Questions About My Toyota FJ Cruiser

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It's early in the product cycle, but if any one has a tweak to offer or a question about something in the manual, ask away.

For details on the 4WD system, check out the Toyota 4WD systems explained discussion.


  • kristymisskristymiss Member Posts: 10
    Is there a way to disable the daytime running lights? Also-is it normal for the brake pedal to kinda 'jump' (just a bit) when stopped (i.e @ a stoplight)? My husband said yes, that i am just not used to this type of engine/transmission. Just wanna make sure!

    Last question-Anyone know when the brushguard will be available and if it will be a zillion dollars?
  • sahmsahm Member Posts: 7
    Hi, I.m happy to discuss the FJ with another female. I also have the little jumping and no you cannot turn off the daytime lights. I asked my husband the same questions. I love my FJ. I cant believe the makers thought it would only appeal to the 20-something guys. Women love it too.
  • sahmsahm Member Posts: 7
    I am the "soccer mom" and I love love love my FJ. It serves it's purpose. If you have more than two kids to haul around it may pose a problem. I have 1 and it is PERFECT!
  • gypsyjongypsyjon Member Posts: 38
    Are you sure about that??

    I may well be wrong, but it seems to me that there is something in the owners manual about shutting off the daytime may be something that the dealer has to do..can not remember for sure...Take a look thru the manual in detail, it may well be my memory, however...I do know you can shut off the passenger seat belt warning signal... :confuse:
  • sahmsahm Member Posts: 7
    I'll check it out. Thanks
  • kristymisskristymiss Member Posts: 10
    I am needing to use the outlet for a party. I have read the instructions many times to make sure I don't screw something up. Is it intended to be used with the engine on? From what I can tell-use of it in the ON mode is only supposed to be for temporary use. Can anyone clarify the correct use?

    BTW-it is listed @120V

  • prolifemomprolifemom Member Posts: 1
    Hi! I'm the mom of three kids that am REALLY tired of my minivan. Love the look of the's my question: can someone give me an idea of how large the cargo area in the back is, including how tall it is? I know my manual wheelchair and scooter will fit with no problem, but I just purchased an electric wheelchair that weighs 250 pounds. Life would be sweet if there were enough room in the back of the FJ that I could have a lift installed for the electric wheelchair (the kind of lift that's an arm that swings out....not one of those huge lifts with a "floor" and all that). Also, how about the comfort of the FJ seats? I have a severe spine disorder, and the one thing I love about my current Dodge Caravan is the driver and front passenger seats are very comfortable. Thanks in advance for the info! I do plan to go look at an FJ in person, but wanted to kind of get an idea about the space before I go getting my hopes up about freeing myself of the minivan.
  • sopfloydsopfloyd Member Posts: 2
    My question is about the stereo system. Is satellite radio automatic? Do all FJ's have antennas?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Member Posts: 276
    you only get the sat capable radio with the upgrade packages, then you also have to plug in the reciver and antenna kit as well
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I can't answer all your questions but I can comment on the seats. I have had back surgery, (low back) and need lumbar support. The F J does not have a separate lumbar support adjustment however, on my first drive of about 2.5 hours, I had no trouble with back support or discomfort.

  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I was curious too..... The manual says, (it's written oddly isn't it?) that you can turn off the Daytime running lights by turning the ignition switch to "off" or by turning the light stalk switch to position "2".

    Now I had to think about that for a minute...... :confuse:

    What they are really saying is that if you turn the vehicle off, (as in parking it) the Daytime running lights will be off. Or...if you turn the main headlights on, the daytime running lights will turn off.

    LOL Why didn't they just say, you can't turn them off all you can do is turn on the regular headlights.

    Oh Well.... I find much of the owners manual is written that way. I suppose it has something to do with translation from Japanese to English.


    PS An exception; If you are parked with the engine running and don't want the daytime running lights on, pull up on the emergency brake, that will turn them off. There is no way however, to turn them off while driving.
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    Dealer talked me into the extended warranty (Toyota Extra Care Platinum). It's offered by Toyota and extends the factory warranty to 6 years or 100,000 miles. We intend to keep the FJ so it was attractive; plus, it is transferable if we sell the vehicle.

    The price. Dealer said it retails for 1400 + and would sell it to me for 1050. I have no clue if it really sells for 1400 but at 1050 I thought it was a good enough value and the factory warranty is only 3 years/36,000 miles. That's wimpy this day and age when 4 year 50,000 mile warranties are the norm.

    Thoughts? Anyone else bite on the extra warranty? Problems with it?

  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I don't like the small mechanical rearview mirror and am thinking about adding an aftermarket automatic dimming mirror. Would have to run a power lead to the mirror I guess.

    Has anyone else done this? What did you buy and can you give detail of your installation?


  • johnp271johnp271 Member Posts: 1
    I just got the FJ Cruiser and so far (less than 500 miles) I really like it. Here's my question: the spare tire and rim look great and have to cost big bucks. They are secured with 3 standard lug nuts so would be a piece of cake to remove. I am afraid to park the car anywhere but in my garage. Are locking lug nuts really helpful as a theft deterrent? Are other FJ owners concerned? Has anyone had their spare stolen? Thanks for any advice you might have, John.
  • sopfloydsopfloyd Member Posts: 2
    I got my FJ in mid-November. I spent Nov - December at all the shopping malls (for hours & hours at a time). Never a problem. But locking nuts, wouldn't hurt - rather be safe then sorry. (By the way, I live in Houston, TX; major city with major car theft issues).
  • rollbarrollbar Member Posts: 297
    I removed the locking lugs on the wheels; I see them as nothing but a nuisance. However, I do use a locking lug on the spare. No harm in adding a tire cover either. Won't stop anyone but might tone down the temptation for a casual opportunistic theft.

  • lbuck1lbuck1 Member Posts: 2
    The FJ is rated for 5000 ponds tow capacity, but Toyota has not provided the alternative 7 wire harness adaptor to allow the installation of an electronic brake controller. I have asked at the dealer and they say they won't stand behind the warranty if I do an after-market adaptation. Does anyone have any information on what's needed for the conversion or if Toyota has something we just don't know about?
  • cthuskiecthuskie Member Posts: 11
    I was wondering ; when the roof rack is added
    to the FJ Cruiser , was does the Total Height
    become ?
    Anyone find the vehicle with a roof rack ,
    too tall to get thru your garage door opening ?
  • canman1971canman1971 Member Posts: 61
    Mine fits fine. I measured it before I bought it and I have like 4 inches clearance. Not a lot, but enough, unless I have a bunch of stuff on. And my garage is pretty standard. It's not that big.
  • codaviscodavis Member Posts: 2
    My FJ has a problem with shaking/vibration. Has anyone else had this problem? My dealer has had it in for maintenance several times and cannot fix the problem except for temporarily minimizing it. I've since moved and find Toyota service is leaving me high and dry. :cry: Thanks for your help!
  • todd22todd22 Member Posts: 1
  • ut2but2b Member Posts: 2
    I have a vibration/shaking problem as well. Around 65mph my steering wheel starts to oscillate rapidly. Had my wheels balanced and it's still there. Brand new, never off road. Could it be a power steering issue?
  • codaviscodavis Member Posts: 2
    We went with a package that had more attractive rims and the Pirelli tires. That is what the dealership blames the problem on and why they refuse to further check into it. Are your tires "after market" as well?
  • ut2but2b Member Posts: 2
    Very interesting - I replaced all the original Dunlop tires with top of the line Pirelli Scorpions. Same rims. I looked at the Toyota Tech Service Bulletin for "steering flutter" on some Tacomas, Tundras, and Lexus (on this site). The problem seems to be with a control valve in the power steering unit which Toyta replaces under warranty on these vehicles. Looks like we're dealing with some combination of tire and steering factors. I plan to visit the dealer next week.
  • tlabarberatlabarbera Member Posts: 12
    I also have experience vibration at around 65mph. I had the dealer look into it twice and they refuse to make any more adjustments. I noticed the power steering is extremely sensitive and the vibration only occurs on asphalt with truck groves. That basically covers most of Jersey's Highways.
  • martinlee29martinlee29 Member Posts: 5
    Got my FJ Crusier in Feb 07 (4 wheel drive). I would like to comment about my gas mileage. Basic day to day all around driving (town and country) runs 19 to 20 mpg. What surprised me was my strictly interstate driving -- at 70 mph (New Orleans and back roughly 200 miles) 26 mpg heavy. At 65 mph 28mpg heavy and at 60 mph 32 mpg heavy and that is no bull.
  • agarciaagarcia Member Posts: 1
    so what happened? i am verry intrested in finding out if tey where able to fix or problem wth steering wheel saking between 60mph and 70mph. i have the same exat problem since the day i bought it brand new after 1st visit they balanced wheels , 2nd visit to dealer they replaced both front tires
    and problem whent away fo 3 days then returned. i ave factory dunlops. well i am scheduled for 3rd visit next week and considering the lemon law buy back option if problem persists. i love my truck otherwise and would buy a second one if needed. let me know if they fond te fix for our fj cruiser. thank.... :lemon:
  • jimirljimirl Member Posts: 31
    I have had my FJ for a month now and I have experienced zero wheel shake at any speed. I ahve been as fast as 85 on the highway and it has been very smooth. Especially since i was expecting such a serious truck to feel more "truckish" especially at high speeds. I would guess it is a tire or rim defect you are experiencing. I also have a friend and a coworker that recently bought new cruisers and they have not had a problem either. I know there was a tire recall on certain tire types being installed. Something to look into.
  • francois4francois4 Member Posts: 1
    We bought FJ in July 2006 & have shaking problems on highways at various speeds. Also having problems with steering - always feel like have to correct steering like being windblown - even when no wind. Have had 2 alignments at Toyota - latest one rep said will always have to have alignment after off-roading. When I questioned him why an off-road vehicle would need alignment after every offroading, he said its because the vehicle is also designed for a nice highway ride.
  • zac6zac6 Member Posts: 1
    i love my fj but i HATE the traction control!
    i have a 4wd w/locking rear diff but i want to be able to spin the tires!
    how can i turn it off?
  • beemer777beemer777 Member Posts: 13
    Don't know if you guys solved your probs yet, but here's an excerpt from an article on some Toyota problems. The article also said the 5 speed auto is plagued by hesitations.
    I was looking into the FJ and that's how I came across the article. It may be irrelevant for you, but here it is, just in case...

    The latest addition to the list of Toyota products with problems is the all-new 2007 FJ Cruiser.

    "We were doing quality control activities and were inspecting our vendors where we source our wheels. We noticed they were improperly mounting tires onto the wheels," said Mr. Kwong. "We launched a special service campaign involving about 9,000 FJ Cruisers and took care of our customers, replacing the tires with new tires. It's another case of our policy of continuous improvement."
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Member Posts: 34
    Re hesitations. I woulds call it more of a leg or lash depending on acceleration vs. deceleration. Usually at low speeds and lo RPM and cold weather , below 25. Not enough yet to cause a slip on snow or ice. Brought it to Toyota attention twice, the second time they took out a small amt. of ATF-? overfill. Still happens though at lo speeds and RPM????????? Runs good otherwise.
  • emerlingemerling Member Posts: 12
    Zac6 wrote:
    i love my fj but i HATE the traction control!
    i have a 4wd w/locking rear diff but i want to be able to spin the tires!
    how can i turn it off?

    LOL, that's my biggest complaint also. I was disappointed the first time I tried to do a 360 in a snowy parking lot and the traction control said no way !
  • bandit10bandit10 Member Posts: 28
    Try Hunter Wholesale there in Texas. They specialize in all types of grille guards. They may have FJ Crusier grilles. I bought mine on e-Bay for my Toyota 4Runner SR5 $339.00 including S&H the dealer quoted me $1100.00 . I got it in 4 days. They use Fed Ex. ground. Also I got the Euro style wrap around Stainless Steel. They make them for foriegn and domestic Suv's and Trucks and they all cost $339.00. The one for the Hummer cost more. Probably because of the size. Ben
  • deb65deb65 Member Posts: 1
    The plug does not stay hot when the cruiser is off. This is unfortunate because my visor blue tooth doesn't stay charging. Is there anything that can be done to keep that port hot? All of my other vehicles have that plug and they stay activated when the vehicle is off.
  • crusiercrusier Member Posts: 5
    If your vehicle is off the only source of power is from your battery. Best to leave vehicle running if you wish to use for longer periods ... or you might not be able to leave the party.

    Not sure what you want to power up at the party, which is the deciding factor, but be careful if you want to power more than lights. ie no hot tubs or concert type sound systems or you may blow breakers. May want to consider renting a small generator set if your' eunsure. $20 - $40 for a night .... opposed to a fried electria system.

  • crusiercrusier Member Posts: 5
    I have a 7' high door, and have lots of room.
  • crusiercrusier Member Posts: 5
    It must be in four wheel . and that turns it off automatically.
  • crusiercrusier Member Posts: 5
    I experienced a similar situation with mine. Spoke with toyota in my area, several locations. In the end, Toyota sold me an electronic brake controller and adapter, and they offered to installed. If they sell it and/or install it, they need to back it.

    My only dislike about the FJ so far.
  • sun123sun123 Member Posts: 1

    early in the morning today I found two small crack spots on the window (when I took the car out of the garage after a week). Later in the evening I noticed a new crack spot. I am 100% sure that this new crack was new because I would have noticed it earlier in the morning.

    I am almost 99% confident that noone did that on purpose.
    I have searched on the web and found that a person was skeptical about buying the car because the front window is close to vertical and make it vulnerable to break.

    I would really appreciate any comments/advices on this issue.

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