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Chrysler Pacifica Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • d0ed0e Posts: 1
    i have a pacifica wit the dvd changer/wireless headphones/rear seat audio and after disconnection of the car battery for some reason the rear seat wireless headphone audio is not working properly. When a DVD is in, it will play. But when the Headphone button on the remote is pressed, the headphone symbol displays on the changer but the dvd screen goes 2 a blank screen that says DVD/CD No Disc but u can still hear the dvd playing thru the car speakers. Any help would be awesome. Im stumped!!!
  • cg1963cg1963 Posts: 8
    Ok, great, I'll contact the dealer and hopefully they'll swap out the headphones. Thank You! CJ
  • cg1963cg1963 Posts: 8
    Yes I have a remote that came with the car, it's not the same one that is pictured in the manual but it works so I think I'm all set on that end. Thanks. CJ
  • I need any and all info on how to install system. I have a 04 awd pacifica basic factory system :cry:
  • My husband and I just bought a used 2005 pacifica touring that is equipped for a DVD player (in dash) but came with no screen, remote or headphones. We are wondering if maybe it came with it originally and the first owner did not include them, or where we can purchase these... I noticed that you can have the mounted dvd screen even with the sunroof, which we also have.. is this true? Any info would be appreciated! thanks!

  • You sure can, I have one. You just need to find an installer with experience with this so it gets installed correctly.
  • I just purchased a 2005 Pacifica Touring with the DVD In the Dash but no screen , remote or headphones. My Dealer told me that it is called "DVD Ready" Which means that it comes with the DVD in the dash but nothing else. Personally I think that is useless to have a DVD Player but no screen to watch it. I did find a seller on ebay that was selling Chrysler Rear DVD Systems for fairly reasonable $. He bought out a dealership and was liquidating parts from the shelves. There is one problem with this system. The DVD in the dash will only work with the "Chrysler" Screen and wiring harness (unless you plan to do some creative wiring job). I bought this system and had it put in this weekend and it works great with the exception of the Headphones. And the reason I think they don't work is because I just found out that there are in fact 2 models of headphones. One is a Radio frequency like 900 Mhz and the other is Infrared. I think I need the Infrared headphones in order for them to work. I hope this answered alot of your questions. The ebay seller for the DVD System is: Tauk
  • jlefevrejlefevre Posts: 2
    The factory radios have left and right audio outputs. The front and rear fading is done with commands from the radio to the PCI buss and then to the rear amp. The turn on signal also gets there over the PCI bus. You need a METRA CHYO-02 adaptor and then you can keep the factory amp. It takes the front and rear preamp outputs from the new radio and the amp turn on signal and runs them through a black box and presto, it all works. The sub output is not used. The factory amplifier has all of the crossovers and stuff in it. If you have the base 6 speaker system with the 200 watt amp or the 5.1 surround 385 watt intermezzo with the subwoofer, makes no difference. the Metra adaptor takes care of it. You will also need a PAC SWI-JACK adaptor if you want to keep the steering wheel controls.

    The factory nav and factory uconnect audio go directly to the amplifier, not the head unit. The trick is how to contol the volume of them whith the factory system generating a PCI buss signal for the volume level. Best bet is to bite the bullet and replace nav, bluetooth, etc with a new double din head unit. You could get this all to work with the factory amp. I put a double din Kenwood in my 2008 along with sirius, bluetooth, ipod, nav, and backup camera, and provision for future rear seat DVD. The car had the intermezzo 385 watt system, no nav, no uconnect, no rear seat dvd, had sirius, had 6 disc changer. Removed factory sirius and 6 disc changer.
  • gwadihgwadih Posts: 3
    Hi All,
    I bought a used pacifica 2004. It has rear video panel. I tried the wireless headphones which we used in the Honda Odessy van ( I think they operate on infra red signal) and they did not work.
    First, can we use a wireless headphones for the rear video in this car? if yes, Is there specific ones?
    Any help is appreciated.
  • cg1963cg1963 Posts: 8
    I also have an '04 Pacifica and when I bought it the car had one set of headphones but I needed two additional sets for my other two kids. My dealer ordered me two sets but they do not work. I have found out that the '04 had two different Entertainment systems that model year and the wireless headphones are not compatible. You'll need to find out which system you have and then you can either get them through a Chrysler dealer or find them on Ebay. I'm still waiting for my dealer to replace the two he gave me. :mad: CG
  • Hello
    You need the 900mhz radio headphones with a scan button on them
    They are wireless but not infrared
    Your problem is you dealer gave you infrared not the 900 mhz model of wireless headphones
    E-bay is a great place to find them
    just make sure they are the "scan button model"
    look for and e-bayer with over 700 feedbacks and a score of 99% or better
    That way you will know they will be able to give you good advice and sell you the correct headphones.
  • joe29001joe29001 Posts: 48
    We've got an 07 pacifica (just bought it, new) with the rear entertainment package (DVD changer, rear screen, etc). The car didn't come with a remote or headphones. The dealer said they'd order the remote, but the headphones weren't included with this package. The car came with headphone info in the glove compartment, which seems strange, if they weren't included. Does anyone know if this package included headphones?
  • se58se58 Posts: 2
    Hello, first check rear storage area they might have headphones. Dealer should give you remote and headphones. If not tell dealer that you want to complain with dealer license with motor vechice admistration. Dealer do not like that because if they are wrong. MVA will shut them down for one month. They can not sell cars or fix the cars. Hope this help you .
  • mecquest04mecquest04 Posts: 7
    Before you complain to the dealer, just make sure the package on your vehicle actually comes with the headphones. I have an '08 and I remember there being two packages available with the DVD and only one of them came with headphones. I may be wrong but before you put up a stink, make sure you deserve them. I think any good dealer would be willing to get them for you anyway just because they are not the most expensive headphones to purchase. Hope this helps!
  • sonya706sonya706 Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with some new headphones I bought for my 2004 Pacifica. What ever came of your situation? Should I reset them somehow? Should my old and new hedphone be exactly alike? Sorry if I sound like a rookie, I just don't know the process and am tired of listening to Shrek the Third
  • dornerdorner Posts: 1

    I have a 2004 Pacifica and I have been told by the dealer that I need a new amp. I want to try to save some money so can anyone tell me where the amp is located in the 2004 Pacifica and what watt I will need for the new amp??

    Thank you for your help!!
  • I have a 2004 pacifica and it came with the cd/dvd changer in it, but no screen. i would like to add a screen to it but i have a sun roof and i dont know how to hook up a screen to the changer. can anybody help? or any suggestions? thanks!
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    Do you want to connect an aftermarket screen? I am working on an adaptor now, and plan to make more. Anyone have a pic of the top of the dvd changer of an 04?
  • Yes i would like to connect an aftermarket screen. What picture do you need to make the adaptor?
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    I want a pic of the label on top of the changer. I want to see the pin out label to see if the changer has outputs for audio on the 12 pin plug. I know its not wired for it from the factory, but is it capable?

    You would need to slide the changer out far enough to see the label. I've been searching the net, and haven't found one yet.
  • whats the easiest way to slide my changer out?
  • Here's a link to instructions on how to install an aftermarket radio, just follow the first 6 steps of the instructions.
    hope this helps.

    just wondering have you found a cable for the dvd player? And where?
  • diydudediydude Posts: 7
    I can make the adaptors for anyone interested. I have the 12pin connectors and RCAs.
    Feel free to email me.
  • agehaaagehaa Posts: 1
    Chrysler IR headphones are hard to come by - especially the older models. I found a pair for my Chrysler 300 on for fairly cheap (at least cheaper than the dealer).
  • What are you using for a double din face kit? Everything I've read to date states that the Pacificas are a euro-din and not compatible with double din units. At least not with major modifications. I'd love to get my AVIC-Z1 in my pacifica, but I've yet to find a good solution.

    Any leads here would be much appreciated!!!!
  • ace24ace24 Posts: 4
    I have a factory 6 disc dvd player but it didn't come with an lcd tv. This took a liitle bit of homework and toying around. But I finally figured it out. I installed (2) 7" LCD tvs in the driver and passenger headrest. After doing it it is actually pretty easy. I would like to install a ceiling mount dvd lcd for the 3rd seating row. Has anyone ever done this? Contact me if you have or have any questions. Oh yeah. My wiring was nothing special. Just 1 regular RCA wire. Cheap and easy.
  • ace24ace24 Posts: 4
    I want to install overhead monitor in my 2004 pacifica. Did you ever do it? How did it go? Also do you havethat wiring diagram? Any information would be great!!!
  • Great info. Can you tell me how you got a double din head unit to fit. I have the 2007 Chrysler Pacifica almost fully loaded only thing missing is the u connect and the nav. I want to get a kenwood dnx7100 or one of the new pioneer models (nav head unit) from crutch field. When I called crutch field i was told that the dnx7100 and the pioneer i was looking at would not fit. Please help me if you can.
  • Hey ace24,
    send me directions on what you did. the big issue i have is Are there any aftermarket headunits that will control the 6 disc dvd/cd changer that came with the 2007 pacifica.
  • 04pacman04pacman Posts: 23
    Hi jlefevre, I've installed a double din in my 04, it takes a little work and some cutting but it can be done. used a install kit, modified by cutting and using epoxy to fill in the gaps. I'm currently working on a custom mold that I will offer when done. Anyway here's a link to some pics of the install, Install pics I will try to post some updated pics of the finish work around the edges this weekend. Hope this helps for now. Let me know if you have any questions. still have the wiring diagrams if you need them. Rick
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