at about 70-80% full rate (this is where maximum traction takes place). It feels like a brake failure.

    I recommend better tires if you are experiencing this antilock braking reduction. I like the Nokian WR, but there are many others to choose from.
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    I've been hearing a lot of problems about wet traction issues with the Prius OEM tires: Goodyear Integrity. Seems like most people just get new tires and the wet traction/handling issues go away.
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    okay, Mr. Stupid today drove almost a mile with the parking brake about 1/2-3/4 depressed..the car drove away just fine and didn't seem to be sluggish...this is a brand new 2006 prius...i noticed the red brake light on and stopped immediately, turning the parking brake off...but I felt the back drums and they were HOT...but no smoke...Any idea of any kind of major damage I may have done or not?? I wish Toyota would have made a better parking brake so you know it is being used or an audible beep or something....
    I called a service facility today and they told me not to worry unless when I took the parking brake off, and the light would stay on - but mine didn't...
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    There was a discussion of this on another forum just last week. What you've done is properly "bed in" the rear brake shoes. One mile isn't going to do any damage or even shorten the brake life. Just think of stopping from 75 MPH. It's about the same.

    The lesson to learn here is when applying the parking brake, put it on hard so you -can't- drive away with it on.

    If you're still worried, it's a simple matter to pull the drums and inspect the brakes - parking brake is rear drums only.
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    Thank you for the info...I'm trying to take care of this car - and you're exactly right, put the damn brake on hard so I can't go anywhere. Again, I was trying to "baby" it by pushing the parking brake in not all of the way.
    Another question - what does the "B" do...the engine this somthing to use if I need to stop in a hurry in addition to using the regular brake? After I'm finished with the "B" you just go back into "D" again?
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    I don't have my Prius yet, but from what I've read and my test drive, "B" is for descending long hills. Good for mountain passes etc. You could use it when exiting a highway, but I think that might add some distraction from what's happening on the road ahead, so use with caution.

    Yes, you select "D" once you've slowed down (if you don't the car still works just fine, but your mileage will decrease a little).

    If you let up on the accel. pedal and watch the MFD energy flow screen you can make the car coast for maximum fuel efficiency. This is the "glide" part of "pulse and glide", the method the "high milers" use to get the silly MPG numbers. If you let off all the way the car will start to use the MG (motor generator) to slow itself and add power to the "traction battery". If you select "B" this slowing is slightly greater - I say slightly because it isn't ever really powerful at slowing you down.

    So now you know the "secret techniques" - I expect reports of 100 MPG soon! ;)
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    Nope, never made the 100 mpg even with the glide technique...but I know if you don't run the AC and if you keep off of the cruise on hilly roads, you'll save more fuel, too. Also, just driving slower - let people pass you. You'll catch up with them as you pass them at the next fuel station. :-)

    I tried my parking brake out today and REMEMBERED to take it off...I must not have hurt it too much because it was still working (doulbe :-) :-) )
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    My 04 prius has about 37K miles on it. About 5K miles ago, the brakes started pulsating at low speeds. with low to intermediate brake pedal pressure, the car would start jerking a little, as the brakes grab harder & softer. It has gotten worse since first noticed. The dealer checked them and found "no codes". It seems like either the regen system is not working quite right, or the friction brake controller is kicking in and out-like its out of adjustment. But the dealer couldn't help. Anybody out there ever run into this? Its starting to get bothersome...
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    The brakes on my 04 Prius have been causing me intermittent but potentially lethal problems over the last couple of months. I too have left my car into the dealer, who assured me that there was nothing wrong with the brakes, and yet sometimes, though I have my foot gently on the brake, the car manages to move forward, meaning I have to apply the brakes harder which is extremely dangerous, especially in icy conditions. Did you have any luck in sorting your problem out? I am looking for Toyota in my country to replace the car - -and am getting no where...
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    I have also had a brake problem with my 06 Prius. On two occasions around 15,000 miles, the brakes failed to activate for 2 – 3 seconds, then they took effect. On the second occasion I started to swerve to avoid the car in front of me before the brakes took effect. On both occasions I was traveling at slow speeds ( under 30 mph), moving uphill, and braking with the intention of coming to a complete stop. There was no rain, sand or gravel, and the car was not skidding. The anti-skid light went on.

    I took the car to the dealership, they could not replicate the problem, they said they could not find anything wrong & were going to return the car to me. I insisted something be done, so they sent a mechanic to observe as I test drove the car. I was not able to get the brakes to fail, but I was able to make the anti-skid light go on when it shouldn’t. The dealership then bled the brakes & returned the car to me.

    That same day as I approached a stop light, the car did a strange, very slow anti-lock brake response. The brakes applied, then unapplied with about one to 1 ½ seconds between each application. On two occasions since then the brakes have not applied for 2 – 3 seconds after I stepped on them. The anti-skid light went on one of those times, the other time I was too busy looking at the road to notice. I was going over a rough road surface, but not a surface on which the car was skidding.

    I have noticed the anti-skid light goes on sometimes when the car is not skidding but going over a rough surface.

    I really liked the Prius before this happened, but I do not feel it is not a safe car to drive until this :lemon: is resolved.

    2 additional links that talk about brake problems are and
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    It's a known condition that if you go over a bump violent enough to take a wheel off the road, it will trigger the traction control. That will delay application of the brakes. Several owners have reported this. It can happen on bumps you wouldn't think were that bad.
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    "It's a known condition that if you go over a bump violent enough to take a wheel off the road, it will trigger the traction control. That will delay application of the brakes. Several owners have reported this. It can happen on bumps you wouldn't think were that bad."

    Is this unique to the hybrids or the Prius? I have had antilock brakes on my last several cars and have never had this happen.
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    As has been stated relating to several braking issues, I believe the ABS activating on bumps is related to the lousy traction of the Integretys. My '06 Civic will occasionally do the same thing, but much less often, which I attribute to the better tires and additional weight of the Honda. My Integritys are wearing fast on the mountain road I drive all the time, thank goodness. I don't want to ditch them with useable tread left, but, I'll sure be happy to get them out of here when the time comes.
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    My brakes failed yesterday in the rain. I was driving on a road that has old trolley tracks and I was only going about 20 mph and I decided to stop for a yellow light. I put the brake pedal to the floor and nothing happened. I just kept rolling downhill. No ABS nothing. If there had been something in front of me I would have hit it. After about 20 feet my brakes started to work and at that point the skid light came on. I was really lucky that this intersection has a stop 20 feet before the corner or I would have gone right through the intersection. Has anyone else had this sort of a thing happen to them? I am worried when it will happen again. I have taken to driving my honda minivan instead.
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    I had the same problem that you did. What did you do to resolve this. I am terrified this will happen when my son is driving the car. He is only 17. So for now, we are not driving it at all.
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    I am within weeks of buying a new Prius and just heard the same thing - that the brakes fail in the rain-- and that Toyota knows this, Anybody know what Toyota is going to do about this?
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    I have a '05 Prius and have been having the same problem with brake failures in rainy conditions since more than 2 years ago, and have had 2 near misses. I've brought the car into the dealership on at least 4 occasions and each time they reported that the car is operating according to spec. If that's how the car is designed, it sounds to me like there is a design defect. Does anyone know if there is a class action law suit on this matter? I would like to join them if so. If Toyota can give us a decent credit towards trade-in of a different car (one with a brake that works), I would be satisfied.
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    I have an 05 Prius. The brakes have always been fairly sensitive. Over the last year and 1/2 I have experienced problems in the rain. The brakes lock up when the car is close to a complete stop. It is almost impossible to stop in the rain without locking up the brakes. When the car begins to move again, it is as if the brakes have gotten stuck - I can hear a clunk as they unstick and begin to move. This is also a problem first thing in the morning on humid days. I have had the brakes checked - no problems reported.
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    I, too have a '05 Prius and have loved it. However, when it was about a year old, I started expereinceing the brakes grabbing when coming to a full stop. When I took the car in for service, they said nothin was wrong with the brakes. I took it in about 4 months later specifically because of the grabbing brakes, went to a test drive with the service man and he said "nothing wrong, your brakes are working fine": What I then realised was that they only grabbed when it had been raining. This time, when i took it in for a service, I said, please check the brakes. When I returned for my car they said I had to have all the rotors replaced at the cost of over $800.00.The front ones were "pitted and badly rusty". the back rotors were badly damaged because I must have been driving "two-footed" or with the parking brake on. As I have been driving for over 40 years, I felt a bit insulted at both those suggestions. Thre is a bright red light that is on if the parking brake is on when you start to drive. When I asked about the reason for the front brakes corroding, they said I must have left the car standing for long periods or parked it in salty air. None of the above; I live in a city and use my car almost every day. By the way, I have 80% left on my brake pads, and I tend to use the "B" for slowing down to save my brakes (ironically). I think everyone driving a Prius should have their service people check the state of their rotors. There is no reason why mine have all corroded. What is the normal life expectancy of rotors? Is this a safety issue? I have definitely lost faith in my Prius now!
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    My brakes continue to grab on rainy days. I have had the brakes checked by my service guy twice over the last two years and he says the brakes are in great condition. I have over 55,000 miles on my car with very little brake wear. I just can't understand this problem.
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    I have a 2005 Prius and from day one I had the same feeling that many people here have expressed, that when you push on the brakes, it feels like it is accelerating. It doesn't happen all the time, just so that when you take it in it works perfectly and everyone thinks you're an idiot. Then one day about 6 months ago, it had just started raining, and my lane came to a stop, and I always leave enough room to stop - I am a very good driver, I haven't had a wreck in 30 years - and I could not stop. It wasn't me, and it wasn't the rain - know how to drive. It was the car. I took it in and had it looked over and according to everyone its just fine. Everyone sold me the idea that it was the rain, etc. etc.

    I wish there was some kind of a class action lawsuit or something. I need to get reimbursed for my $500 deductible I had to pay. This is dangerous. One day it could be worse.
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    I have a Prius that is about 6 months old. A couple of weeks ago I got into a rear-end collision when, in stop-and-go traffic the cars ahead of me came to a sudden stop. I stepped on the brakes but the car did not slow down. I hit the car in front of me because of this. It was not raining at the time but it sounds like another version of the same brake problem.
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    i have a 5 day old prius and i was driving in the rain and the brakes failed. i put my foot all the way on the break to no avail and had to crash into the side of the ride to stop it. Now they say it is my fault and nothing was wrong with the brakes.

    I think we might want to organize a class action suit.

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    I have a 2006 prius. about 10 months ago i took it to the dealership due to a brake problem. I told them it only happened in the rain or on wet days. They replied they haven't had any complaints about the breaks. After months of the same problems on wet days, I called again. They said bring it in when it is raining and having a problem. I travel daily as a visiting nurse. Hard to just bring it in when I am in another town. However last week it was raining and on my way home I decided to drive right to Toyota. I took the manager for a ride and nothing happened. Then he started driving and while stepping on the break during the last few seconds of stopping the car stopped short. So he saw I was not crazy. We went back to the dealership and he gave me a loaner and would not let me take the prius home. The next day he called and told me they took the brake drum out and found one of the shoes was not clipped on. So I picked it up that night and drove home. This friday it was raining, as I came to a stop, still not completely trusting the repair the same problem happened. everything went flying off my seat to the floor. I think we all have a very serious problem and need to call the state. I will be willing to be on a committee. please reply................lynde
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    I had an accident this morning...
    I was a valet for about 4 years and know exactly how many models drive - but, did not know about this. I regret buying a Prius.
    This morning I was attempting to stop in my 6 month old '09 Prius traveling at low speeds in dry conditions. My brakes did not engage until it was too late. So, now I decided to research this problem and think it should be taken up in a class action or recall. If not at least to require a better braking system to be built by toyota.
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    to all those who have experienced brakes not engaging with the Toyota Prius: I just filed a report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration hotline at 888-327-4236. Speak to an agent, tell the agent your circumstances and file a complaint. This agency investigates these complaints and IF they find a problem with the car they can actually try to get a recall!!. I don't know if a class action suit is another way to bring this to public attention but it also might be expensive. One thing the NHTSA does is check other similar reports so the more reports filed the better. They also have a website at
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    I had exactly the same problem with my brakes grabbing especially on rainy days. On my last trip for service, even though I had been told my brakes were absolutely fine (80% left on brake pads) I insisted they take a better look. Then I was told that the rotors were pitted and rusted and the drums needed replacing completely! They told me I must have been driving with the hand brake on or live close to salty air. I went to another Toyota service place and they said all that needed doing was sanding and lubricating of the shoes and drums ($100 instead of $600), and now they are no problem. I have no idea why the rotors deteriorated. I have started braking harder as I have heard that the brake pads have a cleaning action on the drums. I also don't use the "B"button for deceleration as i think maybe I just wasn't braking enough to keep the drums clean of rust. I am still being told that it is normal for brakes to grab with electric braking but I don't believe this and mine are fine now. If you have a the same problem, make sure you ask your service guy to check beyond the pads and look at your drums.
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    I have the same(similar) problem as you. I have 2009 Prius which is about 2 months
    old. I have had several instances of it seeming to speed up. I took it back to Toyota and the service manager said he had noticed that, also - in other cars. After his mechanic looked at it, he said that if I needed any more adjustments to bring it in.
    Whether they did anything or not, I do not know, but I thought the problem was gone. On the other hand, I was exceptionally cautious when I approached places ( parking spaces) where I had had trouble.

    The other problem was 3 situations where there was a complete or partial failure of the brakes to work in low speeds and dry weather - there hasn't been any rain. The first case was in traffic where I would have hit the vehicle in front if the brakes had not suddenly grabbed. The other 2 case (occurring in the last week) were when I was driving slowly, but there was complete failure of the brakes.

    I am going to call the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. at 888-327-4236 and file a complaint. Also I will investigate the possibility of my car being considered a lemon.
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    On 2/27/09, my '05 Prius brakes completely failed. I was going downhill in an urban highly transited road (Rte 123 in VA, close to Tysons Corner). Thankfully I was only going about 40MPH when the light changed to red. The 2 vehicles in front of me stopped. I pressed the break pedal and my car accelerated initially, and then nothing. BRAKES ARE MEANT TO WORK. ALWAYS. I kept pumping the pedal hoping to engage the breaks, but what stopped me was the rear of a BMW X5. Thankfully I was the only injured party, and my injuries are mostly muscular. I could have died. I could have killed someone. In January I had taking my car to the dealer because all the alert lights on the dash would sporadically go off. They kept the car for a week and claimed that the secondary battery needed to be replaced. I got my vehicle back and on 2/23/09 the issue restarted. I was due to take my car back to the dealer the day of the accident.

    I called a lawyer to see if I had a case, and was told no. I am still researching the issue becuase someone should be held accountable and future tragedies should be avoided.

    If anyone has started a class action suit, please do let me know as I would like to join you.

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    I read that they redesigned the braking systems for the 2010 Prius. That appears to be Toyota's response to the fact that the U.S. Generation 2 Prius (2004-2009) has had low-speed brake failures reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at 31 times the rate of such failures reported for the 2004-2009 Corolla, which of course has traditional brakes. Many of the Prius low speed brake failures were in low-speed city traffic, resulting in rear-end collisions without injury. It appears that the several computers that control the complex braking systems were too busy calculating the most efficient way to apply the brakes, and did not get around to actually applying them, until it was too late. Toyota never took responsibility for the problem, but the 2010 redesign indicates they were aware of it. Unfortunately, the NHTSA never initiated an investigation despite the extremely high rate of failures. The detailed failure reports ("complaints") are available to the public on the NHTSA website. The details are these: Through March 2009, 2004-2009 Prius has received 44 complaints of low speed brake failure. 2004-2009 Corolla has received 7 complaints of such failures. Given that about five times more Corollas than Prius were sold during 2004-2009, 44/(7/5) = 31 times the rate of brake failure for the Generation 2 Prius. Let's hope the 2010's brakes work!
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    You may have been sliding on the wet metal trolley tracks. They can be like ice.
  • brendabeibrendabei Member Posts: 6
    The trolley tracks can be like ice, but if I was sliding on them I would have had the ABS start working, and it did not. I just put my foot to the floor with the brake pedal and nothing happened. I was driving really slowly at the time.
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    I have had 3 accidents or near accidents with my new 2009 Toyota Prius due to a combination of mysterious acceleration and loss of brakes.
    The first incident (a near accident) occurred when the car in front of me stopped. I was driving slowly but my car suddenly seemed to accelerate on its own and my brakes failed. How I stopped my car I will never know.
    The second incident was when I was driving into my garage. Again the car seemed to accelerate and the brakes did not work. The garage wall was damaged on both sides.
    After this I took the car into the Toyota dealer. They examined it and said if I had more trouble, bring it in again.
    The third incident occurred in a parking lot. The self-accelerating seemed to have been fixed, but while driving slow and looking for a place to park, the brakes did not hold and the result was the car hit a parked car.
    There was over $6000 damage to the Prius and some damage to the parked car. What is really scary is that by the next parked car (only a foot or so away) were a man and 2 children. If my car had hit that car there could have been some deaths - certainly serious injuries.
  • whitey9whitey9 Member Posts: 138
    Not necessarily. When driving on slick/wet metal, the ABS brakes can be "fooled".
    They don't know they are not stopping because of their "sliding".
    The VSSs ( Vehicle Speed Sensors ) don't send a "wheel locked-up" signal because of the sliding of the wheels on the wet metal track. As someone else has already stated, the ABS can be fooled by loose sand/gravel, as well as snow/ice.
    They do, however, work well on wet or dry PAVEMENT.
    It should be noted that the purpose of ABS is NOT to stop the car sooner/shorter distance/quicker, but to give the driver the ability to steer the car and avoid an accident while maintaining control of his vehicle.
    The offshoot of stopping a car w/o the wheels locking up while braking is to give a better stop. One that is a controlled stop. Without the skidding.
    Many times drivers think they are depressing the brake pedal, but are actually pressing the accelerator in a panic, or by accident.
    The Audi history has proven that. People sometimes just push on the wrong pedal.
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    Yes, but clearly no one in this forum is pressing the accelerator instead of the brake because they would actually speed up then. Also, when you put your foot on the brake and you have been driving at a speed of under 20 miles per hour, you are not panicked, because nothing is happening quickly. You are just continuing down the road at 20 mph and your foot is on the floor with the brake pedal and absolutely nothing is happening. Your brake feels like it does not even exist. Your car is brakeless for whatever reason.
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    That's the point. No one THINKS they are "accelling", but with all of today's distractions we encounter while driving ( radio, TV/NAV, phone, makeup, kids/babies in back seat, changing pants, etc. ) sometimes we make mistakes.
    As I said earlier, the proof of that lies in the Audi history with people SWEARING the car "accelled" by itself. But actually not.
    That is why we now have "shift locks" on all our cars. We must now press the brake to shift out of Park.
    I will check the NHTSA website to see about any reports of this malfunction.
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    I know this message was posted a while back but was anyone able to get it resolved?
    I am seeing the exact same brake noise while coming to a stop: noise like metal parts are rubbing against each other. I can even feel a little bit of feedback on my foot while this happens.

    I realized that this doesn't happen under wet conditions (if there had been snow/ rain) or after the car has been driven for a while. That was probably why it never happened whenever I took it to the dealer to get it checked.

    If anyone did get it resolved by yourself/ outside mechanic/ a dealer, can you please reply?

    Also, I have the some other issues as well:
    1) sometimes the car speeding up when the brake is being applied.
    2) a whistling noise inside the car when driving above 35mph (like there is a hole somewhere thro which air is leaking in)
    3) the handrests and some other interior plastic is loose resulting in rattling sound when driving over rough roads/ playing bass-y music.

    I am going to take the car to the dealer soon but if anyone has seen similar issues and have resolved it or know how to fix them, please reply..

    Thanks in advance
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    I have a 2008 prius with 20K miles. Just drove from Sacramento to Tahoe and heard a funny noise on right side rear of car. Thought it sounded like an aerosol can releasing in my suitcase in the back of car, but maybe not, because we parked the car for one day, then drove it around town for one day (but there was a funny smell in the car when we got in) but had no problems, then today every time we press the brake pedal there is a funny noise. I'm concerned about driving the car home to Sac now after reading about other posts about brake problems. Anybody know what's going on?
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