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We plan on buying a Mazda5 in the next two weeks or so; it'll be a Touring w/automatic.

Our last remaining question is whether to get the navigation or not. I've always told myself that, the next time I got a new car, it'd have GPS in it. Now that I'm faced with the opportunity, I'm not so sure, especially with the $2000 premium. I've never actually used one for getting around, so I'm not sure how this one compares, etc. I imagine I'd want it for those odd times when we discover that we need to go somewhere we've never been before or when we want to know where the nearest gas station or Chinese restaurant is.

So, do we go with the built-in navigation, or do we shop around for a portable unit to keep in the glove compartment?




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    I am also interested in buying the 5 probably the 2007 model. I think you should get a portable navigation system instead of the built-in one. In this way, you can use it in any car you have. I'm getting the Garmin c330 (about $450) thru my nephew and that's a big difference from the $2000 you'd spend in the 5. It's also a very good system and highly rated. They sell them a lot on Ebay. Good luck on your new car!

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    Two things to keep in mind.

    1. The screen on the Mazda nav is 7 inches. The after market ones are 3 maybe 4 inches.

    2. If you get nav on the touring, it comes with TPS.
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    I agree with the previous post. Buy a portable GPS and you can use it in your car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

    I don't like to buy items that are built in. T=these items will become relics in about 2 years and nobody wants them after that. Technology is changing too fast to have something
    built in. Unless you plan to change cars every 24 or 36 months.

    Just my opinion.
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    You've probably already bought your car but I'll leave this message for others. Do not get the built in navigation with the Mazda5! As I have previously mentioned, the system is very user unfriendly. The main problem is that for anything you want to do, you need to go through multiple windows. You have to maneuver and click the joystick so much that it is really a pain. It took us forever to figure out how to put in the Home location. There is no 3d view (driver's), the points of interest are very limited with only shopping centers listed for shopping, for example. It does navigate okay once you've finally put in all the data and pushed the joystick over and over. I'm not sure how other built in systems are, but we previously had the cheapest Garmin (I3) portable, and it was much easier to use, more intuitive and had many more listed points of interest. It also had a very nice 3d view despite the much smaller screen. Also, I think for the $2000 you'd expect at least a touch screen instead of the joystick, which is a pain. I would definitely recommend sticking with a portable. Much cheaper, easier to use, and more helpful. The larger screen definitely does not make up for the deficiencies.
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    Go with a portable unit. I have had the Mazda5 with navigation for over a year and the joy stick is a pain. I have a portable touch screen system that I use in my other vehicles and it is much easier to use. A large screen is good, but a portable touch screen is better and much cheaper.
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    I agree the joystick is a pain however on the upside, the joystick allowed them to put the screen out of hands reach in a safer location. You can preprogram your common destinations and access them by voice. It is an expensive option but I feel it's safer to operate than a portable and it does come in handy.
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    Should I get this option..if I can find a car with it?
  • mdchachimdchachi Member Posts: 275
    That's an individual decision that requires deep consideration of your own needs and circumstances. Or if you want, you can use the default answer which is YES. :P
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    Hi, I just purchased a Mazda5 and i want to know if there is a specific place to mount my TomTom 510 GPS? I tried mounting it to the top of the dashboard,but the suction cup on the "FM" Transmitter attachment doesn't stick on the dashboard. Although it does stick on the small side drivers window, but I would like it on my rght side instead of my left if possible.

    Thanks for any help.

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    You might give Pana-Vise a call to see if they are working on anything for the Mazda5. They were extremely helpful on a previous project.
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    we have nav in our 2008. I think that Mazda must have listened to the owners cuz we don't have the "joystick" issues that previous owners seem to complain about. I do however have a question about the cd unit that seems unique to the nav unit. On the source screen, there are two non-highlighted touch commands that have the RCA cable illustration. Do these actually exist in the rear of the unit? I want to put my inno xm with the output line that has the RCA cables, but I also don't wanna go pokin behind a 2000 nav unit for fools gold. any help?
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    I would try this. I've seen options for the Mazda5 in there.
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    We have a 2006 Mazda5 with factory Navigation. Does anyone know how to purchase an update disc? I've searched all over with no luck. Even our local dealer doesn't know.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Member Posts: 525
    My best options would be:

    -Contact Mazda USA directly? I don't have NAVI but my in-laws Bimmer gets a yearly update CD from BMW (subscription based I believe)
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    It should be an official "part" that you dealer can order. Were you ever successful in finding the disc?
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    Sorry sleepwalker but no there are no rca on the back of the head unit. I ve been back there trying to put in a backup camera. the two aux are...
    1) active when something is plugged into the aux input below the shifter.
    2)seems on euro spec cars if equipe with rear seat entertainment package another aux input is located in the third row?
    There are empty connectors on back of head unit, but no simple rca...sorry
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    I just picked up a 2009 Grand Touring 5 w/nav. Can anyone confirm the US nav unit is crippled (no traffic, bluetooth- which includes phonebook import, or ipod/iphone integration) compared with the identical unit sold overseas in the Mazda5?
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    I am looking for a mazda5 navigation dvd. I just purchased a 2006 grand touring and it did not have the dvd. i really dont want to spend $200 for it. Any help would be great.
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